Part 5:
Lucifer And the Open Wound
Feb.14, 2006
In Richard Wagner's version of the Grail legend, Lucifer is represented by the character of Klingsor, but here we will call him by his real name of Lucifer, since here we are dealing with life as it really is in Creation. The various distortions, which occurred during the transmission of the tidings about the Holy Grail to the earthly poets, resulted in  various versions of the Grail legend. These distortions came about unintentionally and without malice, but distortions they are nevertheless. The badly needed clarifications on this subject come once again from that source, which illuminates all burning questions for serious seekers - "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" by Abd-ru-shin (original in German).
Lucifer's Origin
"His origin lies in a part of the Sphere of Divine Substantiality. The dissension started after the creation of all matter had begun. Sent out to support Spiritual Substantiality and further its development in the World of Matter, he failed to carry out his mission in accordance with the Creative Will of God the Father but, through a volition which came to him while working in matter, he chose ways other than those ordained by this Creative Will." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Mystery of Lucifer" - Read the entire chapter).
Lucifer was originally one of the Archangels in the Divine Sphere, where "...under the immeasurably great pressure of the proximity of God no other volition but that which swings pure and undistorted in the Will of God would be at all possible." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Substantiality"). He was sent into the World of Matter to teach human spirits how to use their intellects to facilitate and further the activity of their blossoming spirits. The intellect was meant to be a tool - merely a tool, like a shovel - at the disposal of the spirit, which alone should have had the leading and commanding role. And at first, this is precisely how man used his intellect, recreating Paradise-like conditions here on earth. This was only possible so long as the spirit within man was left in charge of all the decisions, while the intellect played a subordinate role of carrying out the will of the spirit. This constituted the normal, God-Willed development for mankind. Then a catastrophe occurred: Lucifer changed his volition and came up with his own plan (in contradiction to the Will of God), enticing man into carrying it out. Only the phenomenal distance from God allowed Lucifer to undergo this change:
" was only due to the ever-increasing distance that Lucifer was able long ago to change, and through his willfulness to cut himself off from the connection, thereby automatically opening up chasms which in time became unbridgeable, so that he himself became darker and heavier and sank ever deeper. Thus in the process of densification and cooling off he became a spirit possessing free volition, and with the great capacities bestowed upon him by his origin he finally stood under the World of Matter as the strongest spirit.
His wrong volition then brought the evil upon everything spiritual in the World of Matter, which at first felt attracted by him and then voluntarily succumbed to his enticements. Of their own free will because, in accordance with the Law in Creation, the human spirits themselves had to make the decision leading to their fall! Without their own decision to do so it would have become impossible for them to sink and now consequently to fall." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Substantiality").
Lucifer's Principle 
"...Lucifer is the origin, the starting point and the driving power of the wrong principle! One should really not call the principle he brings forth the evil principle, but the wrong principle! The field of action of this wrong principle is the World of Matter.

It is only here that the effects of the Light and the effects of Darkness, the two opposing principles, meet with one another, and constantly influence the human soul while it is developing on its journey through the World of Matter. Whichever of the two the human soul favours, in accordance with its own wishes, proves decisive for its ascent toward the Light or for its descent toward Darkness."

"Misusing the power delegated to him, he [Lucifer] introduced among other things the principle of temptation in place of the principle of supporting help, which is identical with serving love; serving love in the Divine sense, which has nothing in common with slavish servility, but only has the spiritual ascent and thereby the eternal happiness of his fellow man at heart and acts accordingly!

The principle of temptation, however, is identical with the setting of snares which cause creatures who are not sufficiently strong within themselves quickly to stumble, fall and become lost, whereas others, it is true, grow stronger and more alert so as to blossom forth powerfully towards spiritual heights. But all that is weak is irrevocably abandoned to destruction from the start. This principle knows of no goodness, no compassion; it is wanting in the love of God the Father, and therewith also in the mightiest power to ascend and in the strongest support available.

The temptation in Paradise described in the Bible shows the effect produced by the application of the Lucifer principle. It depicts how, through temptation, it tries to test the strength or steadfastness of the human couple, only to thrust them pitilessly on the road to destruction at the least sign of wavering.

Steadfastness would have been identical with a joyful adjustment to the Will of God which lies in the simple Laws of Nature or Laws of Creation. And this Will, the Divine Command, was well known to the human couple. Not to hesitate would have been the same as obeying these laws. Only through such obedience can man make proper and unlimited use of them and thus become truly 'a lord in Creation', because he is 'in harmony with them'! If he does not put himself into opposition, all the powers will serve him and work automatically in his favour.

