Part 4:
The Purity Issue
Feb.14, 2006
"Just as mankind had formed for themselves a one-sided, rigid, thus utterly wrong and narrow conception of chastity, so through their base thinking they have whittled down the high conception of purity to become something clumsy and ridiculous! They made a caricature, an unnatural fetter of it, which is contrary to the Laws in Creation, is utterly wrong, and merely shows the narrow limits of their paltry intellectual thinking!"  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Woman and Man")
One of the elements connected with the Grail legend is the requirement of purity for all those, who serve the Holy Grail. Purity is one of those concepts that we all take for granted in that we think we already know what purity actually is. And yet, over the course of centuries, we have imperceptibly substituted a very narrow, earthly conception in place of this high spiritual quality, resulting in our present-day distorted view of it and causing much suffering to those, who are in earnest about finding the luminous path leading back to God. Here once again, as in so many other things, our intellect has deceived us by playing a mean trick on us: substituting the appearance of purity for the real thing. And all of us would have had to remain in our intellectual labyrinth of confusion, going round and round in circles of "purity=physical chastity=purity", were it not for the Luminous Ray of Truth piercing the darkness and illuminating the issue of purity:
         "Sexual continence has nothing to do with chastity, either! At best it could be included in the concept of 'decency', resulting from discipline, education or self-control.

By true chastity is meant purity of thought, but in all things right down to everyday business. Chastity is a purely spiritual and not a physical quality. Even in the act of satisfying the sexual instinct, chastity can be fully preserved where purity of thought reigns on both sides." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Does Sexual Continence Further Spiritual Development?" - Read the entire chapter.)

Now, finally, we are able to see a clear path to life and service in the Light: it lies in the ennoblement of every human activity, including also sexual activity. In our modern environment, where we are constantly bombarded with images of human beings as "beautiful animals", it is by no means easy to achieve and maintain purity of thought (the only true definition of purity). Yet this is the natural standard for human behavior in Creation, under the Natural (i.e. Divine) Laws of God, which will certainly not be changed on account of our modern depravity (so-called "progress"). Requiring no suppression, but something much more challenging - spiritualization of the sexual act - these Laws will unfailingly deliver to us the just returns of our innermost thoughts, not merely our outward deeds: 

"As soon as a man thinks in an evil or base manner he does immense harm to himself. The main strength of his volition then flows forth like a magnetic ray towards all that is base where it attracts ethereal matter which, due to its weight, is denser and thus darker. As a result the human spirit from which this volition issues is enveloped in this dense kind of matter.

Even if a human mind is primarily bent on worldly things, i. e., if a man is under the spell of a passion for something which need not necessarily be immorality, gambling or drinking, but can also be a marked partiality for anything of an earthly nature, his spirit will be covered by a more or less dense ethereal cloak through the process I have already mentioned.

This dense and consequently dark covering prevents all possibility of the spirit rising upwards, and remains with it as long as it does not change the nature of its volition.

Only an earnest volition and an earnest striving for sublime spirituality can loosen and at last completely detach such a cloak, because it then no longer receives a supply of strength of a like nature and gradually loosens its grip. Finally it is dissolved and sinks away, thus freeing the spirit for its ascent."  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "I Am the Resurrection and the Life, No Man Cometh to the Father But By Me!")

The process described above actually happens, although it remains invisible to us. Science, by the way, has already discovered the existence of ethereal matter, which they are calling "anti-matter". Thus the sensing that some of us have upon engaging in some unworthy activity of having become "heavier" or "darker" is no fantasy, but an accurate intuiting of the natural result of having been covered in this denser, darker ethereal matter. And, by the same token, the sense of upliftment and unearthly detachment that we experience upon engaging in some sublime activity, such as performing or even just listening to great music, is again the result of being covered, this time in light and luminous ethereal matter.

"It should be realised that at the time of its earthly birth the human spirit which has matured to the point of incarnation already wears an ethereal cloak or body, which it has needed on its journey through the Ethereal World. During its earthly existence this also remains with it as a connecting link to the physical body. Now the Law of Gravitation always exerts its main effect upon the densest and coarsest part. Thus during life on earth upon the physical body. But when this dies and falls away, the ethereal body again becomes free, and in this moment, being unprotected and now the coarsest part, is subject to this Law of Gravitation.

When it is said that the spirit forms its body, that is true as regards the ethereal body. The inner quality of man, his desires and his actual volition lay the foundation for it.

In the volition lies the Power to form ethereal matter. Through the urge for what is base or for mere earthly pleasures the ethereal body becomes dense, and therewith heavy and dark, because the fulfilment of such desires lies in the World of Gross Matter. Thereby man binds himself to what is coarse and earthly. His desires draw along the ethereal body, that is to say, it is formed so densely that its consistency resembles as nearly as possible that of the earthly body. This alone holds the prospect of being able to participate in earthly pleasures or passions, as soon as the physical body has fallen away. Whoever strives after such things must sink through the Law of Gravitation."

"Expressed in other words: Through the prevailing goal of the human spirit, the ethereal body in earthman is at the same time so equipped that after the death of the physical body it can strive towards this goal, whatever kind it may be. Here the spirit really forms the body; for its volition, being spiritual, also bears within it the power to make use of ethereal substance. The spirit can never evade this natural process. It happens with every volition, no matter whether it is pleasant or unpleasant for the spirit. And these forms remain clinging to it as long as the spirit nourishes them through its volition and intuition. They advance or retard the spirit according to their nature, which is subject to the Law of Gravitation.

Yet the moment the spirit changes its volition and intuition new forms will thereby immediately arise, whereas the old ones, no longer receiving nourishment because of this change, must fade and dissolve. In this way man also changes his fate.

Now as soon as the earthly anchorage falls away through the death of the physical body, the ethereal body which is thereby released either sinks down or floats up like a cork in the Ethereal World, which is called the 'beyond'. Through the Law of Gravitation it will be held fast exactly in that place which corresponds with its own weight; for then it cannot move further, either up or down. Here it will naturally also find all homogeneous species or all likeminded people; for like nature implies like weight, and like weight of course like nature. According to how man was himself, so will he have to suffer or be able to rejoice among those of like nature, until he changes anew inwardly, and with him his ethereal body, which under the effect of the altered weight must either lead him further upwards or downwards." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter  "Errors".) 

