In the Light of Truth: The Grail  Message




THIS expression, so often used, is one of the principal sedatives of all those who call themselves believing Christians. But it is a poison which intoxicates. Like many poisons which are only used to deaden physical pain arising from disease, thus creating apparent comfort, so a similar condition is brought about spiritually with the words: "Cast all your guilt upon Him; for He has redeemed us and through His wounds we are healed!"

Since this is accepted by the faithful as one of the basic tenets of the doctrines of the Christian churches, its effect upon them is so much the more destructive. Their whole inner attitude is built up on it.

Through this, however, they fall a prey to the deadly embrace of blind faith, in which they are only able to view everything else as in a dense mist, until finally the whole picture is blurred and a grey veil descends over the Truth. Thus they are only able to find a hold on the artificial structure of distorted theories, all of which must collapse on the day of recognition!

"Cast all your guilt upon Him ... !"

Foolish delusion! Like a fire the shining Truth will sweep in between the hosts of false teachers and indolent believers, and consume all that is untrue! Yet even today the masses bask comfortably in the belief that everything the Saviour suffered and did was done for them! With their indolent thinking they describe as presumptuous and sacrilegious all those who imagine that they themselves must also contribute something in order to be able to enter Heaven. In this respect many show an astonishing humility and modesty, qualities which in other directions are completely lacking in them!

In their opinion it would be blasphemy to harbour the thought, however faint and timid, that the Saviour's descent to earth, and the suffering and death He therewith took upon Himself, were not sufficient to wipe away the sins of all those human beings who no longer doubt that He lived on earth at that time.

"Cast all your guilt upon Him ... !" they think with fervent devotion, without knowing what they are really doing! They sleep, but the time will come when they will have a terrible awakening! Their faith, apparently so humble, is nothing but self-complacency and boundless arrogance in imagining that a Son of God would come down to serve them, and prepare a path on which they can stupidly saunter along straight into Heaven!

Every one should really be able to recognise the hollowness of this without further ado! It can only arise out of an indescribable love of ease and frivolity; unless, indeed, shrewdness suggested it as a bait to gain earthly advantages!

Mankind have lost themselves in a maze of a thousand paths, and deceive themselves in their foolish faith! What a debasement of God this implies! What is man that he has the effrontery to expect God to send His Inborn Son, a part of His Own Unsubstantiate Essence, so that men can cast their load of sin upon Him, only in order to avoid the trouble of washing their own dirty linen and clearing away the dark burden they had heaped upon themselves!

Woe to those who will one day have to account for such thoughts! It is the most insolent defilement of the Sublime Godhead! The Mission of Christ was not of such a low order, but sublime and demanding in pointing to the Father!

I have already referred to the Son of God's great work of redemption. The seeds sown by His great Work of Love have come up in this world and in the beyond, bringing forth all kinds of fruit. In the meantime many who were elected by men have frequently claimed to be called by God. They seized these pure teachings with unholy hands, dragging them down to their own level, and thereby dimming their clarity!

Mankind, who trusted them without first seriously examining the very Word which they taught, fell with them! The sublime kernel of Divine Truth was ringed about with earthly narrow-mindedness. The form remained, but all luminosity was destroyed through the mania for earthly power and advantage. Only dim twilight exists where the brightest radiance of spiritual life could reign. Pleading humanity was robbed of the precious jewel which Christ Jesus brought to all who long for it. Distorted by a veil of selfish desires, seekers are shown a false path which not only makes them lose precious time, but very often even drives them into the arms of darkness.

False doctrines grew up rapidly. They choked simplicity and truth, covering them with an iridescent garment, the brilliant colours of which, like poisonous plants, hold dangers benumbing all who approach, whereby the alertness of the believers with regard to themselves is paralysed and finally dies. With this every possibility for an ascent to the true Light dies also.

Once more the mighty Call of Truth will reverberate through every land! Then for each one will come the final reckoning through the fate he himself has woven! Men will finally receive what they have so persistently advocated in the past. They will have to live through the errors which they sought to advance in their desires or presumptuous thoughts, or which they tried to follow! For many this will result in a wild outcry, with chattering of teeth from fear, anger or despair!

Those who are badly stricken by evil and those who are rejected will suddenly feel it as unjust and cruel when they are thrust into that reality which, during their earth-life, was the only one they wanted to recognise as being true, and which they also continually offered to their fellow-men. Then they expect the God they faced with such boundless presumption to help! They will beseech and call upon Him, expecting that He in His Divinity will easily forgive even the worst sins of the "ignorant" little human beings! In their imagination He will suddenly be far too "great" to be able to resent such things! He Whom they have so debased in the past!

But He will not listen to them, nor will He help them any more, because previously they did not want to listen to His Word which He sent them! And herein lies that justice which can never be separated from His great Love!

Like thunder a Voice will reverberate towards them: "You did not wish to! Therefore you will now be destroyed and erased from the Book of Life!"

Copyright 1990 by Stiftung Gralsbotschaft, Stuttgart, Germany. All rights reserved.