Part 7:
Parsifal as the Son of Man

"Parsifal is a great promise! The defects and errors which the poets have added to the legends through their too earthly way of thinking distort the true essence of this figure. Parsifal is identical with the Son of Man, Whose coming the Son of God Himself proclaimed.

As a Divine Messenger with His spiritual sight blindfolded, He will have to go through the most bitter hardships on earth, outwardly a man among men.

After a certain time, when His spiritual sight is restored, He will inevitably recognise His origin and therewith Himself, as well as clearly realising His mission. This mission will also bring redemption to those who are seriously seeking, and goes hand in hand with a stern judgment.

For this purpose not just anybody can be chosen, much less can the possible experiences of many people, or even of all the people, be seen in it. On the contrary, it will only be a very definite and special Messenger!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Holy Grail" - Read the entire chapter or Listen in MP3, 18 min.)

"According to its meaning the name Parsifal signifies among other things: From God to man! He is therefore the gate or the bridge from God to man. He is not the pure simpleton (in German "der reine Tor"), but the Pure Gate (in German "das reine Tor") of Life to Creation!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Primordial Spiritual Planes III")


"Every transmission affirming that Jesus, the Son of God, at the same time called Himself the Son of Man is wrong!"

(Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "World Events")


"Ever since the crime committed against the Son of God, the Bringer of Truth, Jesus of Nazareth, the fact that men did not recognise this most important prophecy has lain like a curse upon mankind, and even today they stand before it unsuspectingly as if their eyes were closely blindfolded! The terrible consequence will be that a great part of mankind will stumble on towards destruction, past the only possibility of saving themselves from being cast out!

This is the prophecy of the Coming of the Son of Man, which the Son of God held forth as a star of hope and also as a serious warning in face of the constant attacks upon Him by the masses, who through their subservience to the Darkness naturally hated the Bringer of Truth.

The same deceptive feelings and thoughts which prevented the Son of God from being recognised as such also caused confusion in their minds regarding the importance of this prophecy at the time it was made. The human spirit was too dark and too conceited to be able to receive still undimmed such high Messages of God! Messages coming from a height above their own sphere of origin passed them by without leaving any impression!

For a real understanding of this Message a belief backed by conscious conviction would have been needed, and this even His followers were not capable of at the time. The soil upon which the words of the Redeemer fell was still much too overgrown with weeds. Furthermore, the momentous experiences and psychic shocks of a life in the Saviour's vicinity were crowded into only a few short years. Consequently everything was bound to be concentrated on the Person of Jesus, so much so that when He spoke of another Person in the distant future what He said was also again interwoven with Him personally!

Thus the error has lived on in the opinions of men until the present day! The unbelievers did not bother themselves about the Saviour's words, while the believers, just because of their belief, forcibly suppressed every serious criticism of the transmissions out of holy awe that they must not come too close to these words of the Saviour! But in doing so they overlooked the fact that it was not a question of His own real original words, but merely of transmissions written down long after His life on earth. Thus the words were naturally subject to unconscious modifications through the human intellect and personal opinions!

A certain greatness is indicated in this reverential upholding of purely human transmissions, and therefore no reproach shall be voiced about it!

All this, however, does not prevent the hampering consequences of erroneous opinions which have arisen through faulty transmissions, because the Laws of Reciprocal Action cannot be overthrown in this case either. Even if the only effect of such errors is to raise obstructions barring the human spirit in its further ascent, this still constitutes a disastrous standstill preventing all progress as long as the liberating Word of Enlightenment cannot come to life within them.

He who believes in the Son of God and in His words and has made them come to life within himself, thus carrying them within him in their true interpretation and acting accordingly, naturally need not wait for the promised Son of Man because the Son of Man has nothing else to bring than the Son of God has already brought! It is a condition, however, that such a person has really understood the words of the Son of God, and does not stubbornly cling to erroneous transmissions. If somewhere he has bound himself to errors he will not be able to complete his ascent until he has received enlightenment. It was reserved for the Son of Man to bring this because the limited human spirit is unable to free itself from the dense undergrowth which now obscures the Truth!

