It Is Either  Black Or  White.
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Darren Aronofsky, a highly gifted director, was able to encapsulate the moral dilemma of the entire generation in his film. The main character of the "Black Swan" is a young ballerina, who is offered the role of the Swan Princess in the production of the "Swan Lake". She is a good girl, sweet and innocent, who has no problem identifying with the "white swan" in the ballet, but the role of "the black swan" with its sultry and seductive quality alludes her. This poses a dilemma for her, since she takes her art very seriously and wants "to be perfect".
Her ballet director endeavors to help her develop the "black" side of her personality. His pedagogical methods include such things as using four-letter words in rehearsals and giving her private lessons in seduction, designed to "help" her with the interpretation of the "black swan" role. Such teaching methods are by no means uncommon in today's world of art.
Through the misguided persuasions of her ballet director, she becomes convinced that the way to achieve "perfection" is to bring out the "dark" side of her personality. This has become a well-established concept among the professional counselors and the so-called "enlightened" people in general: they advocate experiencing both the "light" and the "dark" sides of life. This philosophy encourages people to be "daring", to "break down barriers", to "let oneself go", to "conquer a feeling of shame" etc. 
But does this help to advance and mature a human being? Is this the right way in life and in art?
Seekers, who desperately yearn to find the way back to the Light out of today's confusion, are continuously bombarded with the "wisdom" of those, who have supposedly already found the way. But such wisdom is sham.

It is strange how man, so proud and conceited in many of his worthless worldly affairs, quickly forgets his pride when it comes to his beloved "pleasures" and willingly and sometimes even joyfully descends to the level of the animal. But this will always remain an aberration in Creation, because despite having bodies of physical matter in common, humans and animals do not have their origin in common. The difference lies in their inner cores: man's inner core consists of the spiritual substance and comes from the Spiritual Sphere, while the animal's inner core comes from the Animistic Sphere, which lies below the Spiritual Sphere in Creation.

Like all the gifts of our Creator, sex must be subordinate to the spirit, which means that it must be disciplined and must not rage out of control. This "raging out of control" is nothing great, but is a sure sign that the spirit has lost a grip on the situation and has been reduced to a degrading second-place position. The common "therapeutic" suggestion encouraging people "to explore" their sexuality by "letting themselves go" is based on the mistaken belief that this will result in their liberation. On the contrary, "letting oneself go" (whether in thoughts, words or deeds) will result only in the bondage and crippling of one's spirit.

What then is the solution for the physical instinct? How can we satisfy it, as Nature requires, and still keep our souls unsoiled and chaste?

The answer is simple: by keeping our thoughts pure, even in the act of satisfying sexual instinct.
This purity is achieved and maintained through the upward direction we give to our thoughts and desires. No abstinence is required for this, but the choice of associations that accompany the sexual act is alone decisive for the preservation of purity. These associations must invariably be connected with the vision of an ideal in the other person, which happens only in a state of genuine, spiritual love. Thus it quite naturally follows that in the course of all normal development, a sexual act can occur only if spiritual love has already set in for both parties.  
Such is the standard for normal human behavior in Creation, regardless of human ideas of "progress" here on earth. Shyness, modesty and a sense of shame - far from being signs of any repression - are unmistakable signs that a spirit has not been repressed and that it is in control of the sexual instinct, as befits a genuine and noble human being.
The practice of flirting (in deeds or just in thoughts), even though considered "harmless", actually causes great harm. Our thoughts (as electro-magnetic waves of energy) produce thought-forms in the invisible layer of matter. These thought-forms float about and harass the general population, gradually influencing them towards greater and greater moral decline. In this way, many ugly crimes come into being, as a direct result of this continuous bombardment with impure thought-forms. We often rack our brains over the cause of many atrocities, never suspecting that our very own "harmless" thoughts fantasies could have inspired their realization. And since everything in Creation traversed by the electro-magnetic waves of energy, we become accountable for many crimes as accomplices under the Laws of this Creation.

We all know from physics that there is no action without a reaction. Thus, the energy we send out into the Universe in the form of our thoughts unfailingly returns to us and we have to partake of it, whether we want to or not. Flirtatious, impure thoughts (not to mention deeds) return to us in the form of illnesses and other misfortunes. The exact process, by which this happens, is described in detail in the book that offers the Knowledge of the Operation of all the Cosmic Laws of Energy:


The way back to the Light lies not through abstinence from sex, but through the spiritualization of the sexual act. It should be obvious to everyone that this can happen only in cases of genuine, profound love. In fact, spiritualization of every aspect of human behavior is the requirement that our Creator places on us. That this hasn't happened already on this planet is our fault and our greatest guilt before our Creator, for which each one of us will have to answer individually, in direct proportion to the degree of our personal contribution to the general moral degeneration and de-spiritualization of man. Anyone, who is not willing to pull themselves together and start purifying their thoughts and desires, will be unable to fit into the Natural Network of Energy of this Creation and will eventually be ejected out of It. For these Laws of Energy affect us regardless of our ignorance of Them. Wouldn't it be better to start interacting with Them consciously?  

It is quite heart-breaking how at the end of "Black Swan" the main character whispers "I wanted to be perfect.." And her wish is commendable - but the way to perfection and harmony does not consist of mixing "the dark "and "the light" sides of our personality, but in correctly identifying and then eradicating the black or the dark tendencies we all carry within. The beautifying qualities of modesty and shyness do not diminish the intensity of ardor in a relationship of genuine love. On the contrary, they help to support and maintain this intensity, which has been known to drive many a man to chivalrous and heroic deeds. 

The criteria for "light" and "dark" tendencies is not established by us, human beings. In spiritual (as well as in earthly) matters, the Eternal Natural Laws do not depend on our opinions and beliefs: the sun sets and rises, the planets move in their orbits and affect us with their stellar emanations, regardless of whether we believe in them or not. All phenomena in Nature seeks neither our approval nor belief, but carries out its work unswervingly according to the Laws of the Primordial Light, the Source of all Life, God the Father. Many people are content to leave all spiritual questions as "mysteries", some even insisting that God Himself wills it this way. But this is not so! God shows us every day through His Nature that He wants us to become knowing in His Creation, where all phenomena is study-able, verifiable, simple and natural. The keys to seeing this are offered to all, who seek them - in "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" by Abd-ru-shin.

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