Part 1:
The Holy Grail As the
 Power-Transmission Station of Creation
Feb.14, 2006
Today, with the splitting of the atom and other scientific discoveries, we are in the best position to grasp some fundamental facts about Creation: all substances emanate light, i. e. produce radiation. The word "radiation" has only been used in association with the negative effects of the man-made nuclear reactors. Nuclear power, however, is only a typical example of a human blunder that results from part-knowledge of  Creation, which is then too eagerly applied, producing catastrophic effects. In reality, radiation is just light/emanation, which all objects, bodies and substances produce, since every atom radiates. The question is: where does this radiation originally come from?    
"The  existence of God, of Power, of Light, i. e., of Life, alone inevitably brings into being the Creations, for the Living Light, the Living Power, can­not but radiate! And these radiations contain all that is necessary for Creation!
The radiations, however, are not the Light Itself!
Hence all that exists outside of God has its origin only in the radiation of God. This radiation is a natural effect of the Light, however, an effect that has always existed from all eternity.
The strength of the radiation is naturally greatest in the proximity of the Light, so much so that there can be no other movement in it than the 'per­fectly straight line' movement, which is an intrinsic quality of the radiation. Thus it issues from God and proceeds for fabulous distances, the extent of which a human spirit is unable to imagine!
When, however, this inflexible forward propulsion, which is equivalent to an immense and constant pressure, comes to the point where it at last eases off a little, the nature of the movement changes from the hitherto straight line to a circular movement. This circular movement is produced by the attraction of the Living Power simultaneously pulling back all that has been flung beyond the border of the full radiation to that point where only the straight line movement predominates. In this process the rotating movements take on an elliptical form, because they are not independent movements, but only pro­duced by this flinging-out-of-the-mainstream and the subsequent pulling back through the attraction which rests in the Power, that is, in God Himself!
Moreover the process of dividing the radiation into positive and negative species, which takes place after the radiation leaves the Sphere of Divine White-Heat, also plays a part here!
In these rotating movements, in which the immense pressure of the original radiation has diminished, a slight cooling off also takes place in the course of nature. This in turn causes a certain deposit to be precipitated.
This deposit sinks deeper or recedes further away from the original strong­est radiation, but is still held by the all-pervading attraction of the Power. Yet it simultaneously retains enough of the straight line impetus of the radia­tion to again produce new rotating movements, which always remain within very definite but quite different limits. Thus one deposit after another is pre­cipitated and corresponding elliptically rotating planes of motion form, which bring accumulations of substance and finally ever more solid forms, receding further and further away from the Original Radiation and its enor­mous forward pressure!
The gradations thus produced form planes in which definite species link together and settle, conforming to the degree their temperature has cooled off. I have already described these planes or species in my Message as being the great fundamental planes of Spiritual Substantiality in the uppermost re­gion of Creation, under which successively range the Spheres of Animistic Substantiality, of Ethereal Substance, and finally of Gross Matter, with their many sub-divisions. It is quite natural that the more perfect species should remain higher, thus closest to the Point of Origin, because they most nearly resemble It and are most strongly affected by the attraction of the Living Power!
As I have already said this radiation of the Light working in such an incom­prehensible way has always existed from all eternity!
But God did not allow this radiation to penetrate further and act beyond the limits at which the forward drive of the stream still forms an absolutely straight line, so that the pure Divine Radiation still remained luminous and clear without any cooling off and consequent precipitations. This formed the Divine Sphere which, as with God Himself, is eternal! In this clear transpar­ency there could never be any dimming, nor can there be any swerving aside or change. Only perfect harmony with the Source, with the Light Itself, was possible. And this Sphere is inseparably connected with God, because this radiation of the Living Power, being its natural effect, can never be avoided!
To this Divine Sphere, which because of its close proximity to the Living Power is subjected to a pressure incomprehensible to the human spirit, be­longs the actual Castle of the Grail as the most extreme outpost and anchor­age, as a terminating counter-pole, so to speak! This still stands within the Circle of Divinity and has therefore existed from all eternity and will remain unchanged for all eternity, even if in times to come Creation would have to fall to ruin!
Thus it was from all eternity! It is something the human spirit is unable to comprehend!
It was not till God, in His Volition, sent forth the great words: 'Let there be Light!' that the rays shot out over the limit hitherto set them into the Uni­verse, then in utter darkness, carrying movement and warmth! This was the beginning of Creation, which gave birth to the human spirit and could be­come his home!
God, Who is Light, does not need this Creation! Should He again limit His Radiation to its unavoidable minimum, so that only a Sphere of Divine Purity would remain into which no dimness can ever enter, as it was in the begin­ning, then the end of all that has been subsequently created would be at hand! Man would then also cease to exist, as he can be conscious only within Crea­tion!
The immediate radiation of the Light can produce only what is perfect. In the changes from this first pressure, caused by the ever-increasing distances, however, this original perfection diminishes because, in the progressive cool­ing off, individual particles constantly separate themselves and remain be­hind. Purity in perfection necessitates the pressure of Divine Radiation at its greatest intensity, which is possible only in the proximity of God. The pres­sure creates motion which in turn produces warmth, heat and white heat.
Pressure, however, is but the resultant effect of the power, and not the pow­er itself, just as the radiations come into existence only under the pressure of the power, but they are not the power itself! Therefore the radiations within Creation are but the consequence of a corresponding motion, which in turn must adjust itself to the particular pressure at the time! Thus where there are no radiations in Creation there is also no motion or, as man erroneously calls it, no 'life'! For all motion radiates, while stagnation is nothingness, an ab­sence of motion which men call 'death!'"
"When the radiation first shot over the boundary-line of the Divine Sphere, i. e., at the beginning of Creation, a new section was added to the eternal Castle of the Grail situated at the most remote border of the Divine Sphere. This section protruded towards the further side, towards the most spiritual part of Creation, so that the Primordial Beings on their side can also visit this new section of the Castle in the Spiritual World, at least as far as the limit set by their species permits!
One step beyond this border, i. e., into the Divine Sphere, would mean immediate unconsciousness, for they would be consumed in white-heat, if ... they were able to take such a step! But this is impossible, because the much greater pressure of the Divine Sphere, to which they are not accustomed, would simply fling them back or, in other words, would prevent them from entering. In an absolutely natural manner it bars their entrance without the necessity of any further action!
The position is similar as between the developed human spirits and the Primordial Beings in the plane in which they live!
Thus the Castle of the Grail with its spiritual extension today constitutes the intermediary point between the Divine and Creation! Through the Castle all the radiation necessary for Creation must flow, and the Son of Man as King of the Grail and as the only Mediator is, owing to the nature of His Origin (which combines Divinity with Spirituality), able to cross the border into the Divine Sphere from Creation! For this reason the mystery of this union had to be brought about!
It is only far below this Castle of the Grail and the Sphere of the Primordial Beings that Paradise lies! It is the highest and most beautiful sphere for those human spirits who have fully matured in the Divine Will through obeying the Laws of His Radiations!
To avoid enlarging the picture of these happenings too far I will not enter into details here. I shall be publishing books on these matters so that earthly scientists can study the individual processes, such as the development within the various spheres, their relationship to one another, etc. Nothing must be passed over lest there be a gap, which would immediately call a halt to human knowledge!
