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In the Light of Truth: the Grail Message

1931 Grand Edition


The only TRUE Form of the Grail Message

Brand new edition of the original 1931 Grail Message by Abdruschin! Linen bound, this is a high-quality hardcover that will stand the test of time. First time published in the U.S.A. 2015.

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In the Grail Message it is possible to find what man already feels deep inside himself - simple and deep Truth - in a clear and undistorted form. While other teachings often require unconditional, blind acceptance of certain dogma and faith without the possibility of conviction, in the Grail Message we can understand every concept directly and in its whole depth. While religions and philosophies often contain contradictions, and while their teaching of certain absurd declarations is bound to evoke reasonable doubt, the book In The Light Of Truth helps us to join partial knowledge into a complete picture and at the same time remove incorrect opinions that prevent us from gaining spiritual consciousness. Even upon the most careful examination of the Grail Message we have never found a single contradiction there. The book In The Light Of Truth, like no other book, permits an understanding of things which other teachings only attempt to express. Abdrushin puts such deep Truths into the book In The Light Of Truth that each Truth could be expanded into many books. Often different subjects are hidden under certain chapters of the Grail Message and you can gain an integrated understanding only after reading more intensively the surrounding lectures. It is important to read the whole book chronologically - sentence by sentence. We do not want to say more at this moment, because finding the Truth revealed through your soul's intuition is something that everyone must do for himself.