Part 6:
A List Of Lucifer's "Accomplishments"

The only reason it is now possible for us to survey so clearly Lucifer's "accomplishments" is because his objectives and tactics have been exposed for the first time in the Message brought down from the Holy Grail: "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" by Abd-ru-shin.

Lucifer's "Accomplishments":

1). Enticing man into one-sided over-cultivation of his intellect (the frontal part of the brain). This disrupted the perfect balance, which originally existed between the frontal part of the brain (the intellectual brain) and the back part of the brain (the intuitive brain). The resulting suppression and stunted development of the intuitive brain (the cerebellum) makes it much more difficult for a man of today to comprehend all things spiritual, because only the back brain has a direct connection with the spirit-core within man. (For a full explanation read chapter "Intuitive Perception" from The Grail Message).

"From the very beginning, however, mankind's greatest guilt has lain in placing this intellect, which can only produce what is incomplete and without life, on a high pedestal, and virtually dancing around it in worship. It was given a place that should have been reserved for the spirit alone.

This action is entirely opposed to the ordinances of the Creator and thus to nature, because these are anchored in what takes place in nature. Therefore nothing can lead to a true goal either, but everything must fail at the point where the harvest is due to set in. lt cannot be otherwise, but is a natural happening that is to be expected.

Only in purely technical science, in all industry, is it different. This has reached great heights through the intellect, and will even advance much further in the future! This fact, however, serves to prove the truth of my explanations. Technical science in all its aspects is and will always remain purely earthly, lifeless. Now since the intellect likewise belongs to all that is earthly, it is able to develop brilliantly in the technical sciences, and can accomplish really great things. Here it stands in its right place, in its real task!

But wherever anything "living", thus purely human, has to be considered as well, the intellect by its nature is not adequate, and must therefore fail if it is not then guided by the spirit! For spirit alone is life. Success of a specific kind can always be achieved only by the activity of the homogeneous kind. The earthly intellect will therefore never be able to do spiritual work! For this reason placing the intellect above life has become the grave offence of this mankind.

Contrary to the creative, thus wholly natural ordinance, man has therewith directly reversed his task, and has, so to speak, turned it upside down by yielding the supreme place that belongs to the living spirit to the intellect, which comes in the second and purely earthly place. Through this it is again quite natural for man now to be obliged painfully to seek from below upwards, whereby the superimposed intellect, with its limited capacity to comprehend, obstructs any broader view, instead of his being able to look down from above through the spirit.

If he wishes to awaken he is compelled first to 'transpose the lights'. To put the intellect, which is now above, in the place given to it by nature, and restore the spirit to the supreme position. This necessary transposition is no longer so easy for the man of today. -

The change of order that men introduced in bygone times, so incisively directed against the Will of the Creator, thus against the Laws of Nature, was the actual 'fall of man', the consequences of which cannot be more terrible; for in due course it developed into 'inherited sin', because the elevation of the intellect to the position of sole ruler again brought in its wake the natural consequence that, in the course of time, such one-sided cultivation and activity also strengthened the brain one-sidedly, so that only the part which has to do the work of the intellect grew bigger, and the other part was bound to become stunted. Thereby the part that has become stunted through neglect can only operate today as an unreliable dream-brain, even then being still under the powerful influence of the so-called day-brain, which activates the intellect.

Thus the part of the brain which should form the bridge to the spirit, or rather the bridge from the spirit to everything earthly, is thereby paralysed; a connection is broken, or at least very much loosened, whereby man has cut off for himself all spiritual activity, and with it also the possibility of 'animating', spiritualising and inspiring his intellect.

Both parts of the brain should have been developed absolutely equally, for joint harmonious activity, like everything in the body. The spirit leading and the intellect carrying out here an earth. It is obvious that because of this all the activity of the body too, and even the body itself, can never be what it should be. For naturally what has taken place affects everything! Because the most essential factor for all earthly things is thereby missing!

lt is easy to understand that the cutting off was simultaneously linked with the withdrawal and estrangement from the Divine. Indeed, there was no longer any way to lt.

Finally this in turn had the disadvantage that already for thousands of years, owing to the ever-increasing hereditary factor, every child's body that is born brings with it to the earth the frontal intellectual brain so large that, from the outset and because of this condition, each child is again readily submitted to the intellect the moment this brain develops its full activity. The gulf between the two parts of the brain has now grown so wide, and their functions so proportionately unequal, that with the majority of all mankind an improvement can no longer be achieved without catastrophe.