In what simple and sublime way it is given to everyone of us to steer and to remold our fate! Our inner volition, the actual inner life of the soul is the lever for this - and not the outward appearance of purity or impurity, as judged by the earthly standards. Many people have already sensed this on their own, but lacked the actual knowledge of the Laws, which govern these processes, to give them the absolute conviction. 
"By true chastity is meant purity of thought" (Abd-ru-shin)
So purity is achieved and maintained through the upward direction that we give to our innermost thoughts and desires. No abstinence is required for this, but the choice of associations that accompany the sexual act is alone decisive for the preservation of purity. These associations must invariably be connected with the vision of an ideal in the other person, which happens only in a state of genuine, spiritual love. Thus it quite naturally follows that in the course of the normal development for humanity a sexual act can occur only after the condition of spiritual love has set in.  

"It will only occur when there has previously set in between both sexes a perfect spiritual harmony which, in its consummation, sometimes strives towards physical union as well.

All other reasons are dishonouring to both parties, are impure and immoral, even in marriage. Where there is no spiritual harmony, the continuance of a marriage becomes absolutely immoral." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Does Sexual Continence Further Spiritual Development?" - Read the entire chapter.)

Since our development on this planet has been anything but normal, it is now a hundred times more difficult for us to readjust our way of thinking and being to this standard of normal life in Creation. Yet this readjustment is unavoidable for those of us, who wish to qualify for the New Time. One of the greatest aids for this readjustment is the gift of love, because the principal essence of true love is the longing for the ideal. And this longing brings with it, as a matter of course, the desire to poeticize and to ennoble the sexual act itself. In this way, it serves as the best protection against the animalistic fantasies so popular today.

"The first intuition this love awakens is the feeling of being unworthy of the one beloved. One can call this the beginning of modesty and humility, thus the acquiring of two great virtues! This is followed by the urge to hold one's hands protectingly above the other so that no harm may befall him from any side. This desire to 'wait hand and foot on the other' is no empty saying, but signifies the rising intuitions quite correctly. This, however, means renouncing one's personality and feeling a strong desire to serve, which alone would suffice to cast off all karma within a short time, provided this volition remains constant and does not give way to purely sensual instinct!

Finally pure love engenders the ardent wish to do something really great and noble for the loved one, never to hurt or offend him by thought or word, much less by an unfair action, thus always showing him the most delicate consideration!

The purity of this intuition must then be preserved at all costs, and placed above and before all else. No one will ever think or do any evil in such circumstances! He simply cannot do so! On the contrary, through these intuitions he has the best protection, the greatest strength and the most benevolent adviser and helper!

The Creator in His Wisdom has thereby thrown out a lifebelt to mankind, and offers each human being during his time on earth more than one opportunity to grasp and lift himself up by it.

This help is available to all! It makes no distinction as to age or sex, whether a person be rich or poor, of high or lowly birth! Hence love is the greatest of all God's gifts! He who grasps it is sure of salvation from every sorrow, every depth!

Like a whirlwind love can seize and uplift him to the Light, to God, Who is Love Himself!

As soon as love stirs in a man's heart, inspiring him to bring light and joy to another, rather than to drag him down through impure thoughts, but to protect and uplift him, he thus serves the other without being conscious of it, for he thereby becomes a selfless and joyful giver. And through such serving he frees himself!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Significance of Man's Generative Power For His Spiritual Ascent" - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 36 min.)


Obstacles to Maintaining Purity

"Even in the act of satisfying the sexual instinct, chastity can be fully preserved where purity of thought reigns on both sides" (Abd-ru-shin)

1).One of the greatest obstacles to maintaining true purity during the sexual act is the use of visually explicit material, for the simple reason that it leads our thoughts away from the spiritual ideal in a human being (which is the normal standard in Creation) towards the modern ideal of viewing human beings as beautiful animals. A sinister substitution takes place in this shift of perspective: instead of having spiritual love as a pre-requisite for the act of intimacy, in which two spiritual beings use their bodies merely as tools for the expression of their overwhelming spiritual love, the new concept makes it acceptable to have two beautiful animals, outwardly shaped as human beings, engage in an intimate act without any spiritual connection between them and thus without any possibility of offering to each other anything other than the temporary pleasures of the flesh. It's a subtle switch, but one that is deadly for the spirit, for without spiritual love man has no way of experiencing one of the greatest of all joys, which lies in the physical union with someone, who is a perfect spiritual compliment to one's own spiritual nature. But in the never-ending pursuit of superficial pleasures, man ends up exchanging gold for tinsel, never realizing that spirituality is the greatest aphrodisiac.

It is strange how man, so proud and conceited in many of his worthless worldly affairs, quickly forgets his pride when it comes to his beloved "pleasures" and willingly and sometimes even joyfully descends to the level of the animal. But this will always remain an aberration in Creation, because despite having bodies made up of physical matter in common, humans and animals do not have their origin in common. The difference lies in the types of substance of their inner cores: man's inner core consists of the spiritual substance from the Spiritual Sphere, while the animal's inner core comes from the Animistic Sphere, which lies below the Spiritual Sphere in Creation.

"To make clear the difference in origin of man and animal it is necessary to go more deeply into the various spheres of Creation than has been done hitherto.

Such conventional catch-words as the 'group soul' of the animal as distinct from the personal 'ego' of man no longer suffice for this purpose, although as such they are quite correct. For these give only a general outline and deal with what lies nearest the earth, but do not indicate the essential difference!

It is necessary to know about the development of Creation as explained in the lecture: 'The Development of Creation'!

For the sake of a more comprehensive view, the main spheres from above downwards are reproduced here: -

1. The Divine:

    Divinity Unsubstantiate = God

    Divine Substantiality

2. Spiritual Substantiality:

    Conscious Spiritual Substantiality

    Unconscious Spiritual Substantiality

3. Animistic Substantiality:

    Conscious Animistic Substantiality

    Unconscious Animistic Substantiality

4. The Spheres of Matter:

    Ethereal Substance

    Gross Matter

Man has his spiritual origin in Unconscious Spiritual Substantiality, whereas the animal has its animistic origin in Unconscious Animistic Substantiality. There is a huge difference between these two spheres. The animating core of man is spirit. The animating core of the animal, however, is animistic substantiality.

In this case a spirit stands above animistic substantiality; the origin of the inner man is consequently higher than that of the animal, while both have only the origin of their physical bodies in common. The spirit of man, however, has over the ages developed his original purely animal body to a higher state of perfection than was possible for the animistic substantiality of the animal."

"The essential difference between man and animal lies solely within. An animal can only return to animistic substantiality after casting aside its physical body, whereas man returns to spiritual substantiality, which is far higher." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Difference In Origin Of Man And Animal" - Read the entire chapter.)

