Part 2:
The New Way
Feb.14, 2006
"Faith is not meant to be the cloak generously covering all slothful thinking, which like a sleeping-sickness gradually steals over and paralyses the spirit of man! Faith should really become conviction. Conviction however demands life, the keenest examination!
Where even one gap, one unsolved riddle remains, conviction becomes impossible. Therefore no one can have genuine faith so long as he has a question unanswered." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Errors").


Today many people are in a seeking mode. They may not be able to define what it is exactly that they are seeking, but the spiritual restlessness within them does not leave them in peace. And for a good reason too:

"You human beings have had the unquenched longing for the recognition of God bestowed upon you. It is so implanted within you that you cannot find any peace during your wanderings through Subsequent Creation, which you are permitted to undertake for the purpose of your development, so that in becoming self-conscious you learn gratefully to enjoy the blessings which the worlds hold for you and offer to you.

If during these wanderings you were to find rest within yourselves, then this rest would ultimately bring about stagnation, which holds exhaustion and decay for your spirit, and finally inevitable disintegration, because it does not thereby obey the Primordial Law of necessary Movement."

"Therefore be grateful, you men, that the longing for the recognition of God does not leave you in peace during your wanderings."  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Recognition of God")

So in a natural response to this subconscious longing for the recognition of God, many people are looking for a New Way. One pertinent example of this is Nikolaus Lehnhoff's production of Richard Wagner's "Parsifal". It is a complete re-thinking of this opera and of the Grail legend, on which it is based. For one thing, it is staged without the appearance of the Grail and without the Grail Crosses.

By way of explanation, in a documentary enclosed with this DVD set, Mr. Lehnhoff states that all the religious ideologies have lead mankind nowhere and that some of the most hideous crimes have been committed in the name of God. Certainly, no one can argue with this irrefutable fact and one can only add that even up to this day the crimes (of terrorism, for instance) continue to be committed in the name of God. So a thorough rethinking of the old concepts and looking for a New Way out of our present-day situation is not only commendable, but long overdue. However, to do this successfully we need to have the overall perspective on our human evolution from our very origin to the present time. Without this type of perspective we run the risk of throwing something out the window just because it is old-fashioned and therefore considered to be "outdated". In this connection, we should recall one of C.S. Lewis' comments, which may well serve as a true definition of "outdatedness": everything that is not eternal, is eternally out of date.
Thus, it is a real necessity for us, serious seekers, to separate the eternal from the transient. But in order to do that we need to acquire a perspective on our human history, which would finally shed light on our present-day tragic and ludicrous predicament. We need to find this perspective before we can assess which concepts belong to the Old (the transient)and which to the New (the eternal, and thus the eternally new), for here it is not a question of personal opinions and wishes, not even a question of long-established traditions (since traditions can be just as wrong as personal opinions), it is a question of such an objective overview as no mere human being can actually provide. Where are we to find such an overview?
Before we rush in with the answer, let us truly experience this question. It is so important to live the question, as Rainer Maria Rilke said, for without this we cannot truly live the answer either. If we have not suffered through this question, we would be unable to grasp the answer in such a way as to have it become a force for the New in our lives. When it comes to existential questions, it is particularly easy to let our wishes and our imagination run wild, because for some strange reason we have assumed that no one would be able to call us to account or to disprove us. This has become a fairly wide-spread "New Age", "politically correct" view for today: everyone has a right to believe in their own reality. Certainly, everyone has the right to do this - but not without dire consequences for themselves. For wrong beliefs and wishful thinking produce distorted forms in the invisible layers of matter and function as a barrier between their producers and all Help from the Light. Besides, if we are already filled with "beliefs", we would have no need and no room for anything else - the sheer contentment alone would then prevent us from finding the right answers. 

So let us first of all be honest with ourselves and see if we have experienced enough despair over the quest for an objective overview/perspective on human evolution, which would explain to us our very origin, our misdirected development and our total present-day derailment. If our souls are truly thirsting for such a perspective, then we will be able to find it in the Work
"IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" by Abd-ru-shin (original in German). With diligent examination of this Work, as well as with parallel self-examination, we discover key after key, which unlock the secrets of this Creation and reveal to us the sublime Will of our Creator, finally free from all human distortions and imaginings. Excerpts from this Work cannot impart a complete overview of Creation and of human history, but they can offer glimpses into the immensity of Knowledge available to us now. 

"If in the course of thousands of years men had not always acted as they still do today, if they had not time and again distorted everything that was intended to help them, in order to adapt it to their human way of thinking and their earthly desires, there would now be only one uniform teaching here on earth, issuing from the Will of God. There would not be so many kinds of denominations.

All the teachings that have come to earth in the past would, united, form a single flight of steps to the pedestal on which the Truth is to stand, as it has so often been proclaimed to mankind in various promises.

There would be no differences in the interpretations, much less differences in the teachings themselves!