Thus when the spirit of an earthman in all its maturity returns from its long wandering and arrives at the boundary ordained for its species, i. e., to the point where it encounters stronger pressure, it cannot increase its own lum­inosity beyond what its own full maturity has already brought about! The higher pressure of a much greater power would disintegrate and consume its particular species. In the greater degree of heat to which it was exposed its ego would be lost. It could then no longer exist as a human spirit, for in merg­ing with the White Light it would be dissolved, while in the region of the Primordial Beings it would become unconscious through the higher pressure prevailing there!
The White-Light, i. e., the Radiation of God, in which only what is Divine can exist consciously, thus carries within itself all the fundamental compon­ents of Creation which, in the gradual process of cooling off, deposit them­selves in a downward direction, manifesting in forms through motion, and as such uniting themselves with each other. But they no longer merge with each other, because the pressure needed for this is lacking. With every degree that the temperature decreases a definite precipitation forms and remains behind. First the Divine, later the Spiritual and then the Animistic, until finally only Ethereal Substance and Gross Matter sink still further!
Thus Creation is actually the deposit formed through the increasing cooling off of the White Light, of the Radiation of the Living Light! The spirit­ual, as also the animistic, can only form and become conscious at a very def­inite degree in the process of cooling off, which is equivalent to the decrease in pressure of God's Radiation." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Life")       
With this explanation we have the entire breath-taking panorama of the genesis and the hierarchy of Creation! The decrease in God's Original Pressure/Radiation at each subsequent level of Creation brings into being layers or Spheres, which quite naturally arrange themselves in a downward direction: with the lightest substances on top and the heaviest substances at the bottom, according to the Law of Gravitation. The layer of matter is situated at the bottom, while the layer containing the pure spiritual substance is situated at the top. So far, earthly science has been dealing only with the lowest, densest and most minute part of the entire Creation - the world of physical visible matter. Relatively recently, a breakthrough has been made in taking the research one step up the ladder of Creation, with the discovery of the world of the invisible ethereal matter (anti-matter), into which we all go after physical death to live in a particular region we have helped to bring into being through our thoughts, our words, our wishes and our deeds. Each one initially goes to a place of his own making, for God has given each one of us the ability to mould ethereal matter and in this way prepare our future dwelling place. From there we can move up or down, depending on the direction, in which we turn our free will (whether towards or away from sublime spirituality).
"In the process of developing downwards, the first Creation itself brought successively three great basic divisions: As uppermost and highest is the spirit­ual, the Primordial Creation, followed by the denser and thus also gradually heavier Sphere of Animistic Substance. Lastly as the lowest, and because of its greatest density the heaviest, still follows the great Realm of Matter which, severing itself from Primordial Creation, has gradually sunk down! Through this there finally remained as the uppermost only the Primordial Spiritual Substance, because in its pure nature it embodies what is lightest and most luminous. It is the oft-mentioned Paradise, the crown of all Creation.
With the sinking down of that which becomes denser we already touch upon the Law of Gravitation, which is not only anchored in matter, but has an effect in all Creation, from the so-called Paradise down to us.
The Law of Gravitation is of such decisive importance that everyone should hammer it into his mind; for it is the main lever in the whole evolution and process of development of the human spirit.
I have already said that this gravitation applies not only to earthly con­sistencies, but also works uniformly in those parts of Creation which earth­men can no longer see, and which they therefore simply call the beyond.
For a better understanding I must still divide the World of Matter into two sections. Into ethereal matter and gross matter. Ethereal matter is that matter which cannot become visible to the physical eye, owing to its different nature. And yet it still is matter.
The so-called 'beyond' must not be confused with the longed-for Para­dise, which is purely spiritual. The spiritual must not be taken as something 'to do with thoughts', but the spiritual is a consistency, just as the animistic and the material are each a consistency. Therefore now this ethereal matter is simply called the 'beyond', because it lies beyond earthly vision. Gross mat­ter, however, is this side, all that is earthly, which an account of its similar species becomes visible to our gross material eyes.
Man should get rid of the habit of regarding things that are invisible to him as also incomprehensible and unnatural. Everything is natural, even the so-­called beyond, and Paradise, which is still an immense distance from it.
Now just as here our physical body is sensitive to its surroundings of a homogeneous nature, which it can therefore see, hear and feel, so is it exactly the same in those parts of Creation whose consistency is not like ours. The ethereal man in the so-called beyond feels, hears and sees only his homogeneous ethereal environment; the higher spiritual man again can only feel his spiritual environment.
Thus it happens that many an earth-dweller now and then already sees and hears also the Ethereal World with his ethereal body, which he bears within, before the separation from the gross material earthly body takes place through physical death. There is absolutely nothing unnatural in this.
Side by side and co-operating with the Law of Gravitation is also the no less valuable Law of Homogeneous Species.
I have already touched upon this in saying that one species can only recog­nise the same species. The proverbs: 'Birds of a feather flock together', and 'like father, like son' seem to have been sensed from the Primordial Law. Together with the Law of Gravitation it swings throughout Creation.
In addition to those already mentioned there is a third Primordial Law in Creation: The Law of Reciprocal Action. The effect of this Law is that man must reap what he has once sown, unconditionally. He cannot reap wheat where he sowed rye, nor clover where he sowed thistles. In the Ethereal World it is exactly the same. In the end he will not be able to reap kindness where he felt hatred, nor joy where he nourished envy!
These three fundamental Laws form the corner-stones of the Divine Will! They alone automatically work out reward or punishment for a human spirit, with inexorable justice! So incorruptibly, in the most wonderful delicate gradations, that the thought of a slightest injustice in the gigantic world hap­pening becomes impossible.
The effect of these simple Laws brings every human spirit exactly to the place where, according to his inner attitude, he does belong. Any error here is impossible, because the manifestation of these Laws can only be set in motion by the inmost condition of a human being, which will, however, set it in mo­tion without fail in every case! Thus to bring this about the spiritual power of the intuitive perceptions which is in man is needed as the lever! Nothing else has any effect. For this reason only the real volition, man's intuitive percep­tion, is decisive for what develops for him in the world that is invisible to him, and which he must enter after his earthly death.
There neither pretence nor self-deception will help him. He must then un­conditionally reap what he has sown through his volition! What is more, exactly according to the strength or weakness of his volition, it sets in motion to a greater or lesser degree the homogeneous currents of the other worlds, no matter whether they are hatred, envy or love. An absolutely natural process, of the greatest simplicity, and yet with the inexorable effect of adamantine justice!
He who tries to go seriously and deeply into these happenings in the beyond will recognise what incorruptible justice lies in this automatic working, and will see in this alone the inconceivable Greatness of God. He does not need to interfere, after having given His Will as Laws, thus perfect, into Crea­tion." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter  "Errors".)
Here we have it all: simplicity, sublimity and logic - a combination that has never yet been matched by any religious doctrine on earth and which is a tell-tail sign of the Truth. This Truth reveals to us the strict Order and Justice governing all the visible as well as the invisible processes in Creation. In this way, a clear and straight path is illuminated for those seekers who are looking for it in earnest: a path leading out of the visible physical matter, through the invisible ethereal matter surrounding the earth, then continuing in an upward direction through the animistic substance and, finally, ascending up to the Sphere of spiritual substance, the place of our origin, our true Home, the actual region of Paradise!
Three Laws, Which are the Signature of God's Will