Since the difference between man and animal lies within (man's inner core being made up of a spiritual substance, while that of an animal is of the animistic substance), it quite naturally follows that the associations accompanying the sexual act must also be very different in man; they must be of a spiritual nature to match his spiritual core. When this simple and natural course is not followed, then all sorts of aberrations that we know today as "common" sexual practices come into being, as man descends to the level of an animal, degrading and soiling his spirit in the process. The time allotted to us for learning how to stand, think and behave as human beings in this Creation is now rapidly coming to an end.

"No longer will he [man] be permitted to remain standing as a monstrosity, neither quite human being nor quite animal, in the perfect work of the Creator, so that he can continue to distort its beauty and hinder and disturb the swinging of a pure harmony." (Abd-ru-shin).

2). Another great obstacle to maintaining true purity during the sexual act is the wide-spread practice of "playing in thoughts". If we keep in mind that every one of our thoughts gives rise to a corresponding form in the ethereal matter, then the damage to our spirits associated with this common practice becomes apparent.

"Even man's nearest ethereal surrounding can contribute much to uplift or debase him. This is the strange world of thought-forms, the vital activity of which comprises only a small section of the giant mechanism of the whole Creation. Their threads, however, penetrate both into the Gross Material World, and further up into the Ethereal World, as well as descending into the realm of Darkness. Like a gigantic network of veins or nerve-strands, all is intertwined and interwoven, untearable and inseparable! Mark this well!"

"It is certainly a blessing for many that they are blindfolded and cannot see further than their physical eyes will permit, for the nature of the existing thought-forms would give them a fright.

Paralysing horror would grip many who today naively or frivolously lead unscrupulous lives. For every thought that is generated, like everything in the Ethereal World, immediately takes a form which embodies and expresses the essential meaning of the thought.

The Living Creative Power which flows through man collects ethereal substance through the volition of a completed thought and moulds it into a form which gives expression to the will of this thought. Thus this form is something real, something living, which now, in accordance with the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, attracts what is homogeneous in this world of thought-forms or is attracted by them, depending on the strength it possesses.

Just as a thought when it arises is simultaneously perceived intuitively, with greater or lesser intensity, so its ethereal form will bear an equivalent life. This world of thoughts is densely populated. Through the mutual power of attraction complete centres have been formed which, by means of their accumulated energy, exercise a great influence upon human beings.

In the first place those persons will always be influenced who tend towards a similar nature, that is, who bear something similar within themselves. Such persons will thereby be strengthened in their corresponding will, and encouraged to continue producing new and similar forms which, working in the same manner, enter the world of thought-forms.

But also other people who do not possess these special tendencies can be bothered by these influences and gradually be attracted to them, if these centres are continually reinforced and so obtain unsuspected power. Only those are protected who possess other tendencies in greater strength, making a connection with what is dissimilar impossible." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Thought-Forms" - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3 audio, 17 min.)

"Through their volition and thoughts men direct the destiny of the entire Subsequent Creation as well as their own, without knowing anything about it! They further either progress or decadence, they can achieve either development in the fullest harmony or that wild confusion which now reigns! Instead of building up in a reasonable manner they waste their time and energy unnecessarily in a great deal of petty trifling!

Intelligent people now call this punishment and judgment, which is correct in a certain sense. Yet it is men themselves who have forcibly brought about everything that must now happen!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "In the Realm of Demons and Phantoms") 

Thus the practice of having "orgies in our heads" spreads devastation all around, which eventually will manifest in our lives as well, since we ourselves become covered in dark ethereal substance when we guide the neutral Divine Power in the direction of baseness. Here once again, we have no choice but to learn how to use our ability to mould ethereal substance, which the Creator endowed us with, beneficially, for  we cannot turn this ability off even for a second. Through the ignorant misuse of this ability, we become connected with people, who in our daily lives we wouldn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole, as the expression goes. And as we see all sorts of horrors and diseases approaching closer and closer to what used to be the comfortable safety zone of our homes, we need to abandon our care-free attitude of toying with the great gifts of our Creator, without at the same time wishing to know anything about our great responsibility for their use and the need to learn how to control them.

"Be conscious of this immeasurable responsibility, for it all takes place only within the circle of your earthly limits. By the wise ordinance of the Creator nothing goes beyond this, but falls back upon you yourselves. Through your wishes, your thinking and your volition you are able to poison this world and the beyond, or you may purify and uplift them towards the Light. Therefore direct your destiny so that it may lead upwards through the purity of your thoughts!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Thought-Forms" - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3 audio, 17 min.)

It is now possible to actually see how our thoughts and words influence the formation of matter, because this process has been captured on camera in a documentary "Messages From Water".



The Lofty Place of Womanhood

"Woman, if you do not awaken to your real value in Creation and then act accordingly, the reaction of the great guilt will shatter you before you divine it! And you, man, at last recognise in woman that great help which you need and can never dispense with if you want to swing in the Laws of God. And honor in woman that for which God destined her! The way in which you intuitively feel towards the woman will become the Gate to the Light for you. Never forget this!"  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Woman and Man")