For all teachings were at one time willed by God, precisely adapted to the individual peoples and countries, and formed in complete accord with their actual spiritual maturity and receptivity.

Originally they all led in a straight line to the Truth which you find in the Message. Even then everything was leading up to the time of the Final Judgment. The Bringers of all the individual teachings were Forerunners of the Word of Truth Itself.

And these Forerunners have made great efforts, very often amid intense inner struggles, loyally to fulfil their tasks, despite all the obstructions that men sought again and again to put in their way.

Even in those days, however, men have as always completely failed in every case, in that soon after the passing of the prophets who prepared the way they always distorted their words, or else completely left out and withheld from posterity what they could not fully understand.

Yet just what they tried to withhold, because at the time they themselves could not understand it, was the most important of all!

These most important prophecies naturally always spoke of the highest of every teaching, which had always become accessible only to a very small circle, because the masses would not in any case have grasped it yet; to hold them back was therefore at first not difficult and was understandable, but as a result they were in time completely forgotten.

But a wise Providence did not let them vanish altogether. The time is coming, it is already near, when tidings will come from all countries of manuscripts telling of these olden times, and arising as witnesses against the distortions brought about by a conceited mankind.

And it will then become evident that the present followers of the teachings are no longer in touch with the original teaching as such, which was totally different from what is practised and taught today! Indeed even the Truth Itself Which Jesus brought was distorted in Its wording and Its meaning.

Therefore, alas, many of the faithful expended much strength and also much goodwill on errors that crept in during the course of thousands of years. Thus today one sees the teachings of all those wise men, who were already Forerunners of the Word of Truth Itself, such as Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Mohammed, appearing in a completely strange form, so that their contents likewise differ from what those Prophets themselves taught in their time.

Even the descriptions of their earth-lives were distorted in the course of time, and are not in accordance with fact.

With unspeakable forbearance and inconceivable goodness, the Light has already spent many thousands of years in laboriously developing and preparing you for the time when you must judge yourselves, either to perish in the process or to be able to ascend gloriously into the Luminous Gardens of Eternal Joy.

And now, at the dawning of this time, which has been continually spoken of, mankind stand further than ever from the Truth! They stubbornly pursue only the products of their own imagined knowledge, thereby falling into the abyss of disintegration at the last sword-thrust of the God-willed, purifying separation! -

Men, what do you think awaits you now? I shall give no further hint, for you will soon experience it yourselves! -

Yet even in this time of the most hopeless confusion, the Light helpfully pours forth in abundance ever new blessings from the fountain of Its inexhaustible Omniscience, blessings that must still automatically develop as the cycle of all happenings draws to a close, and which are within the reach of all those who recognise the value, and gratefully make use of the help given.

Once more the Light removes from all things the veils that have been woven around them by the human mind, and which were therewith bound to cause the prevailing confusion.

During the Judgment the Light restores the Truth to you, and with It recognition of the continuity in the great guidance, which wished to lead humanity step by step and with great care to the recognition of the Light, which purpose all these teachings were to serve.


Only through petty human thinking and human vanities have differences and sometimes even contradictions arisen from what originally had always been only one, and should never have led to division!


Here, too, the Darkness has very cleverly recognised and exploited the weaknesses of earthmen in order to achieve its goal, which is hostile to the Light.


And through their vanity and self-complacency these earthmen, to whom the Light over and over again has extended so much help, have followed all the enticements of the Darkness only too willingly and even joyfully!


And you too were once numbered among these human beings, you who today do not want to know anything of such guilt, and seek if possible to throw the blame only on others.


Every single human being incarnated on earth today has once, and in most cases even several times, had the opportunity loyally to follow the call of the Light! Once at least he has received unadulterated the teaching of a Forerunner.


Yet in spite of mankind's continuous transgressions in this respect, the Light, with the Judgment and the associated closing of the cycles of all happenings, once more brings the opportunity to recognise all that It has done for humanity in the past, to save them from their final downfall!


With the closing of these cycles, the experiences of all the Forerunners, their development and also their work in the ray of the Light, is revealed once more as it really was, in order to straighten out all that has been distorted, and to protect it for all time to come from the sins of ambitious people, who lay false claim to a knowledge of such things.


The earth-lives and work of the known Forerunners, beginning with Hjalfdar, and going on to Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Mo­hammed, and some others besides, will come to life again, because every beginning must now be joined to the ending, thus completing the cycle in order thereby to judge itself, either to rise or to fall." (Abd-ru-shin)

"For thousands of years much has been done to enlighten you about God's Will or the working of the Laws in Creation, at least in so far as you need it in order to ascend and find your way back to the Luminous Heights whence you came! This was not achieved through the so-called earthly sciences, nor through the churches, but only through the servants of God, the prophets of olden times, and later through the Message brought by the Son of God!

