Part 9:
The Grail Cross
"It is the basis for every formation in Creation, which must group itself around and swing in the equal-armed Cross, because this Cross is the Living Power which always remains in a balanced positive and negative vibration, the positive vibration running vertically and the negative horizontally." (Abd-ru-shin)

"The Cross of Redemption does not have the same meaning as Christ's Cross of Suffering, through which indeed mankind could not be redeemed, as I explain in detail in the lecture 'The Crucifixion of the Son of God and the Lord's Supper', and repeat many times. It is something quite different, again of apparent simplicity, yet of immense greatness!

The Cross was already known before Christ's time on earth. It is the sign of Divine Truth! Not merely the sign, but the living form for It. And since Christ was the Bringer of Divine Truth, of the genuine One, and came from the Truth, was in direct connection with It, bearing a part of It within Himself, It also clung to Him inwardly and outwardly in a living form! It is visible in the living, thus shining and independently radiating Cross! It may be said that It is the Cross itself. Where this Radiant Cross is, there also is Truth, since this Cross cannot be separated from Truth; rather they are both one, because this Cross displays the visible form of Truth.

The Cross of Rays or the radiating Cross is therefore the Truth in its original form. And since man can ascend only through the Truth, and in no other way, the human spirit finds true redemption only in the recognition or knowledge of Divine Truth!

Again, since redemption lies only in the Truth, it follows that the Cross, that is, the Truth, is the redeeming Cross, or the Cross of Redemption!

It is the Cross of the Redeemer! The Redeemer, however, is the Truth for mankind! Only knowledge of the Truth and, connected therewith, making use of the way that lies or is shown in the Truth, can lead the human spirit out of its present derangement and error upwards to the Light, can liberate and redeem it from its present state. And as the Son of God Who was sent, and the Son of Man now coming, are the sole Bringers of the undimmed Truth, bearing It within Themselves, They must both naturally also bear inseparably the Cross within Themselves, that is, They must be Bearers of the Cross of Rays, Bearers of Truth, Bearers of Redemption, which for humanity lies in the Truth. They bring redemption in the Truth to those who receive It, who thus walk on the path shown. - What is all the clever talk of men beside this? It will fade away in the hour of need.

For that reason the Son of God told men that they should take up the Cross and follow Him, which means to accept the Truth and to live accordingly! To adapt themselves to the Laws of Creation, to learn to understand them fully and make only the best use of their automatic effects.

But what has the restricted mind of man once more made of this simple and natural fact! A doctrine of suffering desired neither by God nor the Son of God! And thereby they have taken a wrong path, that is not in accord with the path indicated, but leads far away from the Will of God, Which desires only to lead to joy instead of suffering.

It is naturally a terrible symbol for mankind that at that time the Son of God was nailed by them just to the earthly representation of the form of Truth, and tortured to death, thus going to His earthly destruction on the symbol of the Truth which He brought! The Cross of Suffering of the churches, however, is not the Cross of Redemption!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The World Teacher")

There is yet another meaning to the Equal-Armed Cross, which has to do with the intertwining of the male and female activity in Creation.

"...I have already often explained that the actual concept of womanhood and manhood issues from the nature of their activity in Creation, i. e., that the nature of their activity is fundamental for this and determines the form which allows human beings on earth to be recognised as female or male.

The difference immediately shows itself as soon as the human spirit-germs leave their sphere of origin. Those inclined towards the active, i. e., the coarser working, take on male forms, whereas female forms shape themselves around those who wish to work passively, i. e., in a more delicate way. These are two different kinds of activity, but of equal strength; there can be no question whatever of a weaker species.

These two species also give the meaning of the Living Cross, which in itself is perfect! The vertical beam of the Cross represents the positive, i. e., the active life, and the horizontal beam of equal length and strength represents the negative or passive life. The Living Cross bears both within Itself!

The Cross of Creation from out of which and around which the whole of Creation develops itself says and indicates the same. The vertical beam is the positive, active working, and the horizontal beam the negative, passive working.

The Elders in the Divine Sphere, who at the same time are the Guardians of the Holy Grail in the Divine part of the Grail Castle, likewise show the cross with beams of equal length in their radiation. In their case, however, it is not the Living Cross which Itself forms their radiation, but it enables one to recognise that these Elders are perfected spirits of their species, and that they carry both the active and the passive within themselves, uncurtailed and working in harmony.