This then holds the fulfilment of the Creator's commandments which have but one aim - to preserve and maintain undimmed and unhampered all the possibilities of development that lie in His wonderful work. The simple observance of this means in turn consciously to co-operate in the further sound development of Creation or of the World of Matter.

He who fails in this is an obstacle which must either be hewn into the right shape or left to be crushed in the wheels of the world's mechanism, that is, in the Laws of Creation. He who will not bend must break, as there can be no stagnation!

Lucifer refuses to wait with kindness for man gradually to mature and become strong. He refuses to be the loving gardener that he should be, caring for, supporting and tending the plants entrusted to him. With him 'the wolf' literally 'came to mind the sheep'! His goal is the destruction of all that is weak, and he works relentlessly towards that end.

At the same time he despises the victims who succumb to his temptations and snares, and it is his wish that they should be destroyed in their weakness!

He is also contemptuous of the baseness and meanness which these fallen victims show in the working out of his principle, for it is only men who turn it into the loathsome villainy which is so evident. Through this they only incense Lucifer the more to regard them as creatures who deserve nothing but destruction, not love and care!

To achieve this destruction not a little is contributed by the principle of 'letting oneself go', which follows as a natural consequence of the principle of temptation. This 'letting oneself go' takes place in the lower regions of Darkness but, through so-called psycho-analysis, some practitioners have already accepted it on the assumption that here on earth also 'letting oneself go' liberates and matures.

But what dreadful misery must the practice of this principle cause here on earth! What mischief must it bring since, in contrast with the regions of Darkness where only homogeneous species are together, on earth both darker and lighter souls dwell side by side! In this respect you need only to think of sexual life and similar things. If such a principle was put into practice and let loose on mankind, it must ultimately create nothing but a Sodom and Gomorrah from which there would be no escape, and only the most abject terror could bring it to an end!

Quite apart from this, however, one already sees numerous victims of similar therapies wandering about today without any hold on life, whose little bit of self-reliance and, on the whole, all their individual thinking have been completely picked to pieces and destroyed when they had confidently expected help. They are like people whose clothing has been systematically torn from their bodies so that they are then forced to put on the new garments handed to them. However, in most cases these denuded ones unfortunately can no longer see why they should put on any new clothing at all!

Through the systematic intrusion into their most intimate affairs and rights they have gradually lost the feeling of shame which is an integral part of personal self-consciousness, a part of the personality, and without which there can be nothing individual.

On such uprooted soil no new solid building can then be erected. With few exceptions these people remain dependent and sometimes actually become helpless, because the small hold they formerly possessed has been taken from them.

Both the principles of 'letting oneself go' and of temptation are so closely connected that temptation must without doubt precede 'letting oneself go'. The latter is thus a direct following and spreading of the Lucifer principle." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Mystery of Lucifer" - Read the entire chapter).

This "letting oneself go" is so popular and wide-spread today that people hardly give it a second thought, not even suspecting that they are actively promoting and spreading the Lucifer principle in this world. It is also important to note from the quote above that, contrary to all popular belief, Lucifer himself not only does not indulge in base activities, but actually has the greatest contempt for those, who do. He regards them as worthless weaklings, who deserve nothing but destruction. By succumbing to his temptations, they only prove their unworthiness to him. Like everyone else in Creation, Lucifer admires those, who are strong in spirit - and those will never lower themselves to indulge their physical senses to the point of losing self-control.

Lucifer's Failure is No Excuse for Our Fall

"... in pursuit of his erroneous principle, Lucifer can incite men to set out on a road dangerous to them, but he is unable in any way to force men into something unless they themselves decide upon it voluntarily!

In fact Lucifer can only lure! But man as such stands more firmly in material Creation than he does, therefore with much greater security and power than any influence Lucifer could ever wield over him. Thus every man is so well protected that it is a tenfold shame upon him if he permits himself to be enticed by this power, which is a relatively weaker power than his! He should remember that Lucifer himself stands outside the material sphere, while he himself is firmly rooted in familiar soil!

In order to apply his principle Lucifer is forced to make use of his auxiliary troops, composed of human spirits who have succumbed to his temptations!

