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What is this thing called "seeking the truth"? Is it really a necessary part of life? Or is it some mad romantic ideal reserved for poets and philosophers? And what indeed is this "truth" that seekers long to know? Is there really such a thing as an objective, all-embracing truth?

Certainly, in the daily processions of this world, seeking is not the kind of activity that would be easily found among our fellow-men. Indeed, in a world that routinely lavishes its attention upon earthly accomplishments, it is hardly surprising that the mere mention of the words like "seeking" and "truth" would be something of a rare event.

And yet, when times of tragedy or misfortune strike us, do not our thoughts change? Do not our material, worldly pursuits suddenly take a back seat to serious questioning of life's true purpose and meaning? And do we not at such times expect that our questioning should receive an immediate response, often causing us to settle for words of comfort rather than of truth. If we have not devoted our lives to the conscious pursuit of life's most troubling questions, why then should we expect the true answers to be dropped into our lap at a moment's notice?...

The quest for the Grail has a long history. It can be said that the Grail is the most elusive object known to man. Indeed, It is so elusive that many today now question whether It has ever existed. Even Webster's dictionary defines the Grail as "the object of an extended or difficult quest". And the prospect of difficult, extensive quests now seems alien to us - a mythic product of a simpler time long ago when chivalry, nobility and purity gave men the inner-stamina for such journeys. But is this really so?

Why is it that even after so many centuries the word itself, "GRAIL", still resonates within our being, like the tolling of a far-off bell? Could it be that it is reminding us that there is something of great importance that we must seek and that we are not seeking?

Robert Bresson, the great French filmmaker, undertakes the quest for the Grail in his film "Lancelot of the Lake". The interesting feature of Bresson's film is that he chooses the end of the legend as his starting point: the knights have returned from their quest, having failed to find the Holy Grail. Here Bresson intuits and cuts to the very heart of the matter: the FAILURE to find the Grail. The Grail legend, which should have conveyed to mankind the promise of the greatest significance, has been, by and large, strangely neglected in the higher arts. This could be because so many different and even contradictory versions of it have multiplied over the centuries. Perhaps, the artists have intuited that something essential must have been distorted in this process and that not much of the original meaning and power has been left. And this is indeed the case!

As mankind distanced themselves more and more from the Light and from the rest of Creation, their vision of ALL things has narrowed down and has become distorted. Through this distorted vision, it appeared to them as though the Holy Grail Itself can be located here on earth. Thus, in all their investigations they looked for answers only on earth and became lost in the labyrinth of their own thinking.

No human being can ever "see" the Holy Grail, and yet each one of us is so dependent on It that without It we simply could not exist at all. The Holy Grail is real. It does not need us, our acknowledgement or our faith. It is we, who desperately need It, for our very survival depends on It.

The Knowledge of the real Grail embraces the Knowledge of the entire Creation Itself, since the Grail is the Starting Point of Creation. Therefore, all the Laws, which have brought this Creation into being and are operating in It now, are revealed in the book of the Knowledge of the Grail.

The time has come for mankind to learn many things about Creation, which have remained as "mysteries" up til now. These concern everything that is most essential to us as human beings: the mystery of birth, the mystery of death, the mystery of our true origin, the mystery of fate, the mystery of original sin, the mystery of interconnections (the so-called "luck" or "chance"), the mystery of sex, the mystery of womanhood and of manhood, the mystery of grace, the mystery behind the present times in which we live, the mystery of the Grail.

The opportunity to acquire this New Knowledge is now given to each and every human being (regardless of race, of beliefs or no beliefs). The New Knowledge opens up before us a breathtaking perspective on Creation and enables us to truly experience the knowing awe at the Sublimity and Naturalness of the Perfect Creator!