The intellectual man of today is no longer a normal human being, but lacks any development of the principal part of his brain that belongs to the complete human being, because he has allowed it to become stunted for thousands of years. Without exception, every intellectual has only a crippled normal brain! Therefore brain-cripples have been ruling the earth for thousands of years; they regard the normal human being as an enemy and seek to subjugate him. In their crippled condition they imagine that they accomplish a great deal, and they do not know that the normal human being is in a position to achieve ten times as much, producing works of a permanent nature which are more perfect than the present efforts! The way is open to every really serious seeker to acquire this ability!

An intellectual, however, will no longer so easily become able to grasp something that belongs to the activity of this stunted part of his brain! He is simply incapable of it, even if he should desire it; and solely because of his voluntary restriction he ridicules everything that he is unable to attain, and which owing to his really retarded, not normal brain will never at any time be understood by him either.

Just therein lies the most terrible part of the curse of this unnatural aberration. The harmonious co-operation of both parts of the human brain that absolutely belongs to a normal human being, is definitely impossible for the present-day intellectuals, who are called materialists. -

To be a materialist is really no recommendation, but evidence of a stunted brain.

Thus the unnatural brain has hitherto ruled on this earth; and finally its activity must obviously also bring about the inevitable collapse in all things, since everything, no matter what it wishes to produce, naturally contains discord and ill-health even from the very start, owing to the stunting.

Nothing of this can now be changed any more, but one must calmly let the naturally developing collapse come about. Then, however, will be the day of resurrection for the spirit, and also for a new life! The slave of the intellect, who has held the reins for thousands of years, will thus be disposed of for ever! Never again will he be able to arise, because the evidence and his own experience will finally compel him voluntarily to submit at last, ill and spiritually impoverished, to that which he was unable to grasp. Never again will he be given the opportunity to oppose the spirit, either by scoffing or by the semblance of right through imposing force, such as was also used towards the Son of God, Who had to fight against it.

Then there would still have been time to avert such misery. But now it is too late; for in the meantime the loosened connection between the two parts of the brain can no longer be bridged." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Once Upon a Time..." - Listen to the entire chapter in MP3, 1:01:32)

"Man has burdened himself with much that acts as a hindrance and prevents an unfolding of his spirit, which strives of its own accord to tread the path upwards as soon as it is not fettered or earthbound by anything.

The main evil, however, remains the one-sided and too greatly cultivated intellect which, puffed up, lolls about on a ruler's throne that it is not entitled to.

It resembles an animal that renders very good service only when controlled, but which in any event has a harmful effect as soon as it is allowed to be independent.

It is like a beast of prey which at first remains friendly and gives pleasure to him who cares for and feeds it, but which once it has reached a certain size becomes dangerous also to him who has first reared it.

It then becomes the tyrant of the caretaker, who must fear it and who completely loses his hitherto accustomed freedom of movement in the cage, the habitation of this animal. All of a sudden the animal controls him within the bounds of its ability to move about.

It is the same with every person and his intellect. And since the intellect not only remained dependent upon the habitation assigned to it, i. e., upon the particular human body, but enforced complete freedom of movement for itself, which is without limit an earth, the whole of mankind had to accommodate themselves to its volition.

Nowhere are they safe from it, it lurks dangerously everywhere, ready to apply its sharp claws or destructive teeth wherever a person appears who is not willing to submit to it!

This is how it looks on earth today! The animal at first so tenderly cared for has grown to an immense strength, it cannot again be compelled by any man to give useful service! And so it now creates sad havoc, in which you are already partly involved, and which will become even worse because you are incapable of commanding the beast to stop!

Many persons will become a prey to it in spite of the fact that they could easily have controlled the animal if they had only trained it aright at the proper time.

The strength which the beast now consumes in its ravages was meant to be used in a beneficial way under the judicious guidance of your spirit, to beautify and uplift yourselves and your surroundings for the peace and joy of all.

Instead of devastation, flowering gardens would lie before you, inviting you to blissful activity in the grateful productivity of peace-loving earthly citizens!

Without exception you would have to come to grief over this monstrous beast you have reared if God Himself does not now set a limit to it, divesting it of its power and leading it again on paths where it can only work beneficially!

But before that you must experience what harm you have therewith committed, you must see and undergo the serious consequences which it brings and draws in its train, so that you will be completely cured of such wrong deeds and striving, and no desire for such can again arise within you in the future!"  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Primordial Spiritual Planes IV")

2). Distorting the real purpose of the Mission of Jesus Christ.  Once again, Abd-ru-shin, as the only one who is able to expose Lucifer's tactics, explains the nature of this tragic distortion of Christ's Mission and how it was carefully orchestrated by Lucifer, who succeeded in engaging the help of the church:

"The right choice of bait is the main thing for each catch.