In the numerous versions of the Grail legend, a woman is treated by the Grail Knights as a creature of superior origin. This is not, as is generally assumed, a romanticized and unrealistic view of womanhood, but an accurate reflection of real life in the High and Luminous Spheres of Creation. The greatest artists of all ages have always had this perception of womanhood, because they were more closely connected with the regions of Light, in some cases even with Paradise Itself. The fact that today, this type of attitude towards a woman is considered to be completely outdated and is often scorned - even by women themselves! - merely serves as further proof of how far removed we have become from real life in Creation in our distorted way of life here on earth.
In the hierarchy of Creation woman comes first - and only then the man. This is lawfully conditioned by the superior composition of her inner core, which still retains within itself a higher radiation-charge than the  inner core of a man. For this reason she is able to absorb the vibrations from much higher regions of Creation and to pass them on to the man, who absolutely needs this mediation, since he does not carry within his core the capacity to absorb them directly. To get the full, scientific explanation of this process it is necessary to delve into The Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin (which all truly serious seekers will want to do), but to stay within the scope of this essay let us just summarize and state that the woman possesses the ability to access much higher Spheres of Creation than a man. It is her joy and her duty to keep this special connection undimmed and uninterrupted.
To carry out this lofty mission, however, she needs to cultivate within herself the very qualities that are homogeneous with life in those High Spheres, in obedience to the Primordial Law of Creation that only similar vibrations/radiations can connect, the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. These qualities are (to list just a few):
delicate femininity
purity of thought
beauty of naturalness
grace of movements
refinement of manners
Just a glimpse these qualities offer into what constitutes a normal womanhood in Creation  would suffice to show us how far modern womanhood has removed itself from the Light by cultivating qualities which stand in direct opposition to life in higher Spheres - those Spheres that are nearest to the proximity of God. Thus modern woman has placed herself in opposition to the Will of God. Unable to fulfill her mission, the only purpose for which she was created and is allowed to exist, she has made herself an outcast from the Light and in the process dragged man down into the depths with her, since he depends on her mediation for his spiritual sustenance. It is now ten times harder for a man to perceive woman in her natural capacity as a mediator of higher vibrations, since woman has long since descended from her lofty pedestal in order to cultivate the image of a plaything or an efficient career woman (or both).
"...modern woman cannot forgo her life of frivolous trifling, although she is vaguely aware of what she has lost through it. Indeed she knows it only too well! And to dull this warning intuitive perception, which is the equivalent of 'knowing', she throws herself headlong and as if struck with blindness into the newest folly - emulating man in his profession and in his whole being!
Instead of returning to genuine womanhood, the most precious of possessions in all Creation, and thus to the task alotted to her by the Light!
It is she who robs man of all that is sublime and thereby prevents the flowering of noble manhood!
No nation and no people can flourish and prosper where the man is unable to look up to the woman in her womanliness!
Only genuine, purest womanhood can awaken and lead a man to great deeds! Nothing else! And that is the vocation of woman in Creation according to God's Will! Through this she uplifts her nation and all humanity, yes even the whole of Subsequent Creation, for in her gentle working alone lies that sublime power which is irresistible and compelling and, if of the purest volition, blessed by Divine Power. There is nothing to equal it, for she carries beauty in its purest form into everything she does and everything that proceeds from her!

That is why her weaving should permeate the whole Creation, refreshing, uplifting, furthering and animating, like a breath from the longed-for Paradise!"  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Watch and Pray!")

"Thus woman's principal task also here on earth, in the World of Matter, is to ennoble her environment. Coming as she does from above, holding herself above with her delicate intuitive perception, and thus leading upwards in turn, she forms the anchorage of man with the Light, the support which he needs for his work in Creation. No marriage is required to accomplish this, not even an acquaintanceship or personal meeting! The mere existence of woman on earth already brings about fulfilment!

Man stands in Creation facing outward ready for battle while woman, in shielding his back, maintains the connection with the Light, thus constituting the core, the supply of power and the strengthening. Wherever decay is permitted to creep into this core, however, the 'front' is also lost. Bear this in mind at all times! Nor is it then of any avail for woman to try and place herself at the front beside the man, where she does not belong. Her delicate intuitive perception only hardens through such a struggle, and thus the highest ability and power once bestowed upon her as her own becomes exhausted, and everything  must fall into ruin!"

"Woman can never fulfil her vocation on earth while she has any vanity, which always involves shamelessness, but only through that grace with which she alone is endowed as the most beautiful spiritual gift. Every look, every movement, every word of a woman must bear the stamp of her nobility of soul. Therein lie her task, as well as her power and her greatness!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Woman And Her Vocation" - Read the entire chapter or Listen in MP3, 27 min.) 

For those, who are looking to reawaken within themselves the natural womanhood or manhood, the only solution lies in re-discovering the original purpose, for which both sexes were created in the first place. The full and complete disclosure of this purpose is to be found only in the Message from the Holy Grail. Then it is up to each individual to decide whether she or he wishes to transform themselves into the representatives of the normal womanhood and manhood, such as exist in the Higher Spheres of Creation.
And in order to do that, we cannot get around the issue of purity. Here is a further clarification on this all-important issue:

"The purity of earthly woman lies in her faithfulness! For faithfulness is purity! A woman without faithfulness is unworthy to be called woman. And unfaithful is every woman who playfully trifles with men, either in words or in thoughts! Unfaithful to herself and to her high task in this Creation, therefore also on earth!

Faithfulness alone calls forth all the virtues in woman. Not one of them will be lacking!

Just as mankind had formed for themselves a one-sided, rigid, thus utterly wrong and narrow conception of chastity, so through their base thinking they have whittled down the high conception of purity to become something clumsy and ridiculous! They made a caricature, an unnatural fetter of it, which is contrary to the Laws in Creation, is utterly wrong, and merely shows the narrow limits of their paltry intellectual thinking!

The purity of the human woman rests solely in her faithfulness! Indeed, purity for mankind is faithfulness!

In absolutely plain words: Purity among men is personified in faithfulness!

He who grasps this aright will always be able to find and to walk upon the right path therein, and not push aside the Law of Creation through psychic distortions. Therefore you must try and learn to understand it aright!

Purity as such is Divine! Therefore man himself cannot possess purity in its original form at all; for he is but a small part in Creation and as such is subject to very definite laws. Purity, however, can lie only in Divine Perfection; it is a part of this Perfection!

Man cannot therefore just possess purity in the true sense, but he can only personify it figuratively in accordance with his nature, by expressing it in a changed form in faithfulness! Faithfulness is thus the gradation of purity for mankind. Man puts faithfulness in the place of Divine Purity. And above all and in the most noble sense woman does so! Whatever she does is pure when it is done in faithfulness. Nor is it otherwise with man. Faithfulness is purity for every human being!

Naturally faithfulness must be genuine; it must not merely spring from the imagination. Genuine faithfulness can only live in true love, never in passion or phantasy. This again contains a protection and also a standard which serves for self-examination!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Woman and Man")

Marriages That Are Made In Heaven
Faithfulness then serves as an accurate measurement of the validity of the union in Creation! But faithfulness in thought, as well as in deed! With true, spiritual love such faithfulness comes quite naturally. If that is not the case, then one should seriously question whether their union is a true marriage (to find out what constitutes true marriage in the Light, read "Marriage" by Abd-ru-shin). There is no shame and no transgression in discontinuing the union that does not meet the requirements of the Light. It is also easy to mistake a profound sentimental attachment for spiritual love - and yet these are two completely different things, and "a marriage without love of the soul is not valid in the sight of God" (The Ninth Commandment, as explained to mankind by Abd-ru-shin). 

"'Marriages are made in heaven' indicates in the first place that already at birth every human being brings along certain qualities, the harmonious development of which can only be achieved through those with matching qualities. These matching qualities are not identical, however, but complementary to the others, and in completing each other they obtain their full value.

