The Signs Of The Truth

(The author has drawn his knowledge from
"In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin)

The Quest for the Truth is not a common topic of conversation. It is not something that most people usually embark on in their entire lifetimes, even if they are respected members of today's prestigious institutes. Neither is it the priority of most politicians, statesmen and artists, nor the goal of any collective endeavour. Strangely enough, not even a great majority of religious leaders are concerned with the search for the Truth, but instead they strive to promulgate the existing religious teachings with all their obvious errors and distortions.

For thousands of years, only a few men have ever sought the Truth. Some have found it, or at least they claim to have found it. Others have contented themselves with a particular faith or religion. Yet still others have given up hope of ever finding it in view of all the falseness and hypocrisy existing today! The great majority of mankind, however, have simply gone along with the flow. Of course a few did delve deeply into the teachings of their religion and were able to bring some of the religious teachings to life within them. But the masses, in general, have accepted the religion of their fathers only nominally, without penetrating deeper into it.

And thus the Truth-seekers of today have to question everything, as they are insecure of where they stand in the world, not at all confident in the Laws of God, which give every human being the strength to make the right decision for himself. And in the mean time, the materialists and intellectuals, as well as the religious fundamentalists, vociferously continue on their own path, arrogantly convinced of their correctness and the stupidity of the Truth-seekers. Yet the Truth-seekers must keep seeking...!

Truth is Perfect! It does not need any change! It is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow! If it changes, could it have been the Truth? That is to say, if something is considered true one day, and is then completely rejected the next, could it be the absolute Truth?

In order to find the Truth, we must be able to recognise the signs of the Truth. If you are looking for something, you must have some idea of what you are looking for, otherwise you may never find it. You can look for a needle in a haystack, but if you do not know what a needle looks like, you may never find the needle even if it passes right in front of you, yes, perhaps even if it pricks you! The Truth is not far different in this respect, and by virtue of this fact alone, many miss the Truth, when it passes right before them!

However, this does not necessarily mean that we must already know the Truth before we can find it. For if we know the Truth then we have obviously already found it! But if we are at least familiar with the signs of the Truth, then when our paths do cross that of the Truth, we will surely easily recognise it!

We will attempt to outline some of these signs in this essay. And while these are not the results of clairvoyantly derived prophecy, I sincerely hope that they will help all those who are in earnest about finding the Truth. And when they do find this much-longed-for Truth, they cannot but rejoice that they have correctly recognised the signs, and with this, pure gratitude to the Creator will arise within them.

The first sign of the Truth is that it is all-encompassing. ``All-encompassing'' means ``all-embracing'', ``comprehensive'' etc. The Truth is able to penetrate every field of human activity, providing comprehensive answers to all the problems that face mankind. Whether it be in our various professions, our cultures, religions, families etc., the Truth is always able to offer clear-cut guidance. In each of these individual fields of activity, there are certainly numerous questions that confront and baffle us. We encounter questions about marriage, the family bond, the sexual instinct and the raising of children. The right understanding of leadership and progress is also lacking today, along with the solutions to every nation's problems. These are all addressed by the Truth in such a way that one will recognise - if one truly puts in the effort - the rightness of what it provides.

In the Word of the Truth, one will therefore find all the answers to the great questions of life! It addresses the coming into being of man on earth, the purpose of all human existence, the reason for suffering on earth, the Eternal Laws of Creation, the great mysteries contained in all the sacred texts from past eras, e.g. karma, reincarnation, the World Judgment, the Mission of Jesus and so on. The real Truth illuminates each and every one of these questions, as well as provides a basis for answering all serious spiritual questions that may yet arise in the future. Hence, even at the end of the world when all of today's religions fail to deliver the complete answers to a suffering humanity, the Word of Truth alone will stand as the sole balm for the spirit.

If a stated Truth does not address the great and small problems of the world, under which humanity have suffered for millennia, then it cannot be the Truth! At best it can only be a part-Truth, that is to say, an incomplete Truth, which still contains a gap, something unfulfilled. The real Truth is complete in this regard, and this is why it encompasses every single sphere of human existence, every field of human activity. The Truth proves itself - it requires no one to ``verify'' its validity because, right from the very outset, the Word of Truth clarifies everything. From the beginning to the end, the Truth is able to show us the actual connections between all events that take place in Creation.

And thereby we learn that every single thing is linked! In some way or the other, directly or indirectly! Threads of fate inevitably connect one happening to another, and the Truth shows us these individual connections. If we strive to absorb these connections, not with our intellect, but with our intuitive perception, allowing the conscience to take the lead in this respect, then we will find the Truth. And - as the saying goes - this Truth will set us free.