Although it was given to you quite simply, so far you have only talked about it, but never seriously troubled to understand it aright, still less to live accordingly! In your indolent opinion this was asking too muck of you, al­though it is your only salvation! You wish to be saved without exerting your­selves in any way! If you reflect upon this you must surely come to this sad conclusion!

You turned every Divine Message into a religion! For your own conven­ience! And that was wrong! You placed religion upon a special pedestal, re­moved from everyday life! That was the greatest mistake you could have made; for in so doing you also removed God's Will from your daily life or, what amounts to the same thing, you separated yourselves from God's Will, instead of uniting with lt and making It the centre of your daily life and activity, thus becoming one with lt!

You must absorb every message from God quite naturally and interweave it in a practical manner into your work, your thoughts and your whole life! You must not set it apart by itself, as you have now done, only paying it a visit in your leisure hours in order to indulge for a short time in contrition, grati­tude or relaxation! As a result it never became something natural, a part of you, such as hunger or sleep!

Understand this aright at last! You shall live in this Will of God so that you may find your way on all the paths which bring you benefit! God's Messages are precious hints which you need! Without knowing and obeying them you are lost! Therefore you must not place them as something sacred in a glass shrine, to gaze upon them in awe and trembling only on Sundays, or to re­treat there in fear and distress in order to receive strength! You wretched ones, you shall not only venerate the Message, but make use of lt! You shall grasp It with hearty goodwill, not only when you are in Sunday attire, but with the fist hardened by daily toll, which never shames or debases, but only honours everyone! The precious gem shines with greater purity and brilliance in a rugged hand discoloured by sweat and dirt, than in the well-cared-for fingers of a lazy idler who spends his time on earth only in contemplation!

Every Divine Message was granted to you so that it should become an in­tegral part of you! You must try and grasp what this means!

You should not look upon it as something separate, something that remains outside yourselves, which you accustom yourselves to approach with timid reserve! Absorb the Word of God so that each one of you may know how he must live and proceed in order to attain to the Kingdom of God!

Therefore at last awake and learn to know the Laws in Creation! No worldly cleverness will help you in this matter, nor the small amount of tech­nical knowledge derived through observation! Something so meagre will not suffice for the path your soul must take! You must lift your eyes far beyond this earth and recognise where your path leads after this earthly life, so that at the same time you may become aware of why and for what purpose you are here an earth!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Worship of God").


The Search For the Truth
We have been talking about the Forerunners to the Truth and using the word "Truth" without defining it. Yet it is necessary to attempt to do that, because it is just on this point that great confusion exists. We can summarize by saying that the Truth is quite simply an accurate explanation of all life in Creation as it is governed by the natural, logical and sublime Laws of God. But here is a more elaborate contemplation on this subject:

"Those who begin on their spiritual paths constantly wonder how to find the Truth in the present times. Looking around us, we find many movements, many organisations, many religions, each purporting to hold the ultimate Truth. Which of these is the correct Truth? This is the eternal daunting question that drives so many seekers to eventually give up all hope. Those who do not yield too soon have to struggle and sift carefully through all the individual teachings in search of the supreme but elusive Truth. In the process, many get lost in the myriads of doctrines, theological assertions and religious debates, without really having a clearer picture ahead of us.

How then can we find the Truth? Is there a standard by which we can discern clearly what is Truth and what is false? And finally at the crux of the matter, this question arises that bothers seekers the most - does the Truth even exist at all?

On most occasions, genuine seekers get told by those 'who know' that there is no such thing as the perfect Truth, that it is a waste of time searching for It when there are more important things to do. But this piece of well-intended advice only fosters the great spiritual decline of mankind. Humanity prefers to hold onto that which is tangible to them, they feel comfortable with looking solely after the material aspect of their lives, without thinking any further about what happens when this earth-life is over.

For seekers, the best consolation then becomes: 'All religions contain the Truth, but only different forms of the Truth - whichever Truth you choose is the right one for you.' While this sounds pleasing to the ears, and is in any case something that can ostensibly bring about peace between different religions, the fact remains that the Truth is clear, visible and unique. There can only be one Truth, because this is contained in the very word 'Truth'! If there are contradictions in the various purported 'forms' of the Truth, this is clear enough proof that not all of them are the correct forms of the Truth!

For instance one 'Truth' may assert that reincarnation cannot take place, backed up by its own intellectual reasoning, and another 'Truth' asserts to the contrary. Can both of these then be different forms of the same Truth? Perfect logic and objectivity would lead to the definite answer: 'no'! Why? Because there is clearly a direct contradiction between these two 'Truths' leading one to believe that one of these schools of thought is wrong! The earth is either round or flat, it cannot be both! Similarly the Truth either is or is not!

The Truth is always complete. It gives a clear picture of everything in Creation without a single gap in the structure. Once the Truth has been recognised, the seeker will be able to see every happening of Creation in It. In this way, the seeker will also have made contact with his Creator - his God!" (R.M. Duraisamy, "From India to the Truth: Towards a New Knowledge for the Reformation of Indian Spirituality", chapter "The Supreme Premise" - Read the entire chapter.)