"Only the man who lives in the Laws of God is free! Thus and not otherwise does he stand unoppressed and unconstrained in this Creation. Everything then serves him instead of obstructing his path. lt 'serves' him because he uses it in the right way... Only he who knows the Will of God and lives accordingly is really free! All the others must bind themselves in many threads of the Laws of this Creation, because they entangle themselves." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Submission")

Since the Will of God always manifests in Creation as a triad , we have Three fundamental Laws, Which are the very signature of His Will:
1). The Law of Gravitation (or Gravity).
2). The Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species.
3). The Law of Reciprocal Action.
As has just been explained in the extensive quote of the previous section, these Three Laws govern not only all phenomena in visible matter, but extend into all activities of human life: our thoughts, our innermost desires and, of course, our visible deeds. This happens automatically (regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not),  because our thoughts and desires produce radiation-waves, which instantly come into contact and interact with the entire Network of Radiations of Creation, governed by these Three fundamental Laws. The combined activity of these Three Laws clearly demonstrates that all life in Creation is ruled by the Trigon of Justice, Love and Purity! Therefore, the teaching of the Holy Grail is founded on pure Love united with the strict Justice, conditioned by Purity.
These Three Laws affect all Spheres of Creation and all types of substances. The only substance that is visible to us here on earth is that of physical matter, and because of this we have made a very strange and unreasonable assumption that the entire Creation is made up of this one substance. Until recently, even science has suffered from this unfounded and false assumption. Now, finally, with the acknowledgement of the existence of another type of matter (the invisible ethereal matter, which they are calling anti-matter), they have advanced one step up the ladder of Creation. At this rate, the world will end before earthly science will discover anything of any significance for our spirits. The new direction must invariably lead them above the world of matter (both visible and invisible kinds), into animistic substance and, higher still, into spiritual substance. Ethereal matter, animism, spirit - all these are specific substances, with specific weight and corresponding luminosity. Spirit is not an invention of poets - it is a particular type of substance, out of which the entire Spiritual Sphere of Creation is made: the trees, the lakes, the buildings and, naturally, the inhabitants there. Since this substance is phenomenally light and luminous, it remains at the very top of Creation, according to the Law of Gravitation. The inner core of every human being is made up of this very substance, therefore it is our duty to nurture and develop this spiritual substance until it breaks through our physical cloak in luminous waves of joyful, spiritual activity that influences and transforms the world of visible matter, and in time enables us to return home to the Spiritual Sphere, the place of our origin.
The spirit has no need to laboriously study Creation from the bottom up. A much more natural approach is to start by studying the stages of development of Creation from above downwards. Now, here we need to pause a moment and exercise special caution - not out of cynicism, but out of necessity, because there are so many writings, which have emerged from psychics, New Agers and all sorts of "channelers" that seek to enlighten man on the structure and purpose of Creation. As a result, many seekers have wondered whether or even how it would be possible to actually identify the Truth, if one encountered It in one's lifetime. This is the most crucial question, and everything hangs in the balance here for every one of us! A particularly insightful contemplation on the subject of identifying the signs of Truth has been written by R.M. Duraisamy. It can be read in its entirety, but here is a brief summary of the seven signs of Truth: 
1)."The first sign of the Truth is that it is all-encompassing. 'All-encompassing' means 'all-embracing', 'comprehensive' etc. The Truth is able to penetrate every field of human activity, providing comprehensive answers to all the problems that face mankind. Whether it be in our various professions, our cultures, religions, families etc., the Truth is always able to offer clear-cut guidance. In each of these individual fields of activity, there are certainly numerous questions that confront and baffle us. We encounter questions about marriage, the family bond, the sexual instinct and the raising of children. The right understanding of leadership and progress is also lacking today, along with the solutions to every nation's problems. These are all addressed by the Truth in such a way that one will recognise - if one truly puts in the effort - the rightness of what it provides.