Now as this was intended for human souls, a plan based on their weaknesses was skilfully devised. The lure had to correspond to the main weakness! And this main weakness of the souls was love of ease, the indolence of their spirit!

The church knew very well that it was bound to achieve great success as soon as it showed much leniency towards this weakness, and did not require it to be overcome!

Recognising this aright, it built for earthen a broad and easy road that was ostensibly to lead to the Light, and displayed it enticingly to these earthmen who would prefer to give one-tenth of the fruits of their labour, go on their knees and murmur prayers by the hundred, rather than exert themselves spiritually for even one moment!

Therefore the church took the spiritual effort away from men, also pardoning all their sins if they were obedient outwardly and in the earthly sense, and carried out what the church required of them in mundane ways!

Whether in the way of church attendance, confessions, in the number of prayers, in tributes or in donations and bequests, no matter what, the church was satisfied. They left the believers under a delusion that everything they did for the church would also secure them a place in Heaven.

As if the church could allot these places!

However, the achievements and the allegiance of all believers links them only with their church, not with their God! Neither the church nor its servants can take away from or even forgive a human soul one particle of its guilt! Just as little are they permitted to canonise a soul, and thereby interfere in God's perfect eternal Primordial Laws of Creation, which are immutable!

How can men presume to vote and also to decide on matters that rest in the Omnipotence, the Justice and the Omniscience of God! How dare earthmen try to make their fellow-men believe such things! And it is no less sacrilegious for earthmen credulously to accept such claims, which so plainly carry within them only a dishonouring of the Sublimity of God!

Anything so incredible can only be possible with thoughtless people of herd mentality, who by such action brand themselves with the mark of the greatest spiritual indolence; for the most simple reflection must enable anyone instantly and easily to realise that such presumptions cannot even be explained by human conceit or arrogance, but contain grave blasphemies!

The reciprocal effect must be terrible!"

"What does a man give to his God by obedience to the church! He does not have with it a single, natural intuitive urge, which alone can help him to ascend.

I say to you that men can in truth only serve God with just that which did not come to life through the churches: With their own thinking and independent investigation! Everyone must journey alone through the mills, through the mechanism of the Divine Laws in Creation. And therefore it is necessary for every man himself to become acquainted at the right time with the nature and function of the mills.

But this is just what many a church has persistently withheld, so that the believers could not develop the necessary personal reflection and intuitive perception. Thereby they robbed man of that staff which alone can guide him safely and direct him towards the Light, and tried instead to force upon every man an interpretation, the acceptance of which was bound to bring benefit only to the church. Benefit, influence and power!

Human souls can serve their Creator only by the activity of their own spirit! Thereby, however, in the first place they are also simultaneously serving themselves. Only that human spirit which stands bright and alert in this Creation, aware of its Laws and adapting itself to them in thought and deed, is pleasing to God, because it is then fulfilling the purpose of existence, which every human spirit has in this Creation!

But this never lies in the observances that the churches demand of their believers! For these lack naturalness and free conviction, knowledge, as the main requisite of true service to God! There is a lack of vigour and joy in helping all creatures to advance, in letting their souls exult in the happiness of knowing that they can contribute to the beauty of this Creation as a part of it, and thereby thank and honour the Creator!"

"Enticed by the sanctioned indolence of the spirit, endless multitudes have allowed themselves to be drawn into the fold of the church, which lulls them to sleep! They believed the wicked delusion of a cheap atonement for their sins, and as the spiritually indolent masses grew so did the earthly influence, with the final goal of earthly power! The people did not see that the false view and teaching obscured and defiled the Sacred Justice of Almighty God; they saw only the thus simulated broad and easy road to the Light, which in reality does not exist at all! Through its arbitrary, illusory forgiveness it leads to Darkness and destruction!

The self-glorification of all the churches, which is hostile to God, separates their believers from God instead of leading them to Him. The doctrines were false! But the people should easily have found this out themselves, for they clearly contradict the simplest sense of justice! And therefore the church believers are just as guilty as the churches themselves!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Indolence of the Spirit" - Read the entire chapter.)

"There is nothing on the entire earth that has dared to oppose Christ and His Word more than the church has done from the very beginning!