The spirit of every man striving upwards is not only fully able to deal with them, but is far superior in strength. One single, serious volition suffices to make an army of them vanish without trace, providing their enticements meet with no response or approval to which they can cling.

Lucifer would indeed be quite powerless if mankind would make the effort to recognise and follow the Primordial Laws given by the Creator. Unfortunately, however, men increasingly support the wrong principle through their present behaviour, and the greater part of them will therefore have to perish!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Mystery of Lucifer" - Read the entire chapter).

We have bungled our spiritual duty in this Creation so badly (while at the same time thinking so much of ourselves and our "progress") that finally it had to be put to us this bluntly:
"God, Who is Light, does not need this Creation! Should He again limit His Radiation to its unavoidable minimum, so that only a Sphere of Divine Purity would remain into which no dimness can ever enter, as it was in the beginning, then the end of all that has been subsequently created would be at hand! Man would then also cease to exist, as he can be conscious only within Creation!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Life")

The Glorification of the Intellect

As was already mentioned, Lucifer was sent down into the Material World in order to instruct man in the proper usage of a marvelous tool - his intellect. Like all the instruments within the human body, the brain was meant to be at the total disposal of the spirit. Originally, both parts of the brain were of equal size and so worked in perfect harmony: the frontal brain (cerebrum) and the back brain (cerebellum). For the first time in the history of mankind, the interaction between man's spirit-core and the two parts of the human brain is described in The Grail Message:

"The activity of the human spirit awakens intuitive perception within the solar plexus, thereby simultaneously making an impression upon the cerebellum. It is the effect of the spirit, that is, a wave of power issuing from the spirit. Man naturally perceives this wave in that spot where the spirit within the soul is connected with the body - in the centre of the so-called solar plexus, which passes on the wave to the cerebellum where it creates an impression.

In accordance with the specific nature of the various impressions received the cerebellum, like a photographic plate, forms a picture of the process as willed by the spirit or as created with the strong power of the spirit through its volition. A picture without words! The frontal brain takes over this picture and seeks to describe it in words, thereby generating thoughts which then find expression in language.

In truth the whole process is very simple! I will repeat it once more: With the help of the solar plexus the spirit makes an impression on the bridge provided for it, thus impressing a definite volition in power waves upon the small brain, the instrument given to it for this purpose, which immediately passes on what it received to the frontal brain. In the process of transmission a slight change through consolidation has already occurred, because the small brain adds something of its own nature to it.

The instruments within the human body which are at the disposal of the spirit work like the connecting links of a chain. But they all serve in a forming capacity only, because they cannot do otherwise. Everything transmitted to them they form in accordance with their own special nature. Thus the frontal brain takes up the pictures transmitted to it by the cerebellum and, in accordance with its somewhat coarser nature, first of all compresses them into narrower conceptions of space and time, thereby condensing them and bringing them into the ethereal world of thought-forms, which is of a more tangible substance.

Next the frontal brain forms words and sentences which, through the organs of speech, penetrate as formed sound-waves into the World of Fine Gross Matter, there again producing a new effect brought about by the movement of these waves.

Thus the spoken word is the resultant effect of the pictures transmitted through the frontal brain! The latter can also direct the course of the effect towards the organs of locomotion instead of to the organs of speech, whereby words are replaced by writing or action.

That is the normal course of the activity of the human spirit in the World of Gross Matter as willed by the Creator!

It is the right way, which would have brought about a healthy subsequent development in Creation, making it utterly impossible for mankind to go astray.

Man, however, voluntarily abandoned the course prescribed for him through the constitution of his body. He stubbornly interfered in the normal working of 'the chain' of his instruments by making the intellect his idol. Thus he concentrated his whole energy upon the training of the intellect in an entirely one-sided manner! As a result the frontal brain, having now become the producer, was forced to exert itself out of all proportion to what was required of the other co-operating instruments.

This naturally incurred a heavy penalty! The uniform and harmonious co-operation of all the individual links was upset and hindered, and with it every right development. The excessive strain to which the frontal brain alone was subjected for thousands of years forced its development far beyond everything else.

This consequently curtailed the activity of all the neglected parts which, because of their lack of use, were bound to remain weak. Foremost among these is the cerebellum, which is the instrument of the spirit. Thus it follows that the activity of the human spirit proper was not only severely obstructed, but it is often completely cut off and remains excluded! The possibility of proper intercourse with the frontal brain over the bridge of the small brain is buried, while a direct connection between the human spirit and the frontal brain is utterly impossible owing to the latter's nature. The frontal brain is absolutely dependent on the full activity of the cerebellum, to which it stands next in succession according to God's Will, in order properly to fulfil the task assigned to it.