In the Word of the Truth, one will therefore find all the answers to the great questions of life! It addresses the coming into being of man on earth, the purpose of all human existence, the reason for suffering on earth, the Eternal Laws of Creation, the great mysteries contained in all the sacred texts from past eras, e.g. karma, reincarnation, the World Judgment, the Mission of Jesus and so on. The real Truth illuminates each and every one of these questions, as well as provides a basis for answering all serious spiritual questions that may yet arise in the future. Hence, even at the end of the world when all of today's religions fail to deliver the complete answers to a suffering humanity, the Word of Truth alone will stand as the sole balm for the spirit."

2)."The second sign of the Truth is that it has not been compiled from any of today's religions. Hence it does not simply take those things that 'sound right' in every religion and discard those that 'sound wrong', in order to thus yield something supposedly perfect. Perfection cannot be formed out of piecework! The Truth stands on its own pedestal, free from the influences of all religions which, although originally willed by God, have been reduced to the level of doctrines and dogmas by human beings.

But there will certainly be grains of Truth in every religion, and these grains of Truth will be found in a more perfect form in the actual Word of the Truth itself - but such minuscule grains cannot themselves be compared with the Truth!

In simple terms, therefore, the Truth stands alone, for it has not been compiled from one or more religions. In the Truth, however, one will also find those grains of Truth that do exist in all the world religions."
3)."The third sign of the Truth is that there is absolutely no attempt at 'conversion'. Such missionary work cannot be associated with the real Truth. At some point in history, and with a different approach from that used today, it may have been necessary to journey into distant lands, proclaiming the Truth, in order to save a great many people who were spiritually helpless at the time. But at the present time, which requires us human beings to make our own personal decisions - in accordance with the great gift of the free will that God has given us - the 'brain-washing' supposedly associated with missionary work is no longer acceptable. Completely uninfluenced, man must at last seek and find the Truth!"
"Thus the Truth commands each human being not to follow the Bringer of the Truth, that is to say, not the Person who brings the Truth, but only to weigh and examine the Truth that He brings. No attempt at solicitation is made in this regard, and no 'fantastic miracles' will be performed in order to attract adherents. Each person can remain in his own religion, and yet, he can use the Truth to ennoble his religion towards perfection! The Truth is given to all religions to use for their own development!"
4)."The fourth sign of the Truth is that it will be severe, not complaisant, and therefore entirely different from what each person imagines it to be! In our lives we often draw conclusions as to the right way to live. We try to live according to what we have found, refining it through our experiences until we decide that it is most likely true. But how different are the various perceptions of the Truth among human beings all over the world! Go out and ask people in the temples, mosques, churches or other organisations what they think is the Truth. You will get all kinds of answers, all very different from one another! Hardly anything consistent!