Nothing could be more dangerous! Through the very pretence of wanting to serve God, the effect for mankind was dreadful! Lucifer could not have had a better helper in his hostile work against God. Here his subtle prompting of the earthly intellect had achieved its greatest triumph! It had produced a misleading falsification of all that should actually have come into existence as willed by God! The pretence at genuineness was successful. What was most valuable and should have led to God, he had turned in the opposite direction through those who represented themselves as, and very often considered themselves to be, God's servants; he let it become an obstacle that was bound to hinder mankind from advancing joyfully towards the longed-for Light! A move unequalled in its audacity." (Abd-ru-shin)

"It is understandable if disciples place first and foremost all that is personal about their teacher and master, especially when this master was so abruptly and brutally torn from their midst and, although utterly innocent, exposed to the most terrible suffering and coarsest mockery, and finally put to the most agonising death!

Such events would be deeply engraved on the souls of those who had come to know their teacher in the most ideal way while they lived together, and would quite naturally cause them to place the personal element foremost in everything they remembered. But the sacred Mission of the Son of God lay in His Word, in bringing the Truth from Luminous Heights, in order to show mankind their way to the Light! This had been closed to them up till then, because their spiritual development had previously made it impossible for them to walk on that road!

The suffering thereby wrought upon this great Bringer of Truth by mankind stands entirely on its own!

However, what was quite understandable and natural with the disciples resulted in many great errors in the later religion! The essence of the Divine Message receded far into the background before the personal cult of the Bringer of Truth, which Christ never intended!

For this reason mistakes are now evident in the Christian religion which will lead to the danger of a breakdown unless the errors are recognised in time and, through open confession, are courageously set right.

It cannot be expected otherwise than that the smallest amount of serious progress must make all these gaps visible! But then it is decidedly better not to avoid them, but to tackle them boldly. Why should not this purification be instituted by the leadership itself, freshly and cheerfully, with a free upward gaze towards the Supreme Godhead? Great numbers of men would feel as if freed from a pressure, which they had indeed perceived but never really recognised as such, and would gratefully follow a call leading them into the light of joyful conviction!

In following the habit of those who blindly subject themselves to an unlimited control of their intellect, and who thereby severely diminish their ability to comprehend, they placed the same value on Christ's earth life as on His Mission. His family relationships and all the earthly events received even greater attention than the main purpose of His Coming, which consisted of bringing enlightenment to the matured human spirits about all the real happenings in Creation, wherein alone they would find the Will of God, which is woven into it and thus made available to them!

It was the bringing of this Truth, up till then still unknown, which quite by itself necessitated Christ's coming upon the earth. Nothing else! For without truly recognising the Will of God in Creation no man can find the road of ascent to the Luminous Realm, much less walk upon it!

Instead of simply accepting these facts as such, becoming absorbed in the Message and living accordingly, as the Bringer of Truth repeatedly and emphatically demanded, the founders of the Christian religions and churches created a personal cult as the principal foundation, which forced them to make the suffering of Christ mean something entirely different from what it really was!

They needed it for this cult! Finally, in the course of further development, this quite naturally produced one great error after another, which became obstacles for a great number of people, preventing them as yet from properly recognising the right way.

This wrong structure, based on lack of objectivity, alone brought about the distortion of all the happenings, it being inevitable that factual impartiality was bound to cease from the moment when the principal cult became purely personal! Thus the urge developed to anchor the Mission of the Son of God mainly in His life on earth. Indeed this became a necessity!

That this is a wrong step to take Christ Himself proved by His whole attitude. More than once He clearly and sharply rejected the personal attitude taken towards Him! In every word and every action he continually pointed to God the Father, Whose Will He fulfilled and in Whose Power He stood and acted. He explained how mankind should henceforth learn to look up to God the Father, but He never spoke of Himself in this connection.

Since His words dealing with this point were not heeded, it became inevitable in the end that Christ's suffering on earth was supposed to be regarded as necessary and as ordained by God, and it was even declared to be part of His main task in coming to earth. According to this view He came from the Luminous Heights only in order to suffer here on earth!

As He had not burdened Himself with any guilt, there remained only one explanation: He must have taken the sins of others upon Himself in order to redeem them from those sins!

What else was there left but to continue to build in that manner on the foundation thus established?" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do".)

"Neither was the death on the cross a necessary sacrifice, but a murder, a dastardly crime! Every other explanation is a misinterpretation which either has its origin in ignorance or is meant as an excuse. Christ certainly did not come to this earth with the intention of letting Himself be crucified; neither does redemption lie in the crucifixion! Christ was crucified because of His teaching, as a troublesome Bringer of Truth!

It was not His death on the cross that could and should bring redemption, but the Truth He gave to mankind in His Word!

The Truth, however, was irksome to the religious leaders and heads of the temples of that time. It was an annoyance because it severely undermined their influence. It would be exactly the same today in many places! Mankind has not changed in this respect. The teachers of that time took their standing, it is true, on the good old traditions as do those of today, but through those who practised and interpreted them these traditions had become nothing but rigid and empty forms, wholly wanting in life, the same as may often be observed today!"