The second sign of the Truth is that it has not been compiled from any of today's religions. Hence it does not simply take those things that ``sound right'' in every religion and discard those that ``sound wrong'', in order to thus yield something supposedly perfect. Perfection cannot be formed out of piecework! The Truth stands on its own pedestal, free from the influences of all religions which, although originally willed by God, have been reduced to the level of doctrines and dogmas by human beings.

But there will certainly be grains of Truth in every religion, and these grains of Truth will be found in a more perfect form in the actual Word of the Truth itself - but such minuscule grains cannot themselves be compared with the Truth!

In simple terms, therefore, the Truth stands alone, for it has not been compiled from one or more religions. In the Truth, however, one will also find those grains of Truth that do exist in all the world religions.

The third sign of the Truth is that there is absolutely no attempt at ``conversion''. Such missionary work cannot be associated with the real Truth. At some point in history, and with a different approach from that used today, it may have been necessary to journey into distant lands, proclaiming the Truth, in order to save a great many people who were spiritually helpless at the time. But at the present time, which requires us human beings to make our own personal decisions - in accordance with the great gift of the free will that God has given us - the ``brain-washing'' supposedly associated with missionary work is no longer acceptable. Completely uninfluenced, man must at last seek and find the Truth!

Each human being has the power to make his own decisions! And therewith comes the power to build one's own destiny. If he uses this power to search for the Truth, this is a decision of its own. Like a seed it is sown, it germinates, grows, matures and ripens, and produces a harvest which will lead to the Truth. There is no doubt about this process, for it takes place according to the Eternal Law of Sowing and Reaping.

The Truth wants free human beings! Not human beings who are bound to some organisation or another! Or who wish to convert their neighbour to their own way of thinking! Such would be unworthy to expect of the Truth. In any case, the very fact that it is extremely difficult to change the general opinions of people for the better testifies to this. Each human being must himself desire to search for the Truth. And the Truth obviously respects man's free will.

Thus the Truth commands each human being not to follow the Bringer of the Truth, that is to say, not the Person who brings the Truth, but only to weigh and examine the Truth that He brings. No attempt at solicitation is made in this regard, and no ``fantastic miracles'' will be performed in order to attract adherents. Each person can remain in his own religion, and yet, he can use the Truth to ennoble his religion towards perfection! The Truth is given to all religions to use for their own development!

Hence one will always find only a small group of people where the complete Truth is concerned. As history has shown, the Truth will always dwell within a minority - for the majority of men on earth do not want the Truth. It has been this way every time a prophet or sage has incarnated on the earth to bring fragments of the Truth to humanity. Whether this concerns Krishna, Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed, only a small group of people surrounded them at that time and were persecuted by the great majority who thought that they already had the Truth!

This is clear enough proof that those in the religious institutions generally do not want the real Truth, because otherwise they would have already authorised changes within their respective religions. Rather they would prefer to persecute those who have the Truth instead of joyfully welcoming it into their hearts and souls, into their cultures and religions. Years later, of course, when these originally small circles of Truth became the great religions now known to us today, the same mistakes were made yet again!

The fourth sign of the Truth is that it will be severe, not complaisant, and therefore entirely different from what each person imagines it to be! In our lives we often draw conclusions as to the right way to live. We try to live according to what we have found, refining it through our experiences until we decide that it is most likely true. But how different are the various perceptions of the Truth among human beings all over the world! Go out and ask people in the temples, mosques, churches or other organisations what they think is the Truth. You will get all kinds of answers, all very different from one another! Hardly anything consistent!

Then there are those who say that what you believe to be the Truth is all the Truth that you need! In a certain sense this is quite right, but it also reflects our self-complacent attitude, which does not want to find the absolute saving Word of Truth, but which prefers to be contented with what has already been found! Such an attitude only lulls our spirits to sleep and does not further spiritual progress at all!

There is only one Truth - there are not many Truths! In much the same manner, one plus one can only be equal to two - for that is a fundamental Law! The result can never be three, four, five or one hundred, no matter how much one tries to manipulate this simple equation! And just as there are simple, inflexible Natural Laws, through which we observe various phenomena in Nature, so also is there only one Truth from which these Laws are themselves derived!

The Truth will challenge everything that we have hitherto believed in. Whether we are Christian, Hindu or Muslim, our existing beliefs will be challenged - not intellectually, but from a purely spiritual viewpoint. Does our present belief testify to the Primordial Perfection of the Living God? If it does, then this belief springs from the Truth and will unite seamlessly with the Word of Truth. On the other hand, if it does contain a gap, if it even hints at a possible imperfection of God, then this belief cannot be right, because God is forever Perfect.