In Creation, however, the active is separated from the passive as regards their working. Every spirit carries within itself either the active only or the passive only, which is later also repeated with the spirit seed-germs.

These work either passively or actively side by side, and yet they constantly strive towards one another, since the two species can only achieve something which is perfect through their joint activity. However, it only becomes perfect when the two work with equal strength and strive for one goal - towards the Light!

They do not need to live together in earthly marriage in order to achieve this, nor to be at all close together gross-materially - they need not even be personally acquainted! Only the goal must be the same - towards the Light!

I mention this particularly so that no wrong conclusions may be drawn from my lecture; for marriages and physical gross-material approaches in general are things entirely for themselves, which are not a requirement connected with striving for the Light, though if they are pure they do not hinder it either!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "The Weak Sex")

"It is truly painful to observe how thoughtlessly the masses make the sign of the Cross, bow down and kneel in church! Such automatons should not be numbered among thinking men. The sign of the Cross is the sign of Truth, and therefore a sign of God! He who uses this sign of Truth at a moment when his inmost being is not genuine in every respect, or when his entire intuition is not fully adjusted to absolute Truth, burdens himself with guilt. It would be a hundred times better for such a person to refrain from crossing himself until such time as his whole soul has become attuned to the Truth, thus also to God Himself and to His Holy Will. For God, his Lord, is the Truth!" (Abd-ru-shin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE", chapter "I Am the Lord Thy God!")
Correcting Common Misconceptions
Over the course of time, many misconceptions have come to be associated with the Cross. It is essential to clarify and correct them. 

"The basis of Christianity is Judaism, which takes a firm place in the spiritual history of the development of mankind. Just let us think of the Ten Commandments, of the Sermon on the Mount, of the Lord's Prayer, all of them Divine Words that have been given to the people of Israel, to the Jews.

They too have the selfsame spiritual origin and the selfsame common road through material Creation as have all men.

For at one time all men came as 'spirit-seed-grains' from their spiritual home, from Paradise, into the material, transient world of Creation, in order to return thence to their spiritual home as fully conscious personalities after the completion of their development.

But most of them strayed from the road and no longer found the goal. For that reason the immeasurable Love of God inclined to the earth, in order to speak directly to the almost lost human beings, and to tell them that the Truth can come only from God.

Therefore let us take to heart the words which Jesus spoke to men: 'If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me' (Luke 9, 23), or '. . . take up the cross, and follow me' (Mark 10, 21).

By the Cross Jesus meant the sign of Divine Truth, the equal-armed Cross. From discoveries and excavations it transpires that this Cross is an ancient symbol which was known on earth before Christ, and which can also be seen in many churches, sometimes encircled with a ring, sometimes without the ring. It must not be confused with the form of the Golgotha cross of suffering.

He who takes up this Cross takes up the Truth, but not a burden , as it is wrongly interpreted.

Jesus has never intended with His words to call upon men to take up a daily burden. On the contrary, He wanted to make their life easier by exhorting them to live up to the Truth every day, to look for and recognise It in the Laws of Creation, and to adjust their daily life to these Laws.

He who does so frees himself from all burden and guilt, likewise from the guilt of Golgotha, which according to the Eternal Laws now returns at this time in order to be redeemed. For him the Golgotha cross of suffering will be changed into the redeeming Cross of Truth, which victoriously conquers all Darkness!" (Herbert Vollmann, "A Gate Opens", chapter "The Cross of Truth")

"But what did men make of this concept? Let us first take the saying (in German): 'He has the cross with him'. As the meaning imputed to it is 'He is a trouble to us', or in other words, 'Someone disturbs us, is burdensome to us', it shows how the sublime meaning of the Cross has been distorted into the very opposite. But there is also profound truth in the distorted meaning of the Cross. There is certainly a reason when the Cross is compared to a burden. For the Truth does in fact weigh like a pressure on all who do not take it seriously or even deny it.

Concerning the saying (in German): 'Since he has a wife in his house, the cross has moved in' - in other words, 'trouble has moved in with her' - we also find the conception of the Cross distorted. What is meant here is that with the man's marriage suffering caused by his wife has entered his house.

And yet, if we take heed of its true meaning, there is in this saying something exalting and pure, something filled with promise and blessing. It is just through woman that marriage and home should become a source of power and joy, a place of natural recuperation for body and spirit, because through her naturally finer intuitive susceptibility to the rays from the Truth she is more receptive than man.