Jesus spoke of the Coming of the Son of Man as the last possibility of salvation, and also pointed out that with His Coming the judgment would commence. Therefore those who are still not willing or, to express it differently, those who are too stiff-necked or too indolent to be prepared to accept enlightenment would be irretrievably cast out! From this the conclusion is to be drawn that there will be no further opportunity for consideration and decision. This undoubtedly contains the announcement of great tribulation which will bring to an end a period of patient forbearance! This in turn indicates the impending struggle of the Light against all darkness, which must end with the violent destruction of darkness!

It is not to be assumed that all these events will coincide with human expectations, wishes and conceptions, because all past happenings indicate to the contrary. Never as yet have human ideas agreed with the manifestations of the Divine Will! The reality was always different to what men had imagined, and it was only long, long afterwards that they sometimes slowly grasped the meaning of what had happened!

Neither is there any hope that it will be different this time, because human ideas and views have gained nothing in comparison with former times! On the contrary they have become much more 'realistic'!

The Son of Man! A veil still lies over Him and His time! Even if here and there a vague presentiment arises in many a spirit, a longing for the Day of His Coming, many of those who feel this will probably pass Him by unsuspectingly and will not wish to know Him, because their expectations promised them a different kind of fulfilment! It is only with great difficulty that man can accustom himself to the idea that, in obedience to the Law of God, a Divine Being on earth cannot differ outwardly from human beings themselves. He insists on picturing the Divine in supernatural form only, and yet he has unfortunately so fettered himself that he would not be capable of recognising aright what is supernatural, much less would he be able to bear it! Nor is this in the least necessary!

The man who seeks the Will of his God in the Natural Laws of all Creation will soon recognise it therein, and finally realise that the Divine can come only on the paths of these adamantine laws, not otherwise. As a result such a person will become vigilant and carefully scrutinise everything he meets on these paths, but only in the light of the Divine Laws and not with regard to human opinions. Thus through his personal examination of what is brought. and not through the clamour of the masses, he will at the right hour recognise Him Who brings liberation in the Word!

It will have occurred already to every thinking person that the Son of God and the Son of Man cannot be one! The difference is quite clearly expressed in the words themselves." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Son of Man" - Read the entire chapter.)

"The erroneous conception concerning the Son of Man therefore weighs heavily upon the followers of the true Christian teachings, because they quietly accept and carry on wrong transmissions, in spite of the fact that from time to time a contrary intuition quietly warns many people." (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "World Events")

"And yet it is only possible for mankind to ascend by fully grasping the Truth; but they can never do so by blind ignorant faith!

One such gap created by an erroneous transmission concerns the concept of the 'Son of Man'. People cling to it morbidly, like the Pharisees who did not want to open themselves to the Truth brought by the Son of God, which opposed their conventional and rigid teachings. Christ spoke of Himself only as the Son of God. lt was far from His thoughts to be so illogical as to call Himself also the Son of Man. Even if-as a result of their own doubts, people have tried with the greatest artistry and skill in every direction to clarify this obvious contradiction between the Son of God and the Son of Man, which is intuitively sensed by every person who reflects quietly, it cannot be asserted in spite of all their efforts that they have managed to unify them. The most favourable of all the interpretations could but repeatedly show a dual personality each standing beside the other, but never appearing as one!

This is quite in the natural order of things. The Son of God cannot become the Son of Man just because He had to be born of a human body so as to enable Him to walk on earth.

Every Christian knows that the Son of God came only on a spiritual mission, and that all His words referred to the Spiritual Kingdom and were thus meant spiritually. Consequently His repeated references to the Son of Man may not from the very outset be interpreted in any other way! Why should an exception be made here? In the spiritual sense, however, Christ was and remained only the Son of God!

Therefore when He spoke of the Son of Man He could not possibly mean Himself! There is something far more stupendous in all this than is indicated in the present interpretations of the Christian religions. This obvious contradiction should long ago have induced men to more serious reflection, had it not been for the fetters of dogmatism darkening everything! Instead of making the serious investigations which are absolutely necessary to such incisive matters, they clung tenaciously to the transmitted words, thus putting on 'blinkers' that hindered a free view.