In this state of full value all the strings sound in a harmonious chord. If the one partner is complemented to full value by the other partner, then the latter will also receive full value through the former, and in their union, that is, in their living and working together, the harmonious chord will resound. Such is the marriage which has been made in heaven!

However, this does not mean that for each person there is only one other very special person on earth with whom he can enter upon a harmonious marriage, but there are generally several who possess the qualities to complete the other person.

It is therefore unnecessary to wander about the earth for decades to find this really suitable and complementary partner. It is only a question of exercising the necessary seriousness, keeping eyes, ears and heart open and, above all, giving up all those conditions which have so far been demanded for a marriage. Just what is regarded as important today shall not be!" 

'Made in heaven' signifies that the two people were already destined for each other before or upon entering this earth-life. This 'being destined' for each other, however, depends only on the qualities that each brought along, with which the two complement each other. Such persons are thereby meant for each other!

You could just as well express 'destined for each other' by 'suited for each other', thus really complementing each other. In this lies the predestination.

'What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder!'

Much harm has already been caused by a misunderstanding of these words of Christ. Up till now many imagined that ' what God hath joined' referred to the marriage. But this, however, had so far nothing to do with the meaning of the words. That which God has joined is a union where the conditions required for complete harmony are fulfilled, and it is thus made in heaven. Whether or not the permission of the State and the Church has been given for this union makes no essential difference."

"Wherever one finds a union that is made in heaven, that is where two people so complement each other that a full and harmonious chord results, there no third person shall attempt to bring about a separation. Whether it be to create discord, to make a union impossible, or to cause a separation, whatever the case, such an attempt would be a sin! It would be an injustice which in its reciprocal action must cling heavily to its originator, since two persons would be simultaneously affected by it, together with the blessing which through their happiness would have spread throughout the Gross Material and Ethereal Worlds.

The simple truth that lies in these words is evident to all. The warning is intended to protect only such unions as have been made in heaven under the aforesaid conditions, which is confirmed by the fact that they brought along with them the necessary psychic qualities to complement each other." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Marriage" - Read the entire chapter.)


A Trap of Psychoanalysis

"We call ours a utilitarian age, and we do not know the uses of any single thing." (Oscar Wilde, "De Profundis")

Strange as this may sound, up to the present day mankind has not yet discovered the principal purpose of sexual (generative) power. Despite a continuous pre-occupation with this subject, despite all the "discoveries", spear-headed by Sigmund Freud, no one looked deeply enough within their own soul to have observed a few simple, basic facts, which almost everyone can confirm for themselves:

"As soon as generative power sets in there is first of all a mighty surge upwards towards all that is ideal, beautiful and pure. In unspoiled youth of both sexes this can be clearly observed, and produces the enthusiasms of the young so often smiled at by their elders, and also the inexplicable, somewhat melancholy intuitions which beset them in these years.

The moods in which it seems as if the youth or maid were burdened with the sorrows of the whole world, where premonitions of a deep seriousness assail them, are not altogether without cause!

Even their frequent feelings about not being understood contain in reality much that is true. These periodically arise through a recognition of the perverted conditions of their environment. Those around them neither wish nor are able to understand such sacred beginnings to a pure soaring upwards. They are not satisfied until these strong warning intuitions in the maturing soul are dragged down to a sober 'reality' which they can understand better, which they consider more suitable for mankind and which, with their one-sided intellectual thinking, they regard as the only normal condition of life!

The inexplicable charm which radiates from an unspoilt maiden or youth is nothing but the pure soaring upwards of the awakening generative power towards what is high and noble in union with the spiritual power. This is also sensed by their surroundings.

The Creator has carefully provided that this should not occur until a human being is old enough to be fully conscious of his volition and actions. The time has then arrived when, in conjunction with the full power vested in him, he could and should easily shake off all that lies behind him. Indeed it would fall away of its own accord if only a man would keep his volition intent on what is good, which he is unceasingly urged to do during this time. Then he could, as his intuitions quite rightly indicate, ascend without any trouble to that eminence to which he as a human being belongs.

Observe the day-dreams of unspoilt youth! They are nothing but an inward yearning to tear themselves away from all that is base, an ardent longing for what is ideal! This restless urge, however, is a sign not to miss the opportunity, but energetically to shake off karma and begin with the ascent of the spirit!

It is a wonderful experience to stand in the fullness of this power, to work in it and with it! But this is only as long as the direction a man chooses is a good one! On the other hand there is nothing more deplorable than to squander these powers one-sidedly in blind sensual activity, and thus paralyse one's spirit!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Significance of Man's Generative Power For His Spiritual Ascent" - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 36 min.)

It is essential to realize that generative (sexual) power and sexual instinct are not identical. The sexual instinct is only a by-product of the generative power, it comes in the second place. The generative power remains with man throughout his earth-life, right up to the moment of his departure into the ethereal world, long after the sexual instinct has been silenced by old age. This is revealed for the first time in The Grail Message - and what a difference it makes in putting life into its proper perspective!

"Generative power has the task and also the ability to send an earthly 'glow'  through all the spiritual perceptions of the soul. Only when this happens can the spirit obtain real connection with the entire World of Matter and thereby become of full value on earth! Not until then can it embrace all that it needs to enable it to assert itself authoritatively in the World of Matter, to stand firmly in it, to influence it effectively, to be protected, and to be so armed as to defend itself victoriously.

There is something stupendous in this union. That is the principal purpose of this mysterious and immeasurable natural instinct! It is to help the spirit unfold its full power of action in the World of Matter! This would be impossible without generative power, because there would be no bridge or means for the animation and control of all matter. Otherwise the spirit would remain too estranged from matter to work really effectively in it!

Through generative power, however, the human spirit attains to its full power, its warmth and vitality. Only through this development does the spirit become ready for battle here on earth!

It is just at this stage that responsibility sets in! A serious turning-point in every man's existence!

At this important moment in a man's life the wise Justice of the Creator provides not only the opportunity but also the natural urge to shake off easily and without effort any karma with which he has so far burdened his free will.

If a man misses this time it is his fault!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Significance of Man's Generative Power For His Spiritual Ascent" -Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 36 min.)

Thus generative power enables us to shape all ethereal matter (which then influences and eventually manifests in all visible physical matter). The direction we give to our thoughts and wishes becomes decisive for our future destiny: upwards or downwards, towards sublime spirituality and life in the Light or towards baseness and vulgarity and consequent life in the regions of Darkness. It is therefore essential to cultivate nobility, poeticisation of the mundane and preservation of the ideals of womanhood and manhood at all times, but especially in the act of satisfying the sexual instinct. Because of the upsurge of power, particularly strong thought-forms are generated during this act, which continue to influence our life and our character (as well as the lives of others) long after the act itself is over.

