The Equal-Armed Cross

(The author has drawn his knowledge from
"In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin)

Symbolism is deeply rooted in the heart of the Indian! The symbols of his religions, both ancient and modern, are an intrinsic part of his culture. He cannot do without them, no matter how hard he tries to escape them. The longing for the symbols, to which he has been so accustomed, follows him wherever he journeys around the world, giving him the inner connection with life that he needs.

It is not without reason that the human spirit desires, or even needs, symbolism in some form or the other. It is a fundamental part of the human spirit! From the animist to the believer in the so-called ``higher faiths'', symbolism can be found everywhere. Even among the monotheistic faiths, which uphold the belief that it is wrong to have idols or symbols of any kind, one will unfailingly find traces of symbolism.

Every religion or culture has its own unique symbols. These symbols reflect a particular aspect of the spiritual nature of the group that adheres to them. Each symbol is a definite mark of the people who hold onto that symbol, who treasure it and revere it. It can help them on their path upwards to the Light, if its meaning swings in the Laws of Creation and if they understand its meaning. On the other hand, it can weigh them down if its meaning does not swing harmoniously in the Laws. There are also many ways of interpreting these symbols depending on one's chosen outlook, but only through considering their effects according to the Eternal Laws is it possible to tell whether the symbols have an upbuilding or a debasing effect on the spirit. To do this requires the awakening of the intuitive perception within the human being.

We have already mentioned that the teachings of all the existing religions have at one time or the other come into being only through the Holy Laws of Creation, which constitute the Will of God. Each teaching was precisely formed to correspond with the level of spiritual maturity of the people to whom it was given. The Eternal Laws could not permit anything else, because in order for a teaching to uplift the people, it must come close to their level of inner development and yet be sufficiently elevated in order to help them advance a step further. The Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species necessitates this.

Every teaching that has emerged in the past, however, forms nothing more than a mere bridge to the Living Truth itself. Each teaching of itself cannot claim to be the complete Truth, as is clearly demonstrated today when we see how only a part-knowledge of Creation can be gained from the ancient sacred texts given to mankind. A complete Knowledge is still lacking, because mankind did not build upon the teachings in any other way except to distort them and introduce false doctrines into the picture. Even the great Vedic philosophy, with its wise teachings of karma, is sadly not exempt from it. Nevertheless the new Knowledge of Creation brings the longed-for clarification of all spiritual questions and completes the picture of Creation, because it is the ultimate Teaching to which the teachings of all former world-religions were merely bridges.

In a similar manner, the symbols of a particular teaching or faith have also formed in close association with the nature of that teaching. That is to say, the central points of each teaching are anchored in the various symbols that have been chosen to represent it. But since the teaching was originally adapted to the level of spiritual development of its adherents at the time, one can perhaps infer that the various symbols themselves are an indication of their degree of spiritual development!

If these teachings are all mere bridges to the mysterious and seemingly unattainable Eternal Truth, which therefore should have led to this Truth, we can probably assume that the symbols of these teachings also form bridges to that Eternal and Perfect Symbol of the Living Truth.

* * *

For thousands of years, the Equal-Armed Cross has been known and accepted as the symbol of the complete Truth. The Celts had recognised it, and so did those who concerned themselves with the various Grail legends. In India, too, there was a time in her history when the Cross was known, but unfortunately this period is closed to us today, and we can no longer draw from that time in order to confirm this for ourselves.

The Equal-Armed Cross of the Truth - also known as the Grail Cross - is not synonymous with the Cross of Suffering of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that this Cross of Suffering is the Cross of Truth and Redemption. But the Truth Itself does not declare that man should suffer! All suffering is due to the faults of man and are the outworking of the Law of Karma. Our Creator does not want us to suffer! Therefore the Cross on which Jesus was ruthlessly and mercilessly killed is not the Cross of Redemption.

This will be difficult for many Christians to accept, as the core doctrine of Christianity is that Christ brought Salvation to mankind only through and within His Death on the Cross. Because this was made the main doctrine, the Cross of Suffering eventually had to become the symbol of Christianity. This is one example of how a symbol can emerge that does not swing in the Laws of Creation, although it is very clear from the various biblical accounts that Christ did not teach about Salvation through His death, either explicitly or implicitly.

However, the Cross of Truth is completely different from the Christian Cross! In the first place, the Cross of Truth represents perfect balance. The vertical beam represents the activity of the masculine in Creation, while the horizontal beam reflects that of the feminine. And the circle which circumscribes the Cross represents the whole of Creation, i.e. the Circle of Creation. This is the Living Grail Cross!

This perfect activity is fundamental for the mutual upbuilding in Creation! Thus the vertical beam cannot be bigger than the horizontal or vice-versa. Harmony and equilibrium can only exist where there is equality on both sides working together in their respective tasks. The vertical beam therefore represents a physical activity, to which the form of the masculine is more suited, which is why it is vertically anchored. Likewise the horizontal beam represents a passive, gently balancing activity which receives and transmits equally to all creatures, and hence it is orientated horizontally. And since man and woman are properly anchored in Creation, this unique symbol really represents the harmony and perfection of the male and female complementary species working together in the circle of Creation!

But this Equal-Armed Cross signifies infinitely much more! It also embodies the three Laws of Creation in a visible form, so that every knowing one who gazes at this symbol will recognise the complete Truth in it!

Think about the Law of Spiritual Gravity which, like gravity on earth, operates in a vertical direction. The planes of Creation are separated out by this Law according to their spiritual density - the lighter and luminous ones at the top, and the heavier and more material ones at the bottom. The Law of Spiritual Gravity hence becomes the vertical beam of the Cross!

Now consider the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which operates on every plane in Creation. It forms groups of homogeneous species in each realm and power-centres wherever there is homogeneity among the creatures dwelling there. This is a horizontal effect, because it separates the species into their respective category on a particular plane. Hence the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species is the horizontal beam of the Cross!

Finally, observe the Law of Karma or the Law of Reciprocal Action which gives us only the fruits of our deeds. Whatever we send out into Creation returns to us, tracing the path of a circle. Since karma is cyclical in its operation we can regard the Law of Karma as the circle that circumscribes the horizontal and vertical beams!

And there we see it alive before us - the Equal-Armed Cross of Truth, the Cross of the Holy Grail, which mediates living power to all those who are able to see the Eternal Truth contained in it. Happy are those who strive with all their might to free their spirits from all karmaic burdens and recognise this Truth, for they will gain immensely from this symbol! The Cross of the Truth will then serve as a perpetual help for them, because they will continuously see the Living Truth before them in a visible form!

These three Laws, which are represented by the Equal-Armed Grail Cross in a circle, are the Living Truth for the sustenance of all Creation. Every spiritual question is answered through and in this Cross, which is firmly connected with the new Knowledge of the Laws of Creation on the earth at this time.

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