It should be clearly understood that the search for Truth can never be separated from the search for God. This is mentioned especially because many people, who pride themselves on objectivity, feel that objective Truth should somehow exist apart from God. This is akin to wanting to experience the flavor of a peach, but without tasting a peach - for there is no such reality as Truth without God. It is precisely the objective Truth that will reveal how God manifests in the most natural way in everyday life all around us. The ancient truism that God Is Truth can be grasped today better than ever in light of the scientific discoveries of the radiating properties of the atom. This radiation is energy, and all Energy must have a Source. This Energy works in a strictly ordered manner, according to the Natural or Cosmic Laws, which are the Laws of God's Radiation. These underlying Principles of Radiation, which govern all life in Creation, are described in The Grail Message in such a clear and logical way as to leave no room for doubt about God and His sublime Activity. One can then observe His Activity in all happenings of life: in the minute personal events as well as in the global and even cosmic events. In this way, every moment of life serves as a confirmation of God's ever-present Power, and there is no need whatever for the feeble "faith".

Krishna,  Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Mo­hammed  were all Forerunners to the Truth. Each of the Forerunners to the Truth brought a part of the Truth down to earth, revealing It in his teaching. The complete Truth, however, which reveals a complete panorama of cause-and-effect reality in Creation, could only be brought down later in the Work "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE " by Abd-ru-shin . In It we finally find that New, which our spirits have been secretly awaiting: the undistorted Message from the Light written down by the Bringer Himself.

It is true that the complete Truth was already brought to us once before by the Son of God, Jesus. In His Parables, He illustrated to us in metaphors the natural processes (Laws) of this Creation. But we failed to grasp these illustrations as real Knowledge and regarded them only as stories. In our modern life, riddled with complexities and neurosis, we can no longer find a living connection with the Truth, Which Jesus gave in such a child-like form. In addition, Jesus' words were written down by human hands many years after the fact, so that inevitably inaccuracies occurred during the recollection process (for more on this subject, you may wish to listen to the chapter "Christ Said" in MP3, 30 min. from The Grail Message). Furthermore, later the church officials, in an effort to consolidate their earthly influence, have deliberately extracted some "inconvenient" references (such as all references to the reincarnation, for instance) and, to top it all off, distorted the very essence of Christ's Mission by making His crucifixion appear as part of God's plan of salvation for mankind, instead of regarding it as a hideous and unacceptable murder that it actually was. (For more on this subject, read chapter "The Crucifixion of the Son of God And the Lord's Supper" by Abd-ru-shin). 

For all these reasons, it became necessary to send Another Envoy, Whom Jesus Himself proclaimed at the end of His earth-life as the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. This Envoy brings the same Truth as Jesus brought (for there is only one Truth), but gives It in a different form, one more suitable for our modern, intellectual and scientific way of thinking. Also, the discoveries of the structure and the radiating properties of the atom make it possible for us now to absorb the new explanations from out of the Truth, which describe the natural processes of genesis, evolution, redemption and the Last Judgment in exact terms, instead of in metaphorical pictures. It is no accident that this complete and undistorted Truth comes from the Holy Grail. All the Forerunners have been (and still are) servants of the Holy Grail. Many of them are Grail Knights in the Spiritual Sphere of Creation. A serious seeker will inevitably ask himself the next logical question: who then is the Bringer of the Message from the Holy Grail? The answer to this question as well will be revealed to him in the Grail Message Itself.