The specific quality of the cerebellum is needed in order to receive the vibrations of the spirit. It is impossible to bypass it, for the work of the frontal brain is to prepare their transition to the World of Fine Gross Matter, and therefore it is of a quite different and much coarser nature.

In the one-sided cultivation of the frontal brain lies the hereditary sin of earth-man against his God or, more precisely, against the Divine Laws, which manifest through the right apportionment of the bodily instruments, as in the entire Creation!

The observance of the correct apportionment would have automatically indicated the straight and right road of ascent to the human spirit. As it was, however, man in his ambitious conceit interfered with this machinery of healthy activity, singled out one part and cultivated it specially while disregarding all the others! This was bound to bring disproportion and stagnation in its train. If the course of natural events is hampered in such a way disease and failure must ensue, ending finally in wild confusion and collapse.

Here it is not only a question of the body but in the first place of the spirit! Through this interference - the unequal cultivation of the two brains - the cerebellum was suppressed through neglect in the course of thousands of years, and thereby the spirit was hampered in its activity. This became the hereditary sin, because the one-sided over-cultivation of the frontal brain is in the course of time passed on to each child through physical inheritance. Thus from the outset it becomes immensely difficult for the child's spirit to awaken and grow more powerful, because the bridge necessary for this purpose, the cerebellum, is no longer so easy to cross and is even very often completely cut off!

Man has not the faintest idea what irony and strong censure lie in the expressions 'large brain' and 'small brain' which he created! No indictment regarding his transgression against Divine ordinance could be set forth in a more devastating manner! This precisely indicates the gravest of his earthly sins, for in his wanton obstinacy he so mutilated this fine instrument of his physical body, which is meant to help him on earth, that not only is it unable to serve him any longer in the way the Creator ordained, but it must even lead him to the depths of destruction! In this man has failed to a far greater extent than the drunkards or those who destroy their bodies by becoming slaves to their passions!

In addition they now have the presumption to expect that God should make Himself manifest to them in a manner they can understand in their wantonly distorted physical bodies! After committing such a sin they would also make this demand!

How easily and joyfully man could have ascended the steps to Luminous Heights in the natural course of development if he had not so wantonly interfered with the Work of God!

The man of the future will have normal brains which will work uniformly and thus support each other harmoniously. The cerebellum, called the small brain because it is stunted in its growth, will now grow in strength as it attains to its proper field of activity until it is in the right proportion to the frontal brain. Then there will be harmony again, and all that is petrified and unhealthy must disappear!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Intuitive Perception" - Read the entire chapter).

"Thus the disproportionate over-development of the human intellect in the past has grown into the hereditary sin for man! Behind this, however, stands Lucifer himself as Antichrist in person! He it is who through men was able to raise his head! He, the only real enemy of God! He acquired the name of Antichrist through his hostile struggle against the Mission of the Son of God. None other would have had the strength and the power to become the Antichrist.

And in his warfare against the Will of God, Lucifer makes use not merely of one man an earth but of nearly all mankind, thus leading them to destruction under the effect of the Divine Wrath! Whoever cannot grasp this most obvious fact, that only Lucifer himself could be the Antichrist who dares to oppose God, will never be able to understand anything of all that takes place outside the World of Gross Matter, that is, outside what is purely earthly.

And as it was then, so is it still today! Indeed far worse. Today, too, many religious representatives will wish to fight bitterly to maintain the earthly intellectual ordinances hitherto upheld in the temples and churches.

It is precisely this human intellect, blunting all nobler intuition, that is one of the most insidious growths of Lucifer which he was able to spread among mankind. All slaves of the intellect, however, are in truth Lucifer's servants, who are accomplices in the terrible collapse which must thus befall mankind!

Since no one suspected that Antichrist lurked beneath the intellect, he could extend his sinister influence all the more easily! Lucifer triumphed; for he thereby cut off mankind from any comprehending of all that lies outside the World of Gross Matter. From real life! From that place where contact is first made with the spiritual, which leads to the proximity of God!

With this he set his foot upon this earth as lord of the earth and of the greater part of mankind!