The natural consequence is that these interpreters and teachers, although they stand in the Creation of their God, are not even able to understand this Creation aright. Yet this carries the only possible prospect of coming closer to the Creator Himself, the Origin of all that is created!"

"...when sending direct help to mankind travelling on a wrong course, the Creator must reckon with the possibility of their failing to come to a right decision! In His Wisdom and Love, which are the inherent, lawful and natural attributes of the Creator, He has still other means in reserve to afford help in such cases. These join up as a continuation with the former course, which had been cut off through the failure of mankind.

Thus before the Son of God was incarnated upon earth, another revelation of the Truth was being prepared in the Eternal Kingdom of the Father, in case humanity should fail in spite of the Father's great sacrifice of Love. If mankind did not heed the warning of the Son of God, with His Pure Divine attitude, to the extent that they turned the points in the direction He indicated, but blindly continued on their course leading to destruction, then another Messenger should be sent out Who could stand closer to the inmost nature of mankind than did the Son of God. He was once more to admonish and lead them in the last hour if ... they desired to listen to His call of Truth! That is the Son of Man!

Christ as the Son of God knew about this! On recognising during His Mission how choked and parched were the souls of men, it became clear to Him that His Ministration an earth would not bear the fruit which, given the good volition of mankind, should have ripened. He grieved deeply about this, for He knew so well the Laws of Creation that bear the Will of His Father, and He could clearly foresee the way things were bound to develop towards the inevitable end, which the nature and volition of man were certain to bring about!

It was then that he began to speak about the Son of Man, Whose advent would become necessary because of the course events had taken. His great Mission left two ways open for mankind to decide upon-either to follow His teaching and so ascend, avoiding all that brings destruction, or to fail and descend still further on the downward road leading to destruction. The further He came towards the fulfilment of His great Mission the more clearly He saw that the decision of the great majority of mankind was inclined towards failure and thus towards destruction!

Consequently His utterances about the Son of Man formed themselves into direct promises and proclamations, such as when He declared: 'But when the Son of Man cometh ...', etc. !

Therewith He marked the time just prior to the danger of destruction, which was bound to be the ultimate end according to the Divine Laws operating in the World of Matter, because of the failure of mankind towards His Mission and their insistence on continuing their chosen course. This realisation caused Him intense suffering, for He was Love incarnate!

Every transmission affirming that Jesus, the Son of God, at the same time called Himself the Son of Man is wrong! The Divine Laws cannot hold anything so illogical, nor can it be ascribed to the Son of God Who Himself knew the Laws and carried them within Him!

The disciples could not grasp this, as was evident from their questions. They alone spread the error which has prevailed up to the present day. They thought that the Son of God meant Himself when He used the expression 'the Son of Man' and, acting on this assumption, transmitted this error to posterity! Neither did succeeding generations trouble to concern themselves more seriously with the want of logic inherent in it than did the disciples themselves! They simply disregarded it, partly from diffidence and partly from indolence, although the all-embracing Love of the Creator would have evidenced itself all the more clearly and powerfully by a rectification of the error.

Following in the footsteps of the Son of God, that is, taking up and carrying on His Mission, the Son of Man will face mankind on earth as the Envoy of God the Father, so as to drag them back from their present course by proclaiming the Truth, and induce them voluntarily to decide to change their attitude. This will lead them away from the destruction that now awaits them!

Son of God and Son of Man! Surely it is not so hard to discover that there must be a difference between these Two? Each of these words has its own clearly defined, strictly marked meaning, and those who would mix and fuse them into one must forthwith be stamped as too indolent to think. Hearers and readers of my lectures will be aware of how the natural process of development, beginning with Primordial Light; which is God the Father, descends right down to the globes of the Gross Material World. The Son of God came from Divinity Unsubstantiate, quickly passing through all the spheres until He was incarnated in the World of Gross Matter. This is a process of radiation! Therefore it is absolutely right to call Him the Son of God Who became flesh. His rapid transit through the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality (it is only there that the human spirit has its origin) permitted Him neither there, nor subsequently in the ethereal part of Creation, to gain a foothold strong enough so that His core of Divine Unsubstantiality could obtain the strong protecting covers of these different natures. Consequently these covers, which otherwise serve as a protective armour, remained thin!