Faith in a Post-Holocaust Environment
To return for a moment to Nikolaus Lehnhoff's production of Richard Wagner's "Parsifal": it is strikingly appropriate that this opera about the Holy Grail is set in the post-holocaust environment, for this is the actual spiritual environment of our times, it is the true spiritual landscape of the world as it stands today. No other environment could so graphically illustrate the devastation of all the spiritual ideals. By now, all of the religious dogmas have been severely undermined, and people walk around like convalescents, all tattered and bandaged up, just like the characters in this production of "Parsifal". The bandages are carefully applied by the anxious "believers" to all the cracks that have appeared in their dogmas, in order to artificially prop up these faltering structures. It is easy to empathize with them, for their heart is in the right place: they desperately want to believe in the perfect Creator. The trouble is that so far no existing teaching has been able to explain to them the reason for all the suffering in the world. They look about them at the catastrophic mess, which has by now become the status quo, and cannot help wandering: "Where is God in all of this?" 
"There has never yet been a right explanation and justification for the suffering on earth. Therefore narcotics were offered in the form of palliatives, which over and over again are thoughtlessly handed out to the sufferers in more or less clever language. The great fault of one-sidedness in all religions!.. Wherever the 'inscrutable ways of God' have to serve as an explanation, there ignorance is unmistakably in evidence!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do".)
In order to receive the right answer to this question, it is first of all necessary to be in possession of the knowledge of the Natural Laws, Which God placed into Creation. Oh yes, we all studied Them in school, but who ever thought that They actually apply to the minutest vibrations of our souls?! And that They continuously interact with our souls?!.. Unless we know precisely (scientifically, if you prefer that word) how these Natural Laws interact with our thoughts, our wishes and our deeds, we dangle about as ignorant appendages in this glorious Creation. What's more, we are then reduced to having to exert all our energy towards suppressing anxiously arising questions in order to artificially prop up our relative religious traditions with their innumerable cracks in logic - or be reduced to giving up altogether and joining those masses out there, who live only to "eat, drink and be merry". An unenviable choice, and one not worthy of a true human being. There is only one way out of this dilemma: to help ourselves to the New extension of Knowledge that God Himself sends out into Creation at this critical point in our history: "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" by Abd-ru-shin. 
This necessary extension of knowledge comes to us from the Holy Grail Itself, for the Grail is not a figment of some poets' imagination, but It actually exists! The earthly poets, however, formed a distorted picture of It, yet at the same time they did manage to convey the inexpressible longing that each human spirit, who is not entirely inwardly dead, feels for the Holy Grail and for Parsifal, the King of the Grail. Therefore, the Knowledge from the Grail is meant for all, who truly yearn for It. For the first time, It offers detailed explanations about the perfect and absolutely logical way, in which the Perfect God works and manifests in this Creation - for perfection is inseparable from logic, since logic is the natural attribute of true perfection.

As God manifests to all creatures in Creation through His Laws, Which express His Will, it follows that the only way to understand Him is by recognizing His Will in the natural workings of His Laws. If we do not bestir ourselves to learn how His Laws operate in Creation and interact with us, then we travel through life (here and in the hereafter) helpless and puzzled.
There is no reason for us to feel in any way deprived on account that we can never see God personally. We can feel His proximity whenever we sense, understand, and above all, live according to His Will. But to be able to do this, we must first learn how we can recognize His Will - not by memorizing and muttering prayers, but in life itself.

"The strict form of the Primordial Will is plain and simple. Once it is recognised we easily discover it in everything. The complexity and incomprehensibility of many happenings lies solely in the manifold interlacing of the detours and by-paths formed by the varied volitions of men.

Thus the Work of God, the World, is as Creation subject to the Divine Laws, which are constant in all things and perfect; it also issued from them, and is therefore finite.

The artist, for example, also is in his work, merges with it, and yet personally stands beside it. The work is limited and transient, but not the talent of the artist on that account. The artist, that is, the creator of the work, can destroy his work, in which lies his volition, without himself being affected by it. Nevertheless he will still remain the artist.

We recognise and discern the artist in his work, and he becomes familiar to us without our needing to see him personally. We have his works, his volition lies in them and influences us, he confronts us in them, and yet may himself be living his own life far away from us.

The creative artist and his work faintly reflect the relation of the Creation to the Creator.

lt is only the cycle of Creation, in its continuous coming into being, disintegration and re-formation, that is eternal and without end, thus infinite.

All the revelations and prophecies, too, are fulfilled within this happening. Finally the 'Last Judgment' for the earth will also be fulfilled in it!

The Last, that is, the Final Judgment, comes one day for each material celestial globe, but it does not take place simultaneously in the whole of Creation.

lt is a process necessary in that particular part of Creation which reaches the point in its cycle where its disintegration must set in, so that it can form itself anew on its further course.

This eternal cycle does not refer to the orbit of the earth and other stars around their suns, but to the great and mightier cycle which must in turn be followed by all the solar systems, while they in themselves also carry out their own movements separately.

Again, by reason of the consistency of the Natural Laws, the point at which disintegration of each celestial globe must begin is precisely determined. A very definite place at which the process of disintegration must develop, irrespective of the condition of the celestial globe concerned and of its inhabitants.

The cycle drives every celestial globe irresistibly towards this point, the hour of disintegration will be fulfilled without delay; as with everything in Creation this actually denotes only a transformation, the opportunity for a further development. Then the hour of the 'ether- or' has come for every human being. Either he is raised high towards the Light if he strives for the spiritual, or he remains chained to the World of Matter, to which he clings if out of conviction he declares that only material things are of value.

In that case, through the lawful consequence of his own volition, he is unable to rise from the World of Matter, and on the last stretch of the way he is drawn with it into disintegration. This then is spiritual death! Equivalent to effacement from the Book of Life.

This process, in itself quite natural, is also designated as eternal damnation, because he who is thus drawn along into disintegration 'must cease to be persona!'. lt is the most dreadful thing that can befall man. He is considered as a 'rejected stone', which cannot be used for a spiritual building and must therefore be ground to dust.