Then there are those who say that what you believe to be the Truth is all the Truth that you need! In a certain sense this is quite right, but it also reflects our self-complacent attitude, which does not want to find the absolute saving Word of Truth, but which prefers to be contented with what has already been found! Such an attitude only lulls our spirits to sleep and does not further spiritual progress at all!

There is only one Truth - there are not many Truths! In much the same manner, one plus one can only be equal to two - for that is a fundamental Law! The result can never be three, four, five or one hundred, no matter how much one tries to manipulate this simple equation! And just as there are simple, inflexible Natural Laws, through which we observe various phenomena in Nature, so also is there only one Truth from which these Laws are themselves derived!

The Truth will challenge everything that we have hitherto believed in. Whether we are Christian, Hindu or Muslim, our existing beliefs will be challenged - not intellectually, but from a purely spiritual viewpoint. Does our present belief testify to the Primordial Perfection of the Living God? If it does, then this belief springs from the Truth and will unite seamlessly with the Word of Truth. On the other hand, if it does contain a gap, if it even hints at a possible imperfection of God, then this belief cannot be right, because God is forever Perfect.

As part of the fourth sign, therefore, the Truth is severe with us. Through our present superficiality, we feel anything severe to be painful. In this manner, we are just like children, who rebel against their parents when the latter deny them sweets that are bad for the teeth! So also do we feel such pain when the wrong beliefs that we have adhered to all our lives are finally revealed for what they truly are by the actual Word of Truth.

Hence the Truth abstains from all superficiality! One will not find in it any trace of the superficiality and sweet sentimentality that can be found in the many so-called 'inspirational' and 'spiritual' books of the New Age!"
"These first four signs can be readily recognised by anyone who is inwardly awake. On the contrary, the remaining signs may not be so comprehensible at first. But this is only because mankind have closed themselves to all deeper spiritual recognitions. I will mention them nevertheless, only because they are crucial for those who are earnestly seeking the Truth, and are more significant than they might seem at first."

5)."The fifth sign of the Truth is that the true teachings of all the Forerunners and Prophets are revealed for the first time! The lives of various Prophets like Krishna, Mohammed, John the Baptist, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Zoroaster are now revealed to us from out of the 'Akashic Record' in such a manner that we can see what exactly took place at that time. These individuals had prepared the Way for the Truth to enter the hearts of human beings. It is through God's Grace that these individuals could come to the earth.

And yet, for some reason, we embellished and, in many cases, gravely distorted the various accounts of their lives. How many of us really know what took place when Zoroaster was on the earth, when he prophesied the Saoshyant (the Son of Man) Who comes at the time of the Judgment? Very little is known about him! What about Lao-Tse? Many know his words, but do not know whether he really spoke them! And Sri Krishna? They have built many fanciful tales about him and his life, attributing many words to him that he had never spoken. There are even a few stories about him that purportedly glorify the sexual instinct! Today, many believe Sri Krishna to be their Lord God, and they confuse him also with Lord Vishnu. But little do people realise that these teachings have not emerged from Krishna himself, that he himself did not write anything down for posterity, on which alone a definite stand could ever be taken!

Neither has the great Prophet Mohammed been spared, for many of his followers staunchly believe that Heaven is filled with wine and the throng of young women, and that jihad will take their souls to Paradise, beliefs that are ostensibly attributed to him, but which he never taught.

And what about when Jesus Christ came to this earth for the sake of us sinners? How much do we really know, from the existing accounts of His earthly life, about what He really did, what He really taught? Can we honestly trust the accounts of the Gospels of the Bible as they stand today, despite the clearly visible distortions in some of them?

Nevertheless all these great happenings are faithfully recorded in the pages of time - in the so-called Akashic Record - on the higher planes. History has infallibly preserved a full account in every case! But we have hitherto been unable to tap into these accounts, because we strayed so far from the Light!

For the sake of those few who are earnestly striving for perfection, the Truth gives us these accounts in an unadulterated form, drawing directly from the pages of time. This is because the Truth can do nothing other than to clarify all the errors that we have allowed to creep into our respective religions. Therefore a fairly comprehensive account of each of the lives of the many Forerunners and Envoys of the Light is now finally available through the Truth, as a last saving Grace from Above, so that we can recognise the original errors and do away with them for all eternity!

When we do find the Word of Truth, therefore, we will also find, by its side, the complete accounts of the works of the Forerunners, the Prophets, the Primordial Spiritual Being Sri Krishna and the Son of God Jesus!"
6)."The sixth sign of the Truth is that its coming will be accompanied by great changes, revolutions, wars and unusual phenomena. This does happen whenever the Truth journeys to the earth for the salvation of mankind. Indeed such happenings were not infrequent two thousand years ago, when Jesus came. A great spiritual revolution took place following His Coming and His Truth went out into the world!"
"The world has become truly global - could something be happening at a deeper level? Nothing really separates us from one another anymore, for all the connections are becoming more visible with each day, as karmaic cycles come to a close quite rapidly. Perhaps, then, it is because this is the time of the final reckoning, the so-called Judgment, when the Truth comes onto the earth for the very last time to help human beings. Though hidden from most people, perhaps the very existence of the Truth on this planet has brought about these happenings, just as it has done in former times."
7)."The seventh sign of the Truth is that it cannot be given through a mere human being, i.e. a developing human spirit from the Spiritual Realm. Only One Who comes from out of the Truth can give the Truth. And as Jesus Himself was and still is the Word of God, so also is this very special Messenger Who gives us the Word today. Jesus spoke of the Coming Messenger during the World Judgment as the Son of Man or the Spirit of Truth, Who reproves the world of sin. He is the Mahdi that the Muslims expect and the Lord Kalki Whom the Hindus are awaiting.