"The man of today is just like a man to whom a kingdom is given, but who prefers to fritter away his time with a child's toy!

It is quite understandable, and hardly to be expected otherwise, that the mighty powers which are given to man must smash him if he does not know how to master them!

Thus also generative power must destroy individual human beings and entire nations wherever its principal function is misused! The purpose of procreation is only of secondary importance.

And what help the generative power gives to every man, so that he may recognise and live this principal function!

One need only think of the feeling of physical shame! It awakens along with generative power and is given as a protection.

Here, too, as everywhere in Creation, there is a triad, and in the process of descending one can observe that things become ever coarser. The feeling of shame which develops as the first consequence of generative power is intended to form an impediment to sexual instinct, so that man should not descend from his height and yield to sexual indulgence in an animal-like manner.

Woe to the people who disregard this!

A strong feeling of shame provides against the possibility of a man ever succumbing to sexual indulgence! It protects him from physical passion, for in the natural course of events it will never permit him an opportunity to forget himself even for a fraction of a second!

Only forcibly and wilfully can man push aside this precious gift in order to behave in a bestial manner! But such forcible interference in the Creator's cosmic order must bring a curse upon him, for the thus unleashed power of the physical sexual instinct in its uncontrolled state no longer accords with what is natural.

Wherever the feeling of shame is lacking man becomes the slave instead of being the master. He is hurled from man's estate to below the level of an animal!

Man should realise that a strong feeling of shame alone precludes all possibility of falling. It is thus his surest defence!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Significance of Man's Generative Power For His Spiritual Ascent" -Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 36 min.)

All these revelations and considerations clearly prove that psychoanalysis is incapable of offering the right perspective on life. More than that: it actually twists this perspective in such a way as to elevate the sexual instinct to a place of primary importance, a place which belongs solely to the spirit within man! The place of sovereignty is granted to the spirit by the Natural (Divine) Order of Creation, because the Law of Gravity arranges all substances according to their weight: the luminous and light ones are situated at the top, while the heavier and denser ones naturally sink to the bottom. The spiritual substance, of which man's inner core is composed, is located at the summit of Creation, in the Spiritual Sphere. So, quite naturally, the spirit, when enveloped in the heavy physical cloak, ranks supreme in the world of physical matter, to which the sexual instinct belongs. To put the sexual instinct on top and view all life through this sexual prism (as psychoanalysis does) is simply the most unnatural thing that anyone can come up with. Possessing free will as he does, man can certainly violate the natural (i.e. Divinely-instituted) hierarchy of Creation, but not without causing great harm to himself and to his environment.

Like all the gifts that our Creator endowed us with, sex must be subordinate to the spirit, it must do the bidding of the spirit and not rage out of control. This "raging out of control" is nothing great, but is a sure sign that the spirit has lost a grip on the situation and has been reduced to a degrading second-place position. The common "therapeutic" suggestions and techniques that psychoanalysis offers actually encourage human beings "to explore" their sexuality by "letting themselves go" in the mistaken belief that this will result in liberation (the all-too-common suggestion to try out bi-sexuality, for example, delivers a particularly heavy blow to genuine manhood and genuine womanhood):

"This 'letting oneself go' takes place in the lower regions of Darkness but, through so-called psycho-analysis, some practitioners have already accepted it on the assumption that here on earth also 'letting oneself go' liberates and matures.

But what dreadful misery must the practice of this principle cause here on earth! What mischief must it bring since, in contrast with the regions of Darkness where only homogeneous species are together, on earth both darker and lighter souls dwell side by side! In this respect you need only to think of sexual life and similar things. If such a principle was put into practice and let loose on mankind, it must ultimately create nothing but a Sodom and Gomorrah from which there would be no escape, and only the most abject terror could bring it to an end!

Quite apart from this, however, one already sees numerous victims of similar therapies wandering about today without any hold on life, whose little bit of self-reliance and, on the whole, all their individual thinking have been completely picked to pieces and destroyed when they had confidently expected help. They are like people whose clothing has been systematically torn from their bodies so that they are then forced to put on the new garments handed to them. However, in most cases these denuded ones unfortunately can no longer see why they should put on any new clothing at all!

Through the systematic intrusion into their most intimate affairs and rights they have gradually lost the feeling of shame which is an integral part of personal self-consciousness, a part of the personality, and without which there can be nothing individual." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Mystery of Lucifer" - Read to the entire chapter)

Here we are given yet another amazing revelation from The Grail Message: the feeling of shame is actually an integral component of a genuine spiritual personality! That fleeting charismatic shyness, which can still be observed every once in a while here and there, does not fail to beautify a person in a striking manner. It possesses a special attraction all its own, for it betrays purity of the soul in a human being of any age. Shyness and modesty are not signs of any repression; on the contrary, they provide unmistakable evidence that a genuine spiritual personality has not been repressed and that a high-ranking spirit is in control of the sexual instinct.

"The greater this feeling of shame is the nobler is this instinct and the higher the man also ranks spiritually! The inner spiritual worth of a human being on earth may be directly measured by the greater or lesser degree of his physical shame.

This is an infallible standard and easily recognised by any man! When this feeling of outward shame has been choked or eradicated, the soul's far finer and quite different feeling of shame will always be simultaneously choked and the inner man consequently debased.

It is an infallible sign of a deep fall and certain deterioration when humanity, under the guise of progress, begin to want to 'lift' themselves above the feeling of shame, this precious jewel which could help them in every respect.

No matter whether this is done under cover of sport, hygiene, fashion, children's education or many another welcome pretence! Decline and fall cannot then be stayed, and only the greatest of shocks can perhaps still bring to their senses a few of all those who so thoughtlessly allowed themselves to be drawn along this course!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Development of Creation" - Read the entire chapter)

The beautifying qualities of modesty and shyness do not diminish the intensity of ardor in a relationship of genuine, pure love. On the contrary, they help to support and maintain this intensity, which has been known to drive many a man to such heroic and chivalrous deeds as to give expression to his high love and to lay, as it were, all the fervor of his soul at the feet of his lady. But with the "help" of psychoanalysis these noble sentiments degenerate over time into proceedings, where, in the words of Lev Tolstoy, two egotists are trying to get maximum enjoyment out of each other ("Kreutzer Sonata").