"His violent death, in the form at the time used by the Romans to execute people, was not in itself the redemption, nor did it bring redemption. It atoned for none of mankind's guilt, liberated them from nothing, but burdened them still more with a dastardly murder!

If still here and there a cult has arisen which sees in this murder a necessary and principal part of the Son of God's Work of Redemption, this only distracts man's attention from the greater value which alone could bring this redemption. It diverts him from the true mission of the Saviour, from that which necessitated His coming from the Divine Sphere to the earth!

The purpose of His Mission, however, was not to suffer death on the cross, but to bring the Truth into the maze of dogmatic rigidity and emptiness which debase the human spirit, and to explain the relations between God, the Creation and mankind as they actually are!

Through this knowledge the illusions which the constricted spirit of man added, and which covered up the reality, had feebly to fall away of their own accord. Not till then could man see clearly before him the way leading upwards!

Redemption lies solely in the bringing of this Truth and the consequent liberation from errors!

It is redemption from obscured vision, from blind faith! The word 'blind' most suitably depicts this false state!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Crucifixion of the Son of God And the Lord's Supper" - Read the entire chapter).

"Only the path is shown to you and will be shown to all of you, you indolent ones, but you yourselves must walk upon it! You must exert yourselves to do so!

How often did Christ say this, and yet you believe that you can be forgiven your sins without difficulty, immediately, if only you pray for it! You live according to your wishes and desires, and even beg for Divine Help to do so! And again you expect this help to be only in that form which you wish for, thus even making conditions about it!

Indolence and presumption wherever you look! Nothing else!"  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "How the Message Should Be Absorbed".)

"The human spirit should at last get accustomed to the thought that it must bestir itself most energetically to obtain grace and forgiveness and thus fulfil the duty it has slothfully neglected! It must pull itself together and work on itself if it would not fall into the darkness of the damned!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "I Am the Lord Thy God!")

"You have been most seriously poisoned and endangered by the false representation of the Love of God, which you sought to divest of all vigour, all power and clarity, enveloping it instead in an unhealthy weakness and harmful indulgence, which was bound to plunge you all together into spiritual indolence and thus into ruin.

Beware of the fatal distortion of the concept of the Holy Love of God! You therewith fall into a slumber which at first is pleasant, but which becomes the sleep of death.

True love does not lie in indulgence, and in a kindness that is expected to forgive everything. This is wrong, and acts like a drug that only lulls the spirits into lassitude and weakness, finally bringing on complete paralysis and enforcing eternal death, since an awakening at the right time is then impossible.

Only the severe coolness of Divine Purity can penetrate the lassitude, and pave the way for the true Love that leads to your spirits. Purity is severe, It knows neither extenuation nor excuse. Therefore It will probably appear ruthless to many a person who only too willingly tries to deceive himself. But actually It only hurts where something is not in order.

Weakness brings harm to yourselves as well as to those whom you imagine you are pleasing by it. In time you will be judged by a Higher One with the kind of justice that has become strange to you for a long time through yourselves, for you have withdrawn from it.

It is the Divine justice, unchangeable from eternity to eternity, and independent of the opinions of men, free of their partiality, of their hate and their malice, their power. It is Almighty, for it is of God!

Unless you devote all your strength to severing yourselves from the old, you will not learn to comprehend this justice either. But you will then likewise not be able to become new within! And only the new man, who stands in the Word of Life and strives towards the Light, will receive the help that he needs to pass through the judgment of God."  (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Salvation! Redemption!" - Read the entire chapter.)

3). Derailing earthly womanhood by substituting the goal of motherhood for that of sublime spirituality.

"A heavy burden presses upon all earthly womanhood since the delusion was spread abroad that woman's main vocation is motherhood. Some people look upon girls who do not marry, and also upon women whose marriages are childless, with false pity and frequently even with hidden malicious joy. The expression 'old maid' or 'elderly spinster', which is really an honorable name, is frequently used with an undertone of mockery and a pitying shrug of the shoulders, as if marriage were the highest goal for woman on earth, indeed her absolute vocation!

That this false opinion has gained a foothold and spread so devastatingly over thousands of years is one of the supreme achievements of Lucifer, who in aiming at the debasement of womanhood delivered the most crushing blow at true humanity."

"This constraint must now be removed from womanhood on earth if they are to ascend. Only from the ruins of the present delusion can greatness and purity arise! The God-Willed noble womanhood could not unfold through this most cunning of Lucifer's plots against the human spirits, all of whom could originally have done nothing but strive towards the Light had they unerringly followed and submitted to the guidance of the Primordial Laws of Creation.