This special Messenger cannot originate from the mass of scholars and intellectuals, for these fields of activity do not provide a suitable soil out of which the Truth can arise. On the contrary, He must have gone through all the cruelties of earthly life before He can give us the Word of Truth. This, too, is important, for a true Saviour must understand all human frailties and weaknesses, before being able to show the way to overcome them. It is the same as it was with Christ when He had to endure much suffering, even before His death on the Cross, in order to mediate the Word of Salvation.

After experiencing this earthly suffering, the Messenger is able to 'clothe' the Truth in an appropriate form that is easier for us to absorb spiritually. This alone shows the way to true salvation. His Word is one with the Word of Jesus, because They are both One in God the Father.

And as Jesus once bore the Living Radiating Cross (the equal-armed Cross of Truth) within Him, as well as the Dove (the Power of the Holy Spirit) above Him, so also does the Son of Man stand in the Spirit and the Truth.

These are the two infallible symbols by which the true Messenger and His Message can be recognised!"
"These seven signs are unique only to the Word of Truth. It is through these signs that we can distinguish between the false prophets and the One True Messenger Whom all ancient prophesies have promised would come at the end time. If the present distress in this world indicates that this time is coming, or is already here, then it is up to us to make an effort to recognise these signs.

Only one Book on this planet fulfils all the prophecies concerning the coming of the Truth to the world. Only in and around this Book can all seven signs of the Truth be fully recognised. Nowhere else can we find these signs working together in such amazing perfection, in God-willed harmony.