This separation of spirit from matter, likewise taking place by reason of quite natural processes and Laws is the so-called 'Last Judgment', which is connected with great upheavals and transformations.

Surely everyone will readily understand that this disintegration will not take place in one earth day; for in world events a thousand years are as one day.

But we are well into the early stages of this epoch. The earth now approaches the point at which it diverges from its hitherto existing course, which must also make itself strongly felt in gross matter. Then the separation among all men, which has already been prepared for some time, but which until now has only manifested itself in 'opinions and convictions', will set in more sharply.

Every hour of an earth-life is therefore more precious than ever. He who earnestly seeks, and is willing to learn, should exert all his strength to tear himself from base thoughts, which must chain him to earthly things. Otherwise he is in danger of remaining attached to the World of Matter, and being drawn with it towards complete disintegration.

Those who strive for the Light, however, will gradually become detached from the World of Matter, and will finally be uplifted to the home of all that is spiritual.

Then the division between Light and Darkness will be finally accomplished, and the Judgment fulfilled.

It is not 'the World', that is to say all Creation, which will perish thereby, but the celestial globes will only be drawn into the disintegrating process when their course reaches the point where dissolution, and with it also the preceding separation, is due to set in.

This is accomplished through the natural effect of the Divine Laws, which have lain in Creation from its very beginnings, which brought forth Creation itself, and which also now and in the future unswervingly bear the Will of the Creator. In the eternal cycle there is a perpetual creating, sowing, ripening, harvesting and dissolving, so that, newly invigorated through the change in the combination, other forms may again evolve, speeding towards a new cycle." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The World" - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 26 min.)


Two Ways to Learn the Laws of Creation

"...a human being can never really see God, because his nature is in no way endowed with the capacity to do so, yet he does carry within himself the gift to recognise God in His works.

This, however, does not come to him overnight, nor does it fall to him in his sleep, but it requires earnest efforts, a great and strong volition, which must not lack in purity." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Recognition of God").

There are two basic ways to learn the Laws of this Creation - and thus "to recognise God in His Works":

1). By observing life itself, as it unfolds before our eyes.

2). By absorbing Divine Messages, Which contain explanations of life.

Let us look at the first method first:

1). Observing life, as it unfolds before our eyes. This is by far the most beautiful and natural way, but unfortunately, it is all but closed to us in our present condition. Without realizing it, we look at our distorted world through our own distorted eyes - and there is no way for us to discern for ourselves (without help from the Light) how all these distortions originally came into being and what can yet be done to correct some of them. If we feel that we need no help at all in figuring out what it is that we are seeing right in front of our very noses, then we are very much mistaken. The sad truth of it is that we all have lost the fundamental capacity to observe life in Creation and then to draw conclusions from these observations for the benefit of our souls. Here is just one simple example of this:

"Men speak of deserved and undeserved fate, of reward and punishment, retribution and karma.

All these are only part-designations of a Law resting in Creation: The Law of Reciprocal Action!

A Law which lies in the entire Creation from its earliest beginning, which has been inseparably interwoven with the great, never-ceasing evolution as an essential part of creating itself, and of development. Like a gigantic system of the finest nerve-strands, it supports and animates the mighty Universe, and promotes continual movement, an eternal giving and taking!

Plainly and simply, and yet so aptly, Jesus Christ has already expressed it: 'What a man sows that shall he reap!'

These few words render the picture of the activity and life in the entire Creation so excellently that it can hardly be expressed differently. The meaning of the words is inflexibly interwoven with life. Immovable, inviolable, incorruptible in its continual operation.

You can see it if you want to see! Begin by observing the surroundings now visible to you. What you call Laws of Nature are, of course, the Divine Laws, are the Creator's Will. You will quickly recognise how unswerving they are in constant activity; for if you sow wheat you will not reap rye, and if you scatter rye it cannot bring you rice!

This is so obvious to every man that he simply never reflects on the actual process. Therefore he does not become at all conscious of the strict and great Law resting in it. And yet here he faces the answer to a riddle, which need be no riddle to him.

Now the same Law which you are able to observe here takes effect with equal certainty and force also in the most delicate things, which you are only able to discern through magnifying glasses, and, going still further, in the ethereal part of the whole Creation, which is by far the larger part. It lies immutably in every happening, also in the most delicate development of your thoughts, which also still have a certain element of material substance.

How could you imagine that it should be different just where you would like to have it so? Your doubts are in reality nothing more than the expression of your inner wishes!

In all existence, visible and invisible to you, it is no different, but each kind produces its own kind, no matter what the substance. Just as continual are the growing and developing, the bearing of fruit and reproducing of the same kind. This process runs uniformly through everything, it makes no distinctions, leaves no gap, it does not stop at some other part of Creation, but carries the effects through like an unbreakable thread, without interruption or cessation.

Even though the greater part of mankind, in their limitation and conceit, have isolated themselves from the Universe, the Divine or Natural Laws have not ceased on that account to regard them as belonging to it, and to go on working without change, calmly and evenly.