Become spiritual at last, you men, for you are of the spirit! Recognise and also have the courage to accept the fact that maternal bliss, which was considered the highest goal and most sacred destiny of earthly womanhood, is rooted only in the animistic! Woman's most sacred vocation, however, lies much higher, lies in the spiritual!

Not once did the thought occur to you that everything you have praised so far was merely meant for the earth, for life on earth, with all its restrictions! For marriage and procreation exist only in the gross material part of this Subsequent Creation, whereas womanhood exists in all Creation. This fact should give you cause to consider! But no, this was expecting too much of you!"

"When in the first upheavals of a new epoch youth wished to flee from this unhealthy situation which, however, they had not recognised for what it really was, this merely indicated an inner contradiction developing quite subconsciously, a rebellion of the spirit which had been hitherto so suppressed. Unfortunately they slipped into something much worse, into the idea of free companionship and thus also of companionate marriage. Although in a different form, yet it is basically still the same excrescence of Lucifer's idea aiming at the debasement of womanhood. No purity could arise therefrom because the Darkness lays a sinister spell upon everyone, holding them firmly in its grip and oppressing them continually!

That which was false was bound to remain, even when it appeared in a different form. The stroke that will liberate true womanhood can now only come from on High. Mankind themselves are unable to achieve it because they entangled and enslaved themselves too much!

Neither laws nor new forms can help here any longer! Salvation lies only in an understanding of all the Primordial Laws of Creation. At last you must accept the truth as it really is, and not as you imagined it to be because you were so susceptible to Lucifer's promptings!

Human womanhood was debased and dishonoured by the thought that every woman is supposed to consider motherhood as the principal purpose of her existence. For she was thereby degraded and bound to the animistic. Lucifer had no need to do more than disseminate this idea, which was thus absorbed and gradually developed into the definite belief still dominating the human mind today, forcing it into the very direction that prevents the spirit from soaring upwards towards Pure and Luminous Heights!

Thus the dirty fists of the Luciferian henchmen oppress the whole of earthly womanhood. Away with them! Free yourselves now from the clutches that hold you down! For this belief alone has brought in its train everything which must dishonour woman. The beautiful little cloak of sacred motherhood, the high praise bestowed upon mother-love, can never alleviate this pressure of the dark fists, nor make these black fists luminous!

Listen to my words! Through this belief earthwoman was made into a mother-animal! Wake up, you girls, you women and you men, so that you may at last recognise the absolute horror of this idea! One of your Sacred Rights is at stake!

Lucifer could well be proud of this achievement!

I have already stated once before that through womanhood Lucifer sought to deliver the most crushing blow against real humanity and, alas, he succeeded only too well!

Follow for yourselves the thought he has sown among you with great cunning and malice! He deceitfully flattered you with the thought that motherhood was woman's highest task. But to attain to motherhood the earthly instinct is needed, and it is this latter which he wanted to place on a higher pedestal through the thought of motherhood, so that it would become the dominant factor and force the thinking of mankind on earth into one direction. A plan which was conceived with admirable cunning! He played upon your feelings as carefully as a first class artiste plays upon his instrument, dangling motherhood and mother-love alluringly before your eyes as a shield for his intentions, so that you were unable to recognise what was lurking in the background! And he succeeded completely!

You heard the alluring tune vibrating purely within you, but you overlooked the dirty, greedily clutching hands that brought forth the melody! The highest goal and most sacred calling! That was before your eyes, you saw it bright and luminous! But in spite of all its brightness it is merely the purest radiation of the animistic, not of the spiritual! The animal is set aglow and attains its greatest height in motherhood, becoming merged in it and yielding itself completely to it, because the animal itself originates in the Animistic Sphere. It attains greatness therein and becomes bright and luminous. Man, however, possesses something still stronger which should and must stand above the animistic if he wishes to be a complete human being ... the spirit!

Being of the spirit he cannot and must not remain in the animistic. He must refrain from making the highest of his goals something which belongs unconditionally to the Animistic Realm, and which must forever remain there in accordance with the Primordial Laws of Creation. With exceptional cleverness Lucifer thus laid his snare, forcing the human spirit into the animistic and holding it captive there. This was achieved all the more easily because man saw all the beauty and luminosity which emanates from everything that is pure, and which is therefore also a part of the highest animistic radiation.

Yes, motherhood is certainly sacred, and its crown mother-love, but nevertheless this is not the highest goal of human womanhood, not their mission in Creation! Motherhood is rooted in the animistic and is only set aglow by a pure volition. Even if this is not always so with human beings, it is definitely always the case with animals.