Alas, anyone can write beautiful words, which conjure the most wonderful, fanciful but more often distorted images of God and His Will, but so long as they cannot put the structure of Creation together, explaining the truths of all the religions in such perfect completeness, their word is not out of the Truth!" (R.M. Duraisamy, "From India to the Truth: Towards a New Knowledge for the Reformation of Indian Spirituality", chapter "The Signs of the Truth".)
The one Book  that fulfills all of these seven distinguishing signs of the Truth and that offers the complete survey of Creation without a gap is the Message brought down from the very summit of Creation, from the Holy Grail Itself, from that "Power-Station", through which all the radiations necessary for the support and maintenance of Creation flow - it is The Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin. It contains detailed explanations of all the radiation-processes and is written in such a way that scientists and peasants alike can comprehend and make use of the marvelous Network of Radiations, Which the Creator put at the disposal of every creature.
The Courage to Become Ourselves
To become "ourselves" means quite simply to become spiritual again, since our very essence - our inner core - is comprised of the spiritual substance, brought down from the Spiritual Sphere of Creation.  This requires no occult training (which only puts one into contact with the dark and swampy regions of the ethereal matter), no adherence to any of the earthly religious doctrines (which all contain numerous illogical inconsistencies, incompatible with the Perfection of God as He Is), it requires only familiarizing ourselves with the Laws of God's Radiation and then vigorously adapting our life to Them.
"The mighty field of the spirit extends through all Creation. Therefore man can, should and must fully grasp and recognise Creation! And through his knowledge he will rule therein. But rightly understood, to rule, however severely, simply means to serve! -
At no point in the entire Creation, up to the highest spiritual, is there any deviation from the natural happening!"
"It runs through everything uniformly, in the strictest regularity and order. And this makes it easier for every seeker to obtain the broad, free view right to the point of his actual origin!
For this he needs neither painstaking research nor imagination. The main thing is for him to stand aloof from all those who in their muddled secretive­ness try to make a scanty part-knowledge appear greater.
It all lies so simply before men that owing to the very simplicity they often do not come to recognition, because from the outset they assume that the great work of Creation must be much more difficult and intricate." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Errors")
Even though scientists have already discovered the existence of the "halo" or "aura" of radiations around all objects, they still have no idea of its actual purpose nor of the extent of its significance.
"This halo of radiations gives each form or body a special aura which constitutes a protection and defence, but at the same time also a bridge connecting it with its wider environment. It also affects the interior in order to take part in the development of the inner core in its coarsest sense. For in reality there are many things which contribute to the overall activity in Creation which I may only explain very gradually in order to make it easy for serious seekers to fathom the Laws of Creation."  
"The real equipment of the spirit for its development in the World of Matter consists of the radiations just mentioned. The soil needed for its development has already been carefully prepared by the animistic substantiality before the spirit descends into it. The coverings automatically form around it as a protection, and it is the spirit's task to make proper use of this equipment, which is given to it for its well-being and ascent, not to be used in a harmful way and cause its downfall!"
"The composition of the radiation, however, is of much greater significance than mankind have been able to fathom up to now. Not the tenth part of its real purpose has been envisaged as yet!
The quality of the radiating halo decides the strength of the waves which have to absorb the vibrations from the radiating system of the entire Universe. The hearer and reader should not superficially pass over this thought, but penetrate deeply into it. Then he will suddenly see spread out before him all the nerve-strands of Creation, which he should learn to tap and to use.
He should picture to himself the Primordial Power poured radiatingly out upon the Work of Creation! It streams through Creation, through every part and every species. And every part and every species thereof will pass it on in modified form. Thus the varying consistencies of the different parts of Creation produce changes in the Primordial Radiation which also alter its colour!
Thus the whole of Creation presents a wonderful picture of the most glorious colour-radiations such as no painter could reproduce! And every part of Creation itself, every star, indeed every single object, be it ever so small or minute, resembles a finely-cut prism passing on every ray it receives in numberless different radiant hues! These colours in turn give forth ringing sounds that blend into harmonious accords!
And confronting this magnificent realm of radiations stands the human spirit with its equipment of radiations derived from the various cloaks given to it! Until the generative power awakens the process is the same as with a babe. Through their radiations the material cloaks absorb only what they need in order to mature. When the generative power sets in, however, the spirit stands there fully equipped, the gates are then thrown open, and an immediate connection is established. It now comes into contact in many and varied ways with the powerful radiations of the great Universe.
As the human being, i. e., the spirit, develops and controls the colours of his own radiations so, as with a radio, he attunes his own vibrations to these same colours and absorbs those from the Universe. This receiving may also be called an attracting, or the Power of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Regardless of what it is called the process as such remains the same! The colours merely indicate the species, and the species determine the colours.
This also contains the lost key to the truly royal art of astrology, the key to the knowledge of healing with herbs as well as to the much discussed art of magnetic healing, the key to the art of living and also to the step-ladder of spiritual ascent. For by this step-ladder, the so-called ladder leading to Heaven, is meant nothing but a simple appliance which one is to use. And the mesh of this network of radiations in Creation constitutes the rungs of this ladder. In it lies everything, all knowledge and the last secrets in Creation!
You who are seeking should grasp the mesh of this network of radiations! Consciously, but with a good volition, and humbly acknowledging your God Who gave this wonderful Creation which you may use to make you as happy as a child at play, providing you at last honestly wish to do so and throw off your presumptuous knowledge! The false burden must first be cast from your shoulders, from your spirit, before you can stand upright and free!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Gross Matter, Ethereal Matter, Radiations, Space And Time").
It follows from this explanation that we shape our own character and personality by the choice of vibrations/radiations we select out of the Network of Radiations provided by God. Therefore, if we engage in a kind of behavior that for some strange reason is considered "daring" today - indulging in all sorts of conceivable and inconceivable fantasies - then, quite literally, we turn away from our real selves by suppressing the spirit within us. In the process, not only do we betray ourselves, but we make ourselves outcasts from the Light, since all the beings in the Light (not to mention God) possess only high and noble qualities. For this reason the Light can make a radiation-connection only with those, who bear similar qualities, according to the natural Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Dissimilar radiations do not connect, so all those, who do not strive to cultivate noble qualities within themselves, cannot receive Help from the Light, but instead can only connect with the dark and swampy regions lying below the earth. The Love-Radiation continuously streaming from the Holy Grail is intended for all - but, like everything else in Creation, It works in obedience to the Natural Laws of God's Radiation, making contact only with all similar radiations on all levels of Creation and "sliding off" everything that is dissimilar. Here, we see once again how God's Love is inseparably united with God's Justice. It is up to each one of us to adjust ourselves to the Laws in such a way as to enable us to receive the strength pouring out of the Holy Grail, for God does not force His Help upon anyone.
"Divine Love is inseparable from the utmost severity of Divine Justice. Indeed It even is Divine Justice. Justice is Love, and Love again lies only in Justice. In this alone lies also Divine Forgiveness." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "What Separates So Many From the Light Today?").

"You have been most seriously poisoned and endangered by the false representation of the Love of God, which you sought to divest of all vigor, all power and clarity, enveloping it instead in an unhealthy weakness and harmful indulgence, which was bound to plunge you all together into spiritual indolence and thus into ruin.

Beware of the fatal distortion of the concept of the Holy Love of God! You therewith fall into a slumber which at first is pleasant, but which becomes the sleep of death.

True love does not lie in indulgence, and in a kindness that is expected to forgive everything. This is wrong, and acts like a drug that only lulls the spirits into lassitude and weakness, finally bringing on complete paralysis and enforcing eternal death, since an awakening at the right time is then impossible.

Only the severe coolness of Divine Purity can penetrate the lassitude, and pave the way for the true Love that leads to your spirits. Purity is severe, It knows neither extenuation nor excuse. Therefore It will probably appear ruthless to many a person who only too willingly tries to deceive himself. But actually It only hurts where something is not in order.

Weakness brings harm to yourselves as well as to those whom you imagine you are pleasing by it. In time you will be judged by a Higher One with the kind of justice that has become strange to you for a long time through yourselves, for you have withdrawn from it.

It is the Divine justice, unchangeable from eternity to eternity, and independent of the opinions of men, free of their partiality, of their hate and their malice, their power. It is Almighty, for it is of God!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Salvation! Redemption!" - Read the entire chapter).