But the Law of Reciprocal Action also stipulates that whatever a man sows, thus where he causes an effect or consequence, he must also reap!

Only at the beginning of every matter is man free to resolve, free to decide where the Omnipotent Power flowing through him is to be guided, in what direction. He must then bear the consequences arising from the Power that was set in motion in the direction willed by him. In spite of this, many persist in asserting that even so man has no free will if he is subject to fate!

This foolishness is only meant to serve as a narcotic, or to be a grudging submission to something inevitable, a discontented resignation, but mainly a self-excuse; for each of these consequences falling back on him had a beginning, and at this beginning the cause of the subsequent effect lay in a previous free decision by man.

This free decision has at some time or other preceded every reciprocal action, thus every fate! With a first volition man has each time produced or created something in which he himself has to live afterwards, sooner or later. When this will happen, however, varies greatly. It can still be in the same earth-life in which his first volition made the beginning for it, but it can equally well happen in the Ethereal World, when the gross material body has been laid aside, or later still in yet another gross material earth-life.

The variations are not important here, they do not free man from the consequences. He carries the connecting threads with him continually, until he is redeemed from them, that is to say, 'detached' through the final effect that ensues through the Law of Reciprocal Action." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Fate" - Read the entire chapter.)

And there we have it: an accurate and natural explanation of how our "mysterious" fate comes into being, derived from the observation of how wheat and rye grow in the fields! With the help of such explanations from The Grail Message it is possible over time to restore our capacity to draw accurate answers for our spiritual questions from observing the natural phenomena around us. And we will in any case need to exert ourselves to "rediscover" all the Laws that the Grail Message talks about in life itself, through daily observations of our inner and outer life. Otherwise, The Grail Message will remain just a book for us, no different from other so-called spiritual books, a point of intellectual curiosity and inspiration, but we will never realize what we are holding in our hands: the Word of Life, Which is able to restore inner life because it gives us the keys to understanding the mysteries of life through the explanations of life's natural processes.  

"If you indolently want to refrain from personal work in these matters, and if you are only satisfied with absorbing within yourselves the sense of the Message without also applying it aright for further building, then you will derive no benefit from the Word; for its real value must thereby remain closed to you like a book with seven seals." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Cycle of Radiations")

Now let us look at the second method of learning the Laws of this Creation:

2). By absorbing Divine Messages, Which contain explanations of life.

There are two pre-conditions for this method to work: The Message Itself must be undistorted AND the interpretation of It must also be undistorted. This is where, once again, problems arise. There can be no argument about the fact that Christ's words, for instance, were written down by others from memory many years after the events. This resulted in numerous inaccuracies, quite apart from another lamentable fact that even when Christ was here, His disciples often failed to grasp the right meaning of His words. Christ Himself frequently commented on this. In addition, later on the real significance of His Mission was distorted so as to make it appear as though He came here for the sole purpose of allowing Himself to be crucified.

"...they placed the same value on Christ's earth life as on His Mission. His family relationships and all the earthly events received even greater attention than the main purpose of His Coming, which consisted of bringing enlightenment to the matured human spirits about all the real happenings in Creation, wherein alone they would find the Will of God, which is woven into it and thus made available to them!

It was the bringing of this Truth, up till then still unknown, which quite by itself necessitated Christ's coming upon earth. Nothing else! For without truly recognising the Will of God in Creation no man can find the road of ascent to the Luminous Realm, much less walk upon it!"

"Thus the right and natural thought completely to separate the earthly sufferings of Christ, as a special happening, from the Divine Message occurred to no one! Nor did anyone recognise all the enmity, persecution and torment as the serious and grievous crimes they really were! It is a new and great wrong to gloss over them as a necessity!

Indeed His sufferings and agonising death on the cross deserve the radiant light of highest glory, because the Son of God did not shrink from an evil reception among the tyrannical and revengeful people! This was anticipated after the Fall of Man, but in spite of this He brought His so urgently needed Message of Truth to earth for the sake of the few who were good!

This deed is to be appraised all the higher, because it is actually a question of only a small proportion of mankind who thereby wish to save themselves!

But it is a new sacrilege against God when the crimes mankind committed at that time are supposed to be so mitigated through false assumptions as to make it appear that men had only been the tools of a necessary fulfilment.

These errors give rise to a feeling of uncertainty among many thinking men about the consequences of Judas Iscariot's deed. With full justification! For if the death on the cross was necessary for mankind, then Judas and his betrayal provided the necessary means towards it, and in the spiritual sense he was not really punishable for what he did! The truth about the actual happening, however, abolishes all these disagreements, the justified appearance of which only confirms the fact that the assumptions accepted in the past must really be false! Where the right view prevails there is no room for such unexplained questions, and the quite natural happening can be considered from every point of view without meeting with any hindrance.