In spite of this, however, motherhood remains within the highest radiation of the animistic, which alone can directly coalesce with gross matter. But only he who has thoroughly studied and absorbed the Grail Message will understand me fully here!

What Lucifer intended with his scheming came to pass, for he knew precisely what would be the consequences of distorting the Divinely-instituted Primordial Laws, which he thereby achieved through men themselves! He only gave men a false goal which was nicely suited to their spiritual indolence and weaknesses, and all their thinking and perceiving were adjusted accordingly, causing them inevitably to take wrong paths!

Thus Lucifer only shifted the points , and the catastrophe of derailment was bound to follow! Lucifer had merely flattered the physical instinct in a deceitful manner, thereby elevating it to an immense force and power.

Furthermore, he knew very well that the intellectual development of man was bound to strengthen this powerful instinct through the corresponding effect of thoughts which may increase the pernicious desires to fever heat. Thus man finally became completely enslaved within, something which can never happen to an animal!

The beautiful word 'motherhood' remained nothing but the deceptive shield which Lucifer deceitfully conjured up in your imagination. However, the strengthening of the physical instinct, which was the inevitable consequence, was his goal. As he had plainly foreseen, it finally developed into morbidity, enslaved the minds of all people of both sexes, and turned for many into the baffling sphinx - the form in which the unhealthy instinct shows itself today, and against which man so often fights a losing battle!

The root of the problem, as also its solution, lie solely in this Luciferian thought, which was thrown out to you in defiance of the Laws which the Will of God instituted in Creation for your benefit and for the general development. And you, you reached out for it and were caught on it like a hungry fish on the angler's hook, just because you found pleasure in it! As for the male sex, its effect was like a serious and incurable plague!

In all truth grasp and hold within yourselves the idea of pure, sublime womanhood, and then you will be free from these heavy chains that caused you such unspeakable suffering and such anguish to your souls! Through this Luciferian thought all earthly womanhood was robbed of what is noblest, woman became the puppet and the prey of degraded male beings and, what is more, a lovable mother-animal even to the serious-minded man! The air then became charged with this false belief, as the popular saying goes; in reality it came to life and took form in the Ethereal World, hovering around you constantly and influencing you continually until you could not help but absorb it!

I sever this evil connection, for it is false!

Only when she has become truly conscious of her womanhood does woman stand at the highest place spiritually! And her task is not primarily dedicated to motherhood! As I have already stated motherhood exists for your earthly body only, that is all! Yet womanhood is to be found in all spheres, even in the Primordial Realm among the Primordial Beings, at the highest point! But it is true womanhood in all its sublime, unapproachable dignity!

It may seem as if I am taking much away from you when I now say that motherhood belongs only to the Animistic Realm. It is a keen cut that I am now forced to make if I am to help you! Motherhood remains within the realm of the animistic, and manifests on that plane. If this were her highest goal, woman would be in a very sad plight!"

"The highest task in the life of woman on earth is the same as it has always been in the higher regions - to ennoble her surroundings and ensure a continuous flow of radiation from the Light, which only woman through the delicacy of her intuitive perception can mediate. Ennoblement, however, is bound to bring about ascent towards the Luminous Heights. That is spiritual law! For this reason the existence of genuine womanhood is alone enough irrevocably to ensure the ascent, ennoblement and continuous purity of the entire Creation.

Lucifer knew this, because it is contained in the Laws of Creation, and he tried to cut off the development of this natural process with the harmful and false basic idea which, in an enticing manner, portrayed the instinct of the physical body and its effects as of the highest value. He thereby poured poison into all true humanity, which thereupon unsuspectingly - and to its own detriment - distorted the purely upward movement of the straight paths of these Primordial Laws of Creation, so that they were compelled to bring about a standstill and thereafter lead downwards, thus bringing harm instead of blessing to all human spirits.

He knew what he was doing thereby! By submerging and losing themselves in the animistic, women on earth could not develop properly; they were bound to become confused about themselves and their main vocation, and thus even brought confusion into the Animistic World because they do not belong there.

Thus woman's principal task also here on earth, in the World of Matter, is to ennoble her environment. Coming as she does from above, holding herself above with her delicate intuitive perception, and thus leading upwards in turn, she forms the anchorage of man with the Light, the support which he needs for his work in Creation. No marriage is required to accomplish this, not even an acquaintanceship or personal meeting! The mere existence of woman on earth already brings about fulfilment!

