"He who makes no effort to grasp aright the Word of the Lord burdens himself with guilt!"
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   "Before God only the creature as such exists! And as the individual creature is within himself, so and not otherwise will he be valued in Creation and before God!
    "Nor does it count whether a human creature is a Catholic or Protestant, or whether he belongs to any particular denomination; he is valued solely as a human being in himself. His thoughts, his volition and his actions are what is decisive before the Holy Laws of God!"
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"Man must help himself through the Word, which shows him the ways he must follow! Only thus can he find redemption, otherwise it will not fall to his lot! He must grow strong in the battle that he wages for himself, or he must perish in it!" (Abdruschin)
"Only the constructor himself can explain the working of a machine to you, or a man whom he has trained for the task. It is the same in Creation as here on earth! But it is just in regard to Creation that men, who are themselves only a part of it, imagine that they of themselves know everything better than their Master, and refuse to be trained in the use of the mechanism! They themselves want to teach the basic laws, which they try to establish through superficial observation of the very faint, last ramifications of what is great and true..." (Abdruschin)
"He who does not practise to its fullest extent the ability granted him to think and perceive intuitively makes himself guilty!

It is not a sin but a duty for every man who is approaching maturity, and thus becoming a fully responsible being, to begin to think about what he has been taught up till then." (Abdruschin)