Man should at last have the courage to recognise the cowardice in this glossing over..."

"It is wonderful to have such an imagination as to consider oneself so precious that a Divine Being would fight for one and take upon Himself every kind of suffering only in order to be allowed to offer poor wretched man a place of honour in the Divine Realm of Bliss!

Such, plainly and bluntly expressed, is really man's basic view, which looks no different if one removes with a firm hand all the frippery from its outer forms!

I need hardly point out that such a view can only arise through a most seriously restricted capacity to perceive all non-earthly happenings. This again is one of the grave consequences of the glorification of the earthly intellect which intercepts every free, broad outlook." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do.")

Other Messages, originally given out of the Light, have also undergone man's common procedure of this laborious intellectual remolding of Them into the variously distorted religions of this world. Thus, neither Krishna, nor Buddha, nor Mohammed, nor Lao-Tse would ever recognize today's distortions as supposed representations of the Messages, which they were once allowed to bring from the Luminous Heights down to earth.

As has already been mentioned, this is why at this time of the Closing of the Cycle for humanity, the complete Message of Truth has been brought to us for the last time. So that every one of us has the last chance, the final chance to re-assess his spiritual standing In the Light of this undimmed Truth. There is no question that to do this takes an enormous amount of spiritual courage, since the "pull" of the majority to conform to one dogma or another is all but overwhelming.

" must shatter all the walls around you which, during thousands of years, your spiritual indolence permitted to become so very rigid, which constrict the wings of your spirit and keep them down in such a manner that the rigid dead dogma satisfies you, indeed even seems great to you; with which dogma you today seek to serve that God Who Himself is the Life with an empty form only!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "How the Message Should Be Absorbed")

"...salvation does not lie in anxiously suppressing the thoughts that come and the doubts which these thoughts awaken in so many questions, for they are but the healthy urge for Truth!
To wrestle with doubt is a process of examining which must invariably be followed by the rejection of all dogmatic ballast! Only a spirit completely liberated from all misunderstanding can rise in joyful conviction to the Luminous Heights, to Paradise!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "I Am the Lord Thy God!")  
"To believe what is erroneous means delusion! This holds the human spirit closely and tightly bound here as well as in the beyond, and with such a strength that only the Living Power of the true Word of God can break it! Therefore when it hits home let all such men harken to its call! It is only meant for him who perceives it! Such a person should then examine, consider and free himself!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Resurrection of Christ's Physical Body")

The bits and pieces of Truth that various religions have still managed to retain, unfortunately, do not add up to a complete, natural and logical picture of life as it really is in the rest of Creation. Countless gaps, illogical impossibilities and textual inaccuracies prevent the formation of a clear picture of the geographical structure of Creation in the spiritual eye of the believer. And without such a picture, it is very difficult to find one's way back Home to the Spiritual Realm, i.e. Paradise. One is then reduced to groping in the dark in the beyond, not quite knowing which way to turn. This is needless confusion for the spirit, who is imbued with the genuine love for his Creator. To dismiss this by thinking that God will always help the believer is the height of spiritual levity.

"When it is said that God will stretch forth His Hand to help, this is done in the Word which He sends out to mankind, showing them how they can redeem themselves from the guilt in which they have become entangled. From the very beginning He has shown His Mercy in all the great possibilities placed freely at the disposal of human spirits in Creation. This is so overwhelming that the man of today cannot even conceive it because he never concerned himself with it seriously enough!"  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Departed This Life!")

It is up to each human being to help himself to the Word of the complete Truth, which is now available to all. One person cannot do it for the other, as each must himself perceive the need for the completeness of the Truth, the bits and pieces of Which were contained in his religion and might have satisfied him for the time being, but which no longer suffice as his spirit matures and grows in its longing for Sublimity, Purity and service in the Holy Grail. It is a natural and healthy process of development for the growing spirit to begin to make spiritual demands, which no dogma with all its limitations and contradictions can ever satisfy.

"...Christ's words are now more than ever a law: 'Seek, and ye shall find!'

Whoever does not seek with true eagerness of his spirit shall not and will not receive anything either. And therefore he who sleeps or is spiritually indolent will also find nothing in the Word which is living. It does not give him anything!

Every soul must first open itself for this of its own accord and strike the Source which lies in the Word. Therein rests an adamantine and sifting law, which now fulfils in all severity.

You must become knowing, otherwise you will lose every hold and will stumble and fall when now, during the course of the onrolling world events, you are forcibly compelled to take that course which you must take in accordance with the Holy Will of your God..." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "In the Gross Material Workshop of the Elemental Beings")

"This time, naturally, it will not be made so easy for man, nor will he find it so easy, since through the most careless negligence in these matters he robbed himself of the slightest capacity even to believe in the profound seriousness of a necessary final decision! And it is exactly this point which is his greatest weakness, which will inevitably cause the downfall of many!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Worship of God")

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