As part of the fourth sign, therefore, the Truth is severe with us. Through our present superficiality, we feel anything severe to be painful. In this manner, we are just like children, who rebel against their parents when the latter deny them sweets that are bad for the teeth! So also do we feel such pain when the wrong beliefs that we have adhered to all our lives are finally revealed for what they truly are by the actual Word of Truth.

Hence the Truth abstains from all superficiality! One will not find in it any trace of the superficiality and sweet sentimentality that can be found in the many so-called ``inspirational'' and ``spiritual'' books of the New Age!

In this way, the Truth also restores the right concept of the Worship of God. We have lost this ever since we bowed down to the whims of the Prince of Darkness. Worship is not about praising God with meditations, chants and mantras, with hymns and psalms, with rock songs and festivities, or with litanies and concert-hall preaching - not to mention the boundless arrogance that many so-called ``believers'' possess today. All this is rejected by the Truth - for it comes from God!

These first four signs can be readily recognised by anyone who is inwardly awake. On the contrary, the remaining signs may not be so comprehensible at first. But this is only because mankind have closed themselves to all deeper spiritual recognitions. I will mention them nevertheless, only because they are crucial for those who are earnestly seeking the Truth, and are more significant than they might seem at first.

The fifth sign of the Truth is that the true teachings of all the Forerunners and Prophets are revealed for the first time! The lives of various Prophets like Krishna, Mohammed, John the Baptist, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Zoroaster are now revealed to us from out of the ``Akashic Record'' in such a manner that we can see what exactly took place at that time. These individuals had prepared the Way for the Truth to enter the hearts of human beings. It is through God's Grace that these individuals could come to the earth.

And yet, for some reason, we embellished and, in many cases, gravely distorted the various accounts of their lives. How many of us really know what took place when Zoroaster was on the earth, when he prophesied the Saoshyant (the Son of Man) Who comes at the time of the Judgment? Very little is known about him! What about Lao-Tse? Many know his words, but do not know whether he really spoke them! And Sri Krishna? They have built many fanciful tales about him and his life, attributing many words to him that he had never spoken. There are even a few stories about him that purportedly glorify the sexual instinct! Today, many believe Sri Krishna to be their Lord God, and they confuse him also with Lord Vishnu. But little do people realise that these teachings have not emerged from Krishna himself, that he himself did not write anything down for posterity, on which alone a definite stand could ever be taken!

Neither has the great Prophet Mohammed been spared, for many of his followers staunchly believe that Heaven is filled with wine and the throng of young women, and that jihad will take their souls to Paradise, beliefs that are ostensibly attributed to him, but which he never taught.

And what about when Jesus Christ came to this earth for the sake of us sinners? How much do we really know, from the existing accounts of His earthly life, about what He really did, what He really taught? Can we honestly trust the accounts of the Gospels of the Bible as they stand today, despite the clearly visible distortions in some of them?

Nevertheless all these great happenings are faithfully recorded in the pages of time - in the so-called Akashic Record - on the higher planes. History has infallibly preserved a full account in every case! But we have hitherto been unable to tap into these accounts, because we strayed so far from the Light!

For the sake of those few who are earnestly striving for perfection, the Truth gives us these accounts in an unadulterated form, drawing directly from the pages of time. This is because the Truth can do nothing other than to clarify all the errors that we have allowed to creep into our respective religions. Therefore a fairly comprehensive account of each of the lives of the many Forerunners and Envoys of the Light is now finally available through the Truth, as a last saving Grace from Above, so that we can recognise the original errors and do away with them for all eternity!

When we do find the Word of Truth, therefore, we will also find, by its side, the complete accounts of the works of the Forerunners, the Prophets, the Primordial Spiritual Being Sri Krishna and the Son of God Jesus!

The sixth sign of the Truth is that its coming will be accompanied by great changes, revolutions, wars and unusual phenomena. This does happen whenever the Truth journeys to the earth for the salvation of mankind. Indeed such happenings were not infrequent two thousand years ago, when Jesus came. A great spiritual revolution took place following His Coming and His Truth went out into the world!

It was the same two thousand years before that, when Abraham was on the earth. Dwelling amid a race of idol-worshippers and human-sacrificers, he gained a recognition of the One True God. He emerged from such a base humanity, having learnt of the error of human sacrifices, especially when expressly forbidden not to kill his own son as a sacrifice to the new God. With him came the Knowledge of the Eternal One, a Knowledge that is still available to us almost four thousand years later! And in the few centuries following that turning point, the great nation of Israel, his descendants, was chosen to carry this Knowledge into the present time.