"What is unhealthy in this is due to the wrong application of the meaning of these words: 'Thy Will be done!' They do not belong where man and churches use them.
The Will of God lies in the Laws of this Creation! Whenever man says: 'Thy Will be done!' it is tantamount to affirming: 'I will honour and obey Thy Laws in Creation!' To honour means to observe them, but to  observe them demands to live accordingly! Only thus can man honour the Will of God!
But if he wants to observe It, if he wants to live accordingly, he must also first of all know It!
That is just the point, however, against which mankind on earth has trans­gressed in the worst way! Until now man has never concerned himself with the Laws of God in Creation! Thus not with the Holy Will of God! And yet he utters over and over again: 'Thy Will be done!'
You see how unthinkingly earthman approaches God! How senselessly he seeks to apply the sublime words of Christ. Plaintively, often writhing in anguish, feeling himself defeated, but never with a joyful pledge!
'Thy Will be done' actually means: 'I will act according to It' or 'I desire Thy Will!' One can just as well also say: 'I will obey Thy Will!'
But he who obeys also acts. One who obeys is not inactive; that is implied in the very word. He who obeys also does something.
Yet as the man of today says: "Thy Will be done!" he wishes to do nothing himself, but puts into his intuitive perception the meaning: 'I remain still, You do it!'
He considers himself great in this, believing that he has conquered him­self and 'become merged' with the Will of God. Man even imagines him­self superior to all others thereby, and believes he has made a tremendous advance.
All such people, however, are useless weaklings, idlers, enthusiasts, vision­aries and fanatics, but no useful links in Creation! They are numbered among those who must be rejected in the Judgment; for they do not want to be labourers in the vineyard of the Lord! The humility of which they boast is nothing but indolence. They are idle servants!
The Lord demands life, which lies in movement! -
Submission! This word should not exist at all for believers in God! Simply replace it with 'joyful volition'! God does not want dull submission from men, but joyful activity."  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Submission")

"And this is something you badly need - to recognise the Will of God resting in Creation and its constant self-acting effects therein! But so far you have never troubled yourselves to do just this in the correct manner. And yet it is the same for all of you, namely, that you stand and must move in the midst of a mighty mechanism, so to speak, without ever being able to alter or improve upon it.

Unless you stand and move in it aright, however, danger threatens you from all sides! You are sure to hit yourselves, and may fall and be torn to pieces! Exactly as in a gigantic machine-shop, with numerous driving belts constantly moving in all directions, confusing the eye and seriously threatening at every step all those not acquainted with it, but only of real service and use to the expert! It is no different for man in Creation!

At last learn to understand its mechanism aright, then you may and shall use it for your own happiness. But to do this you must first become an apprentice, as in everything! The greatest of all works, this Creation, is no exception; the same applies here as with all men's productions. Even an automobile gives pleasure only to the expert! It brings death, however, to him who does not know how to control it!

There are thousands of such minor examples available to you! Why have you never learned anything from them as yet?

All this may be recognised in such a simple and natural way. But just in this matter you stand as if before a wall - apathetic, indifferent and with an inexplicable stubbornness! After all it is your life, your entire existence, which is at stake here!

Only the constructor himself can explain the working of a machine to you, or a man whom he has trained for the task. It is the same in Creation as here on earth! But it is just in regard to Creation that men, who are themselves only a part of it, imagine that they of themselves know everything better than their Master, and refuse to be trained in the use of the mechanism! They themselves want to teach the basic laws, which they try to establish through superficial observation of the very faint, last ramifications of what is great and true, to the perception of which they always kept themselves closed. Thus there can never be any question of knowledge!

And yet the possibility of recognition was already lovingly offered to you by the Son of God, Who tried to teach you through parables and pictures! However, their meaning was not grasped, but instead by insisting that they knew better men badly distorted, darkened and perverted it! Now again you are granted the opportunity clearly to see the Laws of God in Creation, so that men may become true servants of God, fully conscious and in joyous and cheerful activity, as the true worship of God requires!

Joy and happiness can exist in all Creation! You men alone bring about distress and sorrow, disease and crime, for right up to the present day you did not want to recognise the source of the vast power which was given to you for your journey through all the worlds, in which by your own desire you must all wander for your development!

If only you adjust yourselves aright this power will forcibly bring sunshine and happiness into your lives. Unless you do this you stand small and helpless in the all-embracing mechanism, yet still boasting with big words of yourselves and your knowledge, until finally you must fall through these faults, which arose only out of your ignorance and unwillingness to learn anything!

Wake up at last! First start learning in order to acquire the knowledge, otherwise you will never make any progress!

In the eyes of the Creator you are now far less than an insect! An insect faithfully fulfils its allotted task, while you as human spirits fail! You fail through your vain pseudo-knowledge that is no knowledge! Your schools founded on this sham knowledge are fetters that hold you firmly bound, even choking every attempt at spiritual ascent, because the teachers in these schools cannot set about this spiritual ascent themselves.

Thank the Lord that the possibility of continuing to live on such an empty and thoroughly detrimental basis will now be forcibly taken from you! Otherwise you would never recognise the contemptibleness surrounding you everywhere today, which must bring ridicule upon you throughout Creation for being empty, grotesquely dressed-up dolls, whose spirits are asleep within them!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Servants of God" - Read the entire chapter.)

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