Art Tainted By Psychoanalysis

Many artists throughout the ages have struggled to find the right place for the sexual instinct - one that would be worthy of a human being. Some, like Lev Tolstoy, could find no solution other than the total abstinence. In his case, it was utter despair at his inability to reconcile the high aspirations of his soul with the physical instinct that has driven him to this. Other artists just let the instinct rage out of control, with some of them believing that their genius gave them the right to do as they pleased. In any case, every noble human being will have come up against this dilemma of the instinct as a serious problem requiring a serious solution. Therefore, let us state once again the miraculously simple and God-Willed solution to this problem:

"By true chastity is meant purity of thought, but in all things right down to everyday business. Chastity is a purely spiritual and not a physical quality. Even in the act of satisfying the sexual instinct, chastity can be fully preserved where purity of thought reigns on both sides." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Does Sexual Continence Further Spiritual Development?" - Read the entire chapter. Also listen to the chapter "Chastity" in MP3, 7 min.)

Let us take as an example Richard Wagner - an artist of exceptional genius, that is to say, an artist with an exceptionally strong connection to the High and Luminous Realms of Creation - whose operas provide a good illustration of the natural procedure for the love-union between two people (as opposed to the decidedly unnatural procedure, which the psychoanalysis strives to impose on humanity). Everyone, who is familiar with some of Wagner's work, can recall the numerous encounters between the two lovers coming together for the first time. They always experience the recognition of the spiritual bond between them first, and only then the instinct follows. At times, this happens in a fairly quick succession - nevertheless, the natural sequence is preserved with the instinct never initiating the action. It is always preceded by the recognition of the force of destiny that brings them together, by the heroic deeds on the part of a man (which often not only precede, but also result from this union) and by the feminine virtues on the part of a woman. No matter how it happens, the natural order is preserved: the instinct does not stir until the spirit is aroused - and even then only if the other person represents a true spiritual compliment and is not already involved in a true marriage, where faithfulness reigns as a matter of course and does not need to be intellectually enforced. (A marriage such as Isolde's, for instance, is not valid in the sight of God).

Unfortunately, most of the modern productions of Wagner's operas are staged in such a way as to put all the emphasis on the sexual instinct, making it appear as if the instinct brings the two lovers together. But this is a distortion of what the music expresses: in the music one, first of all, hears and responds to the tremendous spiritual upsurge, which brings in its train a wave of sensuality. Wagner's music is a fantastic illustration of that miraculous union of the spiritual and generative (sexual) power, which (if kept undistorted) brings with it in the first place an overwhelming upward thrust towards all that is ideal, pure and perfect. The almost unbearable longing for this ideal and a powerful desire to serve it with one's whole being is what comprises the very essence of Wagner's music. To reduce it all to the meager expression of an earthly instinct is like turning wine into water.

But this type of reduction is now being applied to all artists of all mediums - and this trend has been going on for quite some time already, because the psychoanalytical approach to life has infected all branches of art. Everything is being driven towards one goal: the adoration of the earthly instinct. It is a veritable cult of the age, the one true religion, which everyone acknowledges. No sacrifice is too great for this idol; spirituality itself only exists to serve it. The greatest praise that can be lavished on the work of art today, even if it contains overwhelming spiritual content, is that it is "sensual". The performances of Bach's Cantatas have suddenly become "sensual" along with Verdi's Requiem, to say nothing of  Schubert, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky - why, no composer is spared, and all are now reviewed retroactively through this sexual prism and re-evaluated according to how "sexually unrepressed" or "repressed" they might have been. It is almost impossible now to put this genie back into the bottle - not that anyone wants to - and to make the instinct subordinate to the spiritual volition of man. Man hardly even notices anymore that he needs to come up with ever more "sophisticated" and artificial ways of stimulating his instinct, because the latter has actually become deadened through over-stimulation and is now relentlessly pushing towards greater and greater  frontiers of morbidity in its attempt to keep itself alive. And all these conceivable and inconceivable devices of sheer calculating lust are praised in the arts as "daring".

We can mention in passing a film of Richard Wagner's "Parsifal" by Hans-Jurgen Syberberg. There is no question that it is a work of a first-rate artist, and yet it is so mired in Freudian imagery as to make it almost laughable. It is a sad example of a talented artist, who is simply drowning in his own intellectual cleverness and psychoanalytical sensuality (the two usually go together). It wouldn't be half so bad, if it were not for the fact that this is the subject of the Holy Grail that is being drenched in all this stuff! As it is, it will end up being a costly mistake for this artist, since Primordial Laws of Creation do not give any one of us the so-called "artistic license" to distort things. And this process of continuous reshaping and distorting of pure facts and concepts of Creation has been going on for a very long time now.

Here is an all-illuminating summary of this gradual process of human degeneration:  

" have made a completely distorted picture of the Holiness of Love, and have dragged the conception of It down into the mire.

This again was due solely to the earthbound intellect, which is incapable of comprehending the intuitive perception of pure spirit. By its very nature it only understands earthly love, which is based on gross material feeling. What is more, it has distorted this gross material feeling into coarse instinct!

As if this were not enough, the intellect, in the course of its over-cultivated development, felt urged to degrade this coarse instinct even further until it became a sin, although it could have remained pure, as with animals!

To reduce earthmen to the level of an animal was much too petty a goal for the mocking Darkness. It would have the human race on earth brought much lower even than that, below any animal!

Human beings, who in their gradual developments under the careful guidance of so many chosen ones (destined and prepared for their task by the Light) had laboriously gained control over the at first still existing yet pure animal instincts in their bodies, were not only to sink back to that level, despite their already awakened spirits, but were to be forced to stand even lower than before.

Over-cultivated by men themselves under the stimulation of the Darkness, the intellect became its willing servant. Endlessly questioning and speculating, it no longer provides a firm foothold for the not yet strong enough spirit. Therefore it automatically followed that men, having become dependent on their intellect, gradually turned a pure physical instinct into one of most base and subtly calculating lust, thus poisoning even the animal's naturalness within themselves!

Thus everything was fundamentally tainted, and man on earth was effortlessly thrust down lower than every other creature in the whole of Creation; for as soon as he ceased to listen to the many aids from the Light, this was bound to happen as the result of the one-sided over-cultivation of the intellect, which after the fall of man was automatically strengthened in every evil!

It was obvious to the Darkness that man would not heed these aids - it knew his vanity, which inevitably continued to increase through the arrogance of the wrongly and rapidly developing earthly intellect.