Man stands in Creation facing outward ready for battle while woman, in shielding his back, maintains the connection with the Light, thus constituting the core, the supply of power and the strengthening. Wherever decay is permitted to creep into this core, however, the 'front' is also lost. Bear this in mind at all times! Nor is it then of any avail for woman to try and place herself at the front beside the man, where she does not belong. Her delicate intuitive perception only hardens through such a struggle, and thus the highest ability and power once bestowed upon her as her own becomes exhausted, and everything  must fall into ruin!

It is known to everybody, however, that even in the most remote regions of the earth men immediately pull themselves together and try to behave in a more respectful manner as soon as even one woman comes near them, with whom they need not necessarily exchange a single word!

Such is the effect of the mere presence and appearance of a woman! Even in its curtailed expression this quite clearly reveals the mystery of woman, the power and the sustaining force that emanate from her in accordance with the Laws in Creation, which are not directly related to procreation on earth. Procreation is for the most part animistic in character!

You girls and you women, you must first of all remember that you are the bearers in this Creation of the highest tasks, with which God has endowed you! Neither marriage nor motherhood are your highest goal, sacred as they are! You stand alone and firmly for yourselves as soon as you stand aright!"

"Woman can never fulfil her vocation on earth while she has any vanity, which always involves shamelessness, but only through that grace with which she alone is endowed as the most beautiful spiritual gift. Every look, every movement, every word of a woman must bear the stamp of her nobility of soul. Therein lie her task, as well as her power and her greatness!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Woman And Her Vocation" - Read the entire chapter or Listen in MP3, 27 min.)

4). Encouraging human beings to strengthen the sexual instinct in a one-sided and unnatural manner.

"It is as though a dark thunder cloud were hanging over humanity. The atmosphere is sultry. Man's intuitive faculty labours sluggishly under a heavy pressure. Only the nerves affecting the senses and animal instincts of the bodies are in a highly-strung condition. Artificially stimulated through the error of a wrong education, of a false attitude, and self-delusion.

In this respect the man of today is not normal, but is burdened with a morbid sexual instinct, aggravated tenfold, for which in a hundred forms and ways he seeks to establish a cult that is bound to become the ruin of all humanity.

Infectious and contagious as a plague, all this gradually influences also those who still seek desperately to cling to an ideal that floats half-hidden in their subconscious mind. They indeed stretch forth their arms longingly towards it, but ever again, after a glance at their surroundings, drop them with a sigh of hopelessness and despair.

Utterly helpless, they observe with horror how swiftly the clear vision regarding morality and bad habits is obscured, how the capacity to judge is lost, and how these concepts change to such an extent that so much which only a short time before would still have aroused disgust and contempt is very soon regarded as quite natural, not even causing surprise.

But the cup will soon be filled to the brim. A terrible awakening must come!

Already now these sensually overwrought masses will sometimes quite involuntarily and unconsciously recoil in sudden misgiving. A momentary feeling of uncertainty grips many a heart; but it brings no awakening, nor any clear perception of their unworthy conduct. They thereupon only redouble their efforts to shake off such 'weakness' or 'last remnants' of old-fashioned ideas, if not to suppress them altogether." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Morality")

"...the strengthening of the physical instinct...was his [Lucifer's] goal. As he had plainly foreseen, it finally developed into morbidity, enslaved the minds of all people of both sexes, and turned for many into the baffling sphinx - the form in which the unhealthy instinct shows itself today, and against which man so often fights a losing battle!.. As for the male sex, its effect was like a serious and incurable plague!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Woman And Her Vocation" - Read the entire chapter or Listen in MP3, 27 min.)

"... the intellect, in the course of its over-cultivated development, felt urged to degrade this coarse instinct even further until it became a sin, although it could have remained pure, as with animals!

To reduce earthmen to the level of an animal was much too petty a goal for the mocking Darkness. It would have the human race on earth brought much lower even than that, below any animal!

Human beings, who in their gradual developments under the careful guidance of so many chosen ones (destined and prepared for their task by the Light) had laboriously gained control over the at first still existing yet pure animal instincts in their bodies, were not only to sink back to that level, despite their already awakened spirits, but were to be forced to stand even lower than before.

Over-cultivated by men themselves under the stimulation of the Darkness, the intellect became its willing servant. Endlessly questioning and speculating, it no longer provides a firm foothold for the not yet strong enough spirit. Therefore it automatically followed that men, having become dependent on their intellect, gradually turned a pure physical instinct into one of most base and subtly calculating lust, thus poisoning even the animal's naturalness within themselves!

Thus everything was fundamentally tainted, and man on earth was effortlessly thrust down lower than every other creature in the whole of Creation..." (Abd-ru-shin)

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