A Gate Opens

(The author has drawn his knowledge from
"In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin)



The earth is a great school for the human spirits. Here they have to develop to that stage of consciousness which is decisive for admittance to Paradise, and is to be designated the stage of consciousness of oneself.

This development comprises long periods of time, and cannot be completed in one earth-life.

The human spirit must return to the earth a number of times, and incarnate in human bodies, until it has reached the degree of spiritual maturity and the inner purity which brings with it a final turning-away from the sway of the earth, and a continuing ascent into Luminous Heights.

In a school there are teachers who educate, further and guide the pupils to the next higher level in the school.

In the same way, for earthmen in the great school of humanity there were teachers who were meant to show them the way to the Truth as the final goal.

Truth is eternal and unchangeable, it remains ever the same, and is recognisable to us in the Laws of Creation, including the Laws of Nature, which are equally unchangeable. The recognition of these adamantine Laws leads without deviation to God, because His Will is expressed in them, because through them we learn what God wills. To investigate and to obey this Will is the highest task of man. If we adjust ourselves to the Will we fare well, and become joyful and happy.

All this was known to the teachers of mankind like Moses and the Prophets, Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Mohammed, whom God sent to the different peoples on earth. They were lovingly and carefully prepared for it in Luminous Realms.

In faithful fulfilment of their task, they sought to guide the people of their races, according to the prevailing degree of soul-maturity, step by step towards the Light, to teach them how they must live in accordance with the Laws of God, so that at the end of the earthly school the spiritual striving of the peoples could have been united into one single acknowledgement of Divine Truth.

In addition, the supplicant had always to be filled with trusting faith, and open himself humbly to the healing power.

The words of Jesus: "According to your faith be it unto you!" point to the Law of Balance between Giving and Taking.

Giving oneself in all humility and simplicity prepares the way for the taking, the receiving of gracious help. Where this condition was lacking the healing power could not be absorbed.

Even at the present time miraculous healings are possible! It happens that here and there a human spirit endowed with grace is given special power, with which he accomplishes miraculous healings, thus the healing of diseases hitherto regarded as incurable.

But this power bestowed is not Divine! It cannot be measured or compared with the Divine Power in Its original state in which Jesus worked, and which far exceeded what is humanly possible!

The human spirit, which has within it nothing of the Divine but only of the spirit, has at its disposal only the powers in Creation, thus outwith the Divine, which in comparison with the Divine Power have a greatly reduced working potential.

One of these Creation-powers is magnetism, an animistic force of Nature which Called ones have been using for a long time now, for the blessing of mankind.

All these genuine healing-powers, however, are given only to those who, being Called for the purpose, receive and pass them on in purity and humility.

But there are also other ways that lead to wonderful recoveries of diseased bodies.

Let us mention those miracles that take place at springs or other places. They are connected with genuine "heavenly visions", relating not to Mary of Nazareth, but to the spiritual radiation-picture of the Queen of Heaven, Who has Her Origin in the Divine Realm*.

With trusting faith, and prayers intuitively perceived in purity, the way to this spiritual radiation sometimes opens for supplicants, making them receptive to wondrous healings and dispensations.

Unfortunately there is always the danger that through wrong ideas and foolish behaviour men will cloud and disturb such high and pure connections.

May these explanations lead to the recognition that all healing and strengthening powers always come from without; thus they are not within us, and can only be received!

There is much talk of miraculous healings through hypnosis. Yet the process is anything but a miracle. In reality it has to do with an invasion of the personal sphere, which brings about a binding of the spirit, and therewith a forcible elimination of the free will!

Its place is taken by the alien will of the hypnotist, who imposes his will upon the one hypnotised, thereby making him dependent on himself.

Hence through this alien intervention only a temporary artificial healing is brought about, which in certain cases has to be maintained through repeated hypnosis, until one day the treated illness or addiction appears again, as itself or in some other form.

In any case, the will of the one hypnotised is thereby weakened, and valuable time lost for him in which, through the very experiencing of his illness, he would have been in the position to mature spiritually by it!

Moreover, it is possible that during the time in question he has missed valuable opportunities of genuine healing, which he himself could have brought about voluntarily through personal effort of will.

Therefore it is not easy for man to free himself from this hypnotic binding, because to do so he must set to work with all the strength of his spirit.

Most people have hardly any idea of how dangerous the application of hypnosis is, because they do not know its final effect in the beyond. For as stated, it binds the spirit, and the free will is thereby suppressed, regardless of whether the one treated has consented or not. Even with consent he is unable to eliminate the working of the Laws of Creation, because hypnosis is opposed to these Laws and thus is a sin against the spirit, which has grave consequences for all who practise it!

Let us now look also at the other happenings around Jesus which have been handed down as "miracles".

While out on Lake Genneserat, Jesus calmed the turbulent waters: "And he arose and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still! And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm" (Mark 4, 39). Actually Jesus was speaking to those nature beings, the servants of God, who are active in the elements of air and water, thus a quite natural happening.

Copyright 1985 by Herbert Vollmann, Vomperberg, Tyrol. All rights reserved.