No wonder, then, that he could penetrate to the altars, and that representatives of earthly religions, also of the Christian churches, were bound to become his victims. For they too expect the Antichrist just before the predicted Judgment. Up till now the great Revelation in the Bible, like many other things, has never yet been understood in this respect.

The Revelation says that this Antichrist will raise his head before the Judgment, but not that he will first appear then! If it is said therein that he raises his head, this clearly indicates that he must be here already, but not that he is yet to come. It means that he will have reached the zenith of his dominion just before the Judgment!"(Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Antichrist")

"...The worship of this idol 'intellect' has naturally grown steadily since the Fall of Man, until it has now developed into the powerful earthly Antichrist or, more explicitly, into all that is anti-spiritual. This is clearly evident today wherever one looks, and does not require a keen eye to observe it.

And since the spiritual alone can provide the bridge by which to approach and to understand all that is Divine, the granting of supreme power to the earthly intellect, to which all the sciences proudly confess today, is nothing but an open declaration of warfare against God!

Not only the sciences, but all mankind today move under this sign! Even everybody who calls himself a serious seeker carries this poison about with him!

Thus it is not unnatural that the Church must also have much of this within it. In the rendering and interpreting of all the words of the Saviour, therefore, much has crept in which has its origin only in the earthly cleverness of the intellect!

This also is the serpent of which the Bible story warns and which entices man ever again - the serpent of intellectual sagacity which alone is always confronting man with the subtle question: 'Yea, hath God Said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?'

As soon as every decision is left to the serpent, i. e., to the intellect alone, it will always, as has been rightly indicated in the Bible, choose what is hostile to or what leads away from God, that which is purely earthly and muck lower, to which the intellect belongs as its highest manifestation. Thus it cannot grasp what is higher!

Man has been endowed with the intellect so that in every life on earth he has a counterpoise pulling downwards to balance the upward-striving spirituality. It was given to him for the purpose of preventing him from floating in spiritual heights only, and thereby forgetting his task on earth. The intellect is also meant to facilitate his whole life on earth. But, above all, it is intended to transmit the strong upward urge for what is sublime, pure and perfect, which is an absolutely inherent quality of the spirit, to the small earthly, so that it has a visible effect in the material world! It should act as the handyman of the living spirit, as its servant, not as the one to make decisions and take the lead. It is to help create the earthly or material opportunities for the carrying out of spiritual urges. The intellect is to be the tool and the servant of the spirit.

If, however, all decisions are left to the intellect alone, as is done now, then it ceases to be a counterbalance and helper, but throws only its own weight into the scale of every decision. This can quite naturally only be followed by a sinking downward, because the intellect draws down. No other course is possible because the intellect belongs to the World of Matter and is firmly bound to it, whereas that which is spiritual comes from above. Instead of extending a helping hand to the spiritual, and becoming strong and great in so doing, the intellect, as soon as everything is left to it, rejects and repudiates the stronger hand proffered by the spiritual. It cannot do otherwise and acts in these matters only in accordance with the laws of its own nature!

It should be noted that the earthly intellect becomes an enemy of the spirit only when it is elevated above the latter, not before! For if it stands under the dominion of the spirit, as it naturally should in accordance with the Creative Will, it remains a faithful servant which can be appreciated as such. But if, contrary to the Laws of Nature, the intellect is given a position of authority, where it does not belong, the consequence is that it will suppress everything that could disturb it in order to. maintain itself on the usurped throne. It automatically closes the doors which, if kept open, would throw light upon its deficiencies and narrow limitations!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do".)

The Holy Spear and the Open Wound

"Through the Lucifer principle, that is, through the wrong application of Divine Power, which is the same as the 'Holy Spear' being wielded in the wrong hand, a wound that cannot heal has been inflicted upon the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality. In the legend this thought is portrayed in striking manner, for the happening does resemble an open wound that will not heal.

It should be realised that the human spirits, as unconscious spirit-germs or sparks, leap or flow over the boundary of the lowest region of Spiritual Substantiality into material Creation! The expectation is that these outflowing particles, having been awakened and developed to personal consciousness during their wanderings in the World of Matter, will return thereafter to the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality in order to complete their cycles. This is similar to the circulation of the blood in the physical body.

The Lucifer principle, however, diverts a large portion of this circulating spiritual stream. Thus the necessary cycle cannot be closed, the result being a weakening as from the continual draining of an open wound!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Mystery of Lucifer" - Read the entire chapter).

In connection with the striking image of an "open wound", Nikolaus Lehnhoff's production of Richard Wagner's "Parsifal" comes to mind once again. Of all the amazing performances in it, one stands out in particular: the portrayal of Amfortas by Thomas Hampson. In this production, he is called upon to portray "the wound" in an unusually dramatic manner: instead of simply reclining in a chair with a painful expression on his face (which is what is done in most other productions), he stumbles about the stage half-out-of-his-mind, while at the same time delivering a blood-curdling vocal performance. It is obvious that "the wound" is not a physical wound. The director of the production, Mr. Lehnhoff, describes it as "the wound of our civilization". This is a good way of putting it, so long as we don't blame civilization for it, but realize that civilization is made up of individuals, i.e. us. And since most of us de facto practice the Lucifer's principle in our lives (mostly without realizing it), the end-result is that we render ourselves incapable of returning Home to our Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality - for the simple and natural reason that, according to the Law of Gravitation, the dark ethereal matter (which clings to us as a result of engaging in base or exclusively material thinking) is so dense and heavy that it prevents our spirits from rising upwards to the more luminous regions. Lucifer enticed us into using his principle by making it appear "daring" and "exiting", but we are not relieved of personal responsibility on that account, for we are the ones, who made the final decision to use it.

The "Holy Spear" symbolizes Power, the one and only Power there is: the Power of God (i.e. of His Radiation) flowing continuously into Creation through the Grail Castle in the Primordial Spiritual Sphere, and more specifically, through the Holy Chalice in the uppermost Sanctuary of the Grail Castle, the Holy Grail Itself! To get an accurate picture of how this Power operates in our world of matter, we need another glimpse into the Knowledge brought to us from the Grail Castle and revealed in The Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin:

"This pure, creative Power of God flows continually through the whole Creation, lies in it and is inseparable from it. It is to be found everywhere: in the air, in every drop of water, in the growing rock, the struggling plant, the animal, and naturally also in man. There is nothing where it would not be.

And just as it flows through everything, so it also streams unceasingly through man. Now the latter is so constituted that he resembles a lens. Just as a lens collects the sun's rays streaming through it, and passes them on in concentrated form, so that the heat-giving rays, united an one spot, singe and set on fire, so man by virtue of his specific nature collects through his intuitive perception the Power of Creation streaming through him, and passes it on in concentrated form through his thoughts.

According to the nature of this intuitive perceiving and the thoughts connected with it, he thus guides the self-acting creative Power of God to good or evil effect!

And that is the responsibility which man must bear! Therein also lies his free will!

You who often seek so strenuously to find the right way, why do you make it so hard for yourselves? In all simplicity picture to yourselves how the pure Power of the Creator flows through you, and how you guide it with your thoughts in a good or in an evil direction. There you have it all, without trouble and without racking your brain!

Consider that it lies with your simple intuitive perceiving and thinking whether this mighty Power will evoke good or evil. What a furthering or destructive power is thus given to you!

You need not exert yourselves till you perspire, you need not convulsively cling to some so-called occult practice in order to reach, through every conceivable and inconceivable physical and spiritual contortion, some stage that is completely worthless for your true spiritual upwardswinging!

Cease this time-wasting trifling, which has so often become painful torment, signifying nothing else than the former self-scourgings and mortifications practised in the monasteries. It is only another form of the same thing, which can bring you as little gain.

The so-called occult masters and pupils are modern Pharisees! In the truest sense of the word. They are the true reflection of the Pharisees at the time of Jesus of Nazareth.

Realise in pure joy that through your simple, good-willing intuitive perceiving and thinking you are able without effort to guide the one and mighty Power of Creation. The Power will then take effect exactly according to the nature of your intuitive perceiving and your thoughts. It works by itself, you need only guide it.

This takes place in all simplicity and unassumingness! No erudition is required for this, not even reading and writing. It is given to each of you in the same degree! In this no difference exists.

Just as a child playing with a switch can turn on an electric current that produces tremendous effects, so is it given to you, through your simple thoughts, to guide Divine Power.

You may rejoice over this, may be proud of it, when you use it for the good! But tremble if you fritter it uselessly away, or even employ it for impure purposes! For you cannot escape the Laws of Reciprocal Action that rest in Creation. And if you had the wings of the morning, the Hand of the Lord Whose Power you thus misuse would strike you through this automatic reciprocal action, wherever you wished to hide.