Thus where there is a woman in the house who opens herself in purity to the rays of the Divine Power, the blessing from the Cross of Truth cannot fail to come, if the man intuitively perceives and supports this lofty aspiration." (Herbert Vollmann, "A Gate Opens", chapter "Distorted Concepts")

"For thousands of years, the Equal-Armed Cross has been known and accepted as the symbol of the complete Truth. The Celts had recognised it, and so did those who concerned themselves with the various Grail legends. In India, too, there was a time in her history when the Cross was known, but unfortunately this period is closed to us today, and we can no longer draw from that time in order to confirm this for ourselves.

The Equal-Armed Cross of the Truth - also known as the Grail Cross - is not synonymous with the Cross of Suffering of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that this Cross of Suffering is the Cross of Truth and Redemption. But the Truth Itself does not declare that man should suffer! All suffering is due to the faults of man and are the outworking of the Law of Karma. Our Creator does not want us to suffer! Therefore the Cross on which Jesus was ruthlessly and mercilessly killed is not the Cross of Redemption.

This will be difficult for many Christians to accept, as the core doctrine of Christianity is that Christ brought Salvation to mankind only through and within His Death on the Cross. Because this was made the main doctrine, the Cross of Suffering eventually had to become the symbol of Christianity. This is one example of how a symbol can emerge that does not swing in the Laws of Creation, although it is very clear from the various biblical accounts that Christ did not teach about Salvation through His death, either explicitly or implicitly.

However, the Cross of Truth is completely different from the Christian Cross! In the first place, the Cross of Truth represents perfect balance. The vertical beam represents the activity of the masculine in Creation, while the horizontal beam reflects that of the feminine. And the circle which circumscribes the Cross represents the whole of Creation, i.e. the Circle of Creation. This is the Living Grail Cross!

This perfect activity is fundamental for the mutual upbuilding in Creation! Thus the vertical beam cannot be bigger than the horizontal or vice-versa. Harmony and equilibrium can only exist where there is equality on both sides working together in their respective tasks. The vertical beam therefore represents a physical activity, to which the form of the masculine is more suited, which is why it is vertically anchored. Likewise the horizontal beam represents a passive, gently balancing activity which receives and transmits equally to all creatures, and hence it is orientated horizontally. And since man and woman are properly anchored in Creation, this unique symbol really represents the harmony and perfection of the male and female complementary species working together in the circle of Creation!

But this Equal-Armed Cross signifies infinitely much more! It also embodies the three Laws of Creation in a visible form, so that every knowing one who gazes at this symbol will recognise the complete Truth in it!

Think about the Law of Spiritual Gravity which, like gravity on earth, operates in a vertical direction. The planes of Creation are separated out by this Law according to their spiritual density - the lighter and luminous ones at the top, and the heavier and more material ones at the bottom. The Law of Spiritual Gravity hence becomes the vertical beam of the Cross!

Now consider the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which operates on every plane in Creation. It forms groups of homogeneous species in each realm and power-centres wherever there is homogeneity among the creatures dwelling there. This is a horizontal effect, because it separates the species into their respective category on a particular plane. Hence the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species is the horizontal beam of the Cross!

Finally, observe the Law of Karma or the Law of Reciprocal Action which gives us only the fruits of our deeds. Whatever we send out into Creation returns to us, tracing the path of a circle. Since karma is cyclical in its operation we can regard the Law of Karma as the circle that circumscribes the horizontal and vertical beams!

And there we see it alive before us - the Equal-Armed Cross of Truth, the Cross of the Holy Grail, which mediates living power to all those who are able to see the Eternal Truth contained in it. Happy are those who strive with all their might to free their spirits from all karmaic burdens and recognise this Truth, for they will gain immensely from this symbol! The Cross of the Truth will then serve as a perpetual help for them, because they will continuously see the Living Truth before them in a visible form!

These three Laws, which are represented by the Equal-Armed Grail Cross in a circle, are the Living Truth for the sustenance of all Creation. Every spiritual question is answered through and in this Cross, which is firmly connected with the new Knowledge of the Laws of Creation on the earth at this time." (R.M. Duraisamy, "From India to the Truth: Towards a New Knowledge for the Reformation of Indian Spirituