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About the Translation


The English translation used in this brand new, deluxe hardcover edition is the only one approved by Abdruschin during His lifetime, hence is the only one presently authorized by the Light. The translation itself is credited to Randolph Freeman-Eales, although there is some indication he may have received additional help. Nonetheless, this translation has been done according to the sense of the original German text, IM LICHTE DER WAHRHEIT: GRALSBOTSCHAFT. In the translation the expressions and sentences used by Abdruschin to mediate the Living Word to the human spirit can only be rendered approximately. The reader should therefore realise that a translation cannot replace the original. However, if he makes the effort - as is desired by the Author - to absorb the contents intuitively, he will recognise the significance of this Work for mankind. For the Word is Living and Transcendent! And as long as the translator receives the Word purely, then all that is necessary and essential can be transmitted onto the page.
The Author recommends that the book "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" be read in sequence and in its entirety. The Knowledge of Creation, contained therein, cannot be grasped by selective reading of individual chapters.
As every work reveals the inner essence of its author, so the special nature of Abdruschin's personality can be clearly discerned by every serious and objective seeker.
"Man must help himself through the Word, which shows him the ways he must follow! Only thus can he find redemption, otherwise it will not fall to his lot! He must grow strong in the battle that he wages for himself, or he must perish in it!" (Abdruschin)
"Only the constructor himself can explain the working of a machine to you, or a man whom he has trained for the task. It is the same in Creation as here on earth! But it is just in regard to Creation that men, who are themselves only a part of it, imagine that they of themselves know everything better than their Master, and refuse to be trained in the use of the mechanism! They themselves want to teach the basic laws, which they try to establish through superficial observation of the very faint, last ramifications of what is great and true..." (Abdruschin)
"He who does not practise to its fullest extent the ability granted him to think and perceive intuitively makes himself guilty!

It is not a sin but a duty for every man who is approaching maturity, and thus becoming a fully responsible being, to begin to think about what he has been taught up till then." (Abdruschin)