Evil is brought about with the same pure Divine Power as good!

And it is the kind of use made of this uniform Power of God, left to the free choice of each one, that bears within it the responsibility which no one can escape. Therefore I call out to every seeker:

'Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, by so doing you will bring peace and be happy!'" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Responsibility")

Through materialistic, base and just mundane way of thinking and being, man interrupted the flow of Power coming from Above (from the Holy Grail) and diverted It into inappropriate channels. This is "the wound" that Amfortas and all of us (to one extent or another) bear. It burns and torments us, because it keeps us cut off from God's Love, flowing down from the Holy Grail. The only way to help us at this late date was to reveal to us the extent of the power, which we exercise in Creation, disclosing to us the radiation-processes, by which we are able to actually shape ethereal matter into very definite forms - either beautiful and beneficial or ugly and destructive. And because this power does not rest within us, but only flows through us from Above (in other words, it is borrowed power, borrowed from God), for this reason we must render account for how we have used it in our thoughts, words and deeds. Also, man can only return Home to the Spiritual Sphere, if he uses the Power correctly, furthering and uplifting everything in accordance with his spiritual nature, instead of dragging it down through base thinking. The saving Knowledge of how man should use the power entrusted to him (as opposed to how he is using it now) has been brought to us by the One, Who was promised by Jesus Himself and was called the Son of Man, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. Jesus never called Himself the Son of Man; it was only His disciples, who unintentionally confused the Two  Persons and fused Them into One (read the chapter "The Son of Man" by Abd-ru-shin). The Son of Man and Parsifal, however, are one and the same Person.

"It is impossible for any human spirit to fight a battle against Lucifer himself for the simple reason that, owing to the difference in the nature of their species, it cannot penetrate to him. The human spirit can only come in contact with those who have fallen through the wrong principle because they are basically of the same species.

The origin of Lucifer requires that only he who is of the same or of a higher origin can personally approach and face him, and so none other can penetrate to him. It must be a Divine Envoy, armed with the sacred seriousness of His Mission and with perfect trust in the Source of All Power, in God the Father Himself!

This task has been delegated to the prophesied Son of Man!

The combat will be a personal one, face to face, not only a general symbolical one, as many investigators want to interpret from the prophecies. It is the fulfilment of the promise given in Parsifal. Lucifer has wrongly used the 'Holy Spear', the Power, and through his principle inflicted a painful wound with it upon humanity and thus upon the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality. The Spear will be wrested from him in this combat. Then, in the 'proper hands', that is, by applying the true Grail principle of pure, severe love, it will heal the wound previously inflicted by it while in the wrong hand, that is, through its wrong use."

"When now the 'Holy Spear', i, e., the Divine Power, is wielded in the proper hand, acting according to the Will of the Creator and showing the right way to spiritual substance which constitutes an animating factor in Matter, thereby leading it upwards to its point of origin, to the luminous Kingdom of God the Father, the spiritual substance will no longer become lost, but will flow back to its origin as the blood does to the heart. As a result the exuding wound, which up till then weakened the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality, will be closed! Thus the healing can only take place through the same Spear as inflicted the wound!

To achieve this, however, the Spear must first be wrested from Lucifer and come into the proper hand, and this takes place in the personal combat between Parsifal and Lucifer!

The further battles which extend into the Ethereal and Gross Material Worlds are but the after-effects of this one great combat, which must bring about the promised binding of Lucifer and herald the beginning of the Millennium! They mean the extermination of the consequences of the Lucifer principle!

This principle is opposed to the reign of Divine Love, the blessings of which fall to man's share on his journey through the World of Matter. If men would simply strive after this Divine Love they would immediately become completely invulnerable to every temptation of Lucifer, and he would be robbed of all the terror the human spirit has woven around him.

The monstrous and hideous forms which man erroneously tries to give to Lucifer are but the confused phantasies of the human brain! In truth, for the simple reason that there is a difference in species, no human eye was ever able to behold him, not even the eye which already during life on earth is often able to recognise the Ethereal World of the beyond!

Contrary to all ideas Lucifer may be called proud and stately, of a supernatural beauty and sombre majesty, with large, clear blue eyes which, however, in their ice-cold expression bear witness to a lack of love! He is not only a conception, as he is generally represented when all other interpretations fail, but he is personal!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Mystery of Lucifer" - Read the entire chapter.)

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