Thus, through the wrong cultivation of the intellect, not only was a deep and deadly soul-trap set for man, but his simultaneously burgeoning vanity became a grievous obstacle to any possibility of escape from this trap. For these petty-minded earthmen, through the vanity of their supposedly superior knowledge, could easily be prevented from listening to help from the Light in the Word!

It is right that you should shudder when I speak of the depths to which man has fallen!

I call this out to mankind, so that they may recognise and extricate themselves from the evil to which they have succumbed, as to the strongest drug, through the wiles of the utterly perverted intellect! For this, and this alone, has brought them to it.

The Tempter knew only too well that it must come to this, when mankind took the wrong course that he displayed so enticingly before them!

Indeed it could not have come about in any other way, for the intellect, which was intended to become merely the executive instrument of the human volition, now impairs all volition, thereby establishing itself as a false guide which can have no connection with the Holy Will of God, and is thus also cut off from God's Love....

I bring out this picture so that it may now be shattered, together with all that is wrong, which can no longer be allowed to exist in Creation after its great purification!

It would never have come to this if mankind had paid serious attention, if only once, to the many aids from the Light!

At various times people have heeded a prophet while he dwelt among them, but after his departure they soon began to ponder over his teaching, and in their rising doubts and intellectual arrogance to dissect, distort and reshape it according to their own ideal.

And so mankind on earth sank slowly but surely ever deeper into the morass formed and spread by their own thoughts.

But now pull yourselves together with all your strength! For such will not be allowed to happen again. It is at an end, but with you only if this time you refuse to listen to God's words, which should raise you to that point where man must stand as a human being in this Creation!

No longer will he be permitted to remain standing as a monstrosity, neither quite human being nor quite animal, in the perfect work of the Creator, so that he can continue to distort its beauty and hinder and disturb the swinging of a pure harmony." (Abd-ru-shin)


Distorted Perspective of Psychoanalysis

The assumption which psychoanalysis makes that the "dark side" of the human psyche has always existed (but that earlier ages were just too "repressed" to acknowledge it) is absolutely false. The inner core of man, because it is composed of pure spiritual substance, contains only pure and virtuous qualities. However, they need to be developed and continuously nourished in the world of matter - otherwise, they get buried and the lower influences of the material world take over the shaping of one's character (read "Virtues" by Herbert Vollmann). Whenever this happens, it is always man's own fault, since as a being of spiritual origin (wearing material substance only as an outward garment), he is meant to bring his spiritual influence to bear upon all that is material. In the natural course of development this is precisely what should have happened: man should have spiritualized all matter, instead of voluntarily placing his spirit under the domination of matter. That this hasn't happened is our fault and our greatest guilt, for which each one of us will have to answer personally, in direct proportion to the degree of our contribution to the global degeneration and de-spiritualization of man.

At the dawn of humanity, a long time ago, beautiful spiritual beings lived on this earth, who knew the Laws of God's Creation and voluntarily enforced them. As a result, the Power from the Holy Grail flowed uninterruptedly into them, strengthening their spiritual virtues and turning their material environment into a reflection of Paradise, their Homeland in the Spiritual Sphere of Creation (read "Heavenly Melody" by Herbert Vollmann). There were no dark thoughts, no dark deeds, since in the natural course of evolution, so long as the spirit of man was in control of all matter, Darkness could not materialize. It was only much later, when man began to misuse and misdirect the power entrusted to him, that the so-called "dark side of man" came into being. Man no longer wanted to know anything of his great responsibility to control the direction of his own thoughts and wishes. He no longer wanted to learn about his God-given ability to shape all ethereal matter, because he did not wish to hear that control of matter meant self-control.

"Even hell itself is but a product of the human spirits! Hell exists, it is true, and it also holds serious dangers and causes terrible suffering, but it is completely dependent on the volition of all those human beings whose intuitive perceptions supply hell with strength to exist from the neutral Divine Power which rests in Creation for the use of human spirits. Thus hell is not a Divine institution, but the work of man!

He who recognises this aright, and then consciously makes use of this knowledge, will help many, and he himself will also ascend more easily towards the Light, in which alone lies all real Life!

If men would only just open themselves once so far as to be able to perceive what a treasure rests in Creation for them! A treasure which should be discovered and unearthed by every human spirit, which means that it should be used consciously - the neutral principal power that I have so often mentioned! It makes no distinction between good or evil, but stands outside these conceptions. It simply is 'Living Power'!

Every intuitive volition of a human being is the equivalent of a key to this treasure chamber and makes contact with this sublime power, the good volitions as well as the evil volitions. Both are reinforced and animated by this 'power' because it immediately reacts upon the intuitive volition of the human spirit, but only upon this, and upon nothing else. Man determines the nature of the volition, this being in his hand alone. The power as such brings neither good nor evil, but is simply 'power', and it vitalises what man has willed.

It is important, however, to know that man does not bear this life-giving power within himself, but only possesses the key to it in the ability of his intuitive perception. Thus he is the steward of this creative forming power which works in accordance with his volition! For this reason he has to render account of his stewardship which he exercises every hour. But he unconsciously plays with fire in these matters like an ignorant child, and therefore causes great damage, as a child is apt to do! Yet he need not be so ignorant! That is his fault alone! All the prophets and finally the Son of God Himself tried in their parables and teachings to enlighten men on this point, to show the way they should take, and how they should intuitively perceive, think and act in order to tread the right path!

But it was in vain! Men continued to play with this tremendous power entrusted to them only in accordance with their opinions, without listening to the warnings and advice from the Light! Ultimately, therefore, they will bring about the collapse, the destruction of their works and also of themselves! For this power works in a completely neutral manner, strengthening the good as well as the evil volitions of the human spirit, and thus will not hesitate coldly to wreck the car and its driver, just as happens with any motor vehicle that is badly driven!

Surely the picture has now been made clear enough! Through their volition and thoughts men direct the destiny of the entire Subsequent Creation as well as their own, without knowing anything about it! They further either progress or decadence, they can achieve either development in the fullest harmony or that wild confusion which now reigns! Instead of building up in a reasonable manner they waste their time and energy unnecessarily in a great deal of petty trifling!

Intelligent people now call this punishment and judgment, which is correct in a certain sense. Yet it is men themselves who have forcibly brought about everything that must now happen!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "In the Realm of Demons and Phantoms").

"It is time man adapted himself in a different way in order to become what he should be! To obey really means nothing else than to understand. To serve is the same as to help. And to help means to rule." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Man And His Free Will" - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 60 min.)

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