This had the advantage that His innermost Divine nature burst through and shone forth more easily and strongly, but it also had the drawback that in the regions of the earth hostile to the Light it was all the more quickly opposed and furiously attacked because it stood out. The strong Divine part, which was only thinly veiled in the physical vessel, had to remain a stranger among men, something which stood too far apart.

Figuratively speaking, one might say that His Divine core was insufficiently armed and equipped for the lower Gross Material Sphere, through lack of absorption from the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality and the Ethereal World. The gulf between the Divine and earthly parts was but slightly bridged.

As mankind neither heeded nor treasured this gift of Divine Love but, through the natural driving power of all Darkness, faced the luminous Son of God with animosity and hatred, a second Envoy, better equipped for the World of Gross Matter, had to come - the Son of Man!

The Son of Man is also an Envoy of God and has issued from Divinity Unsubstantiate, which was also a process of radiation! Before beginning His Mission in the World of Gross Matter, He was incarnated in the World of Primordial Spiritual Substantiality, and was thus closely connected with that spiritual species in which the seed-germ of the human spirit originates. Thus the Divine Unsubstantiate core of this second Envoy comes nearer to the origin of the human spirit; thereby gaining greater protection and direct power against it!

It was only after being in this sphere that He was sent down on His Mission to the World of Gross Matter at that time which enabled Him to arrive at the proper hour on the field of battle, there to show the right way into the Kingdom of the Father to all those seriously seeking God and asking for spiritual guidance and, at the same time, to protect them against the attacks of those who are hostile and striving downwards!

Therefore, be on your guard, so that you may recognise Him as soon as His time is come, for that will also be your time!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "World Events")

"The churches proclaim in the words of Christ from the Gospel of John:

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness! And will bring the judgment. I, however, go to the Father and you will henceforth not see me. I came forth from the Father and am come into the world. Again, I leave the world and go to the Father!'

These words are read in the churches without understanding; for it is quite clearly stated by the Son of God that another than He will come to proclaim the Truth and to bring the judgment. The Spirit of Truth Who is the Living Cross! And yet in this matter, too, the church teaches wrongly and against these clear words.

Even though Paul also once wrote to the Corinthians: 'For we know in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away!'

Here the Apostle shows that the coming of Him Who will proclaim the Perfect Truth is yet to be expected, and that the prophecy of the Son of God concerning it should not be taken to refer to the well-known outpouring of the Power of the Holy Spirit, which at that time had already taken place when Paul wrote these words.

He testifies thereby that the Apostles did not regard this outpouring of Power as the fulfilment of the mission of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, as strange to say many churches and believers now try to interpret it at Whitsuntide, because these things would not otherwise fit into the structure of their faith, but would form a gap which must cause serious shocks to this false edifice.

Yet it avails them nothing; for the time has come for the recognition of all these things, and everything that is false collapses!

Until now there could not yet be a true Pentecost for mankind; the recognition through spiritual awakening could not come to them, since they acquiesced in so many false interpretations, in which the churches especially have a great share!

Nothing of their great guilt will be remitted to them! -

Now you men stand amazed before the new Word, and many of you are no longer even capable of perceiving that It comes from the Luminous Heights, because It is so different from what you had imagined! For in you, too, there certainly still lives some of the tenacious indolence in which the churches and the schools have enveloped you, so that you would remain faithful followers, and have no longing for the awakening of your own spirit!

Until now men on earth have been indifferent to what God demands! Once more, however, I say to you: "The broad and easy road which the churches have hitherto tried to simulate for their own advantage is wrong! With its promise of an arbitrary, illusory forgiveness, it does not lead to the Light!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "Indolence of the Spirit" - Read the entire chapter.)

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