This was also the case thousands of years beforehand when Sri Krishna came onto the earth. During his life on earth, a great revolution was taking place in India, with catastrophes, famines, wars and other upheavals bringing about a purification throughout the land. These events helped to prepare India for the great Teaching about God and His Laws that was to be given through Sri Krishna.

As it was then, so will it be at the present time when the Truth comes down to us, except that now it will be a truly global upheaval. We can already see how the world has almost completely changed from what it was just over a century ago. Never before have there been two global wars within a few decades of each other. Never before have there been situations where a great change in one part of the world simultaneously affects all the other parts, as could be clearly observed with the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and the more recent ``Boxing Day Tsunami'' of 2004. Never before have industry and technology reached such heights that it is possible for us to either build a truly great human race on earth or completely destroy one another with our stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

And then we ask, if all this is true, whether something else has taken place in the unseen world of the beyond. The world has become truly global - could something be happening at a deeper level? Nothing really separates us from one another anymore, for all the connections are becoming more visible with each day, as karmaic cycles come to a close quite rapidly. Perhaps, then, it is because this is the time of the final reckoning, the so-called Judgment, when the Truth comes onto the earth for the very last time to help human beings. Though hidden from most people, perhaps the very existence of the Truth on this planet has brought about these happenings, just as it has done in former times.

The seventh sign of the Truth is that it cannot be given through a mere human being, i.e. a developing human spirit from the Spiritual Realm. Only One Who comes from out of the Truth can give the Truth. And as Jesus Himself was and still is the Word of God, so also is this very special Messenger Who gives us the Word today. Jesus spoke of the Coming Messenger during the World Judgment as the Son of Man or the Spirit of Truth, Who reproves the world of sin. He is the Mahdi that the Muslims expect and the Lord Kalki Whom the Hindus are awaiting.

This special Messenger cannot originate from the mass of scholars and intellectuals, for these fields of activity do not provide a suitable soil out of which the Truth can arise. On the contrary, He must have gone through all the cruelties of earthly life before He can give us the Word of Truth. This, too, is important, for a true Saviour must understand all human frailties and weaknesses, before being able to show the way to overcome them. It is the same as it was with Christ when He had to endure much suffering, even before His death on the Cross, in order to mediate the Word of Salvation.

After experiencing this earthly suffering, the Messenger is able to ``clothe'' the Truth in an appropriate form that is easier for us to absorb spiritually. This alone shows the way to true salvation. His Word is one with the Word of Jesus, because They are both One in God the Father.

And as Jesus once bore the Living Radiating Cross (the equal-armed Cross of Truth) within Him, as well as the Dove (the Power of the Holy Spirit) above Him, so also does the Son of Man stand in the Spirit and the Truth.

These are the two infallible symbols by which the true Messenger and His Message can be recognised!

In addition to these two signs, however, there is also the Sign of the Star which heralds the existence of the Son of Man on earth - the long-awaited Comet that comes at the end time, which has been prophesied about in the many religions of mankind for generations. It is similar in nature to the very special and bright Star that became visible at the time of Jesus, and which was seen by the Magi who came to present gifts at His bedside.

This Star exerts a special force on all earthmen at this point in time when the Truth once again dwells on the earth in an unadulterated form, so that the earth may either arise anew if mankind earnestly desire to reform themselves, or... be destroyed if they continue on their self-chosen downward path of spiritual and moral decline.

The Word of Truth fully explains what this Star is and where it originates, as well as how it fulfils the prophecies of old. And while the coming of this Star has been prophesied in many religions and traditions, only the real Truth, in its ability to provide all-embracing and comprehensive explanations, clarifies the actual nature of the Star and why it must come to the earth at the appointed hour.

These seven signs are unique only to the Word of Truth. It is through these signs that we can distinguish between the false prophets and the One True Messenger Whom all ancient prophesies have promised would come at the end time. If the present distress in this world indicates that this time is coming, or is already here, then it is up to us to make an effort to recognise these signs.

Only one Book on this planet fulfils all the prophecies concerning the coming of the Truth to the world. Only in and around this Book can all seven signs of the Truth be fully recognised. Nowhere else can we find these signs working together in such amazing perfection, in God-willed harmony.

Alas, anyone can write beautiful words, which conjure the most wonderful, fanciful but more often distorted images of God and His Will, but so long as they cannot put the structure of Creation together, explaining the truths of all the religions in such perfect completeness, their word is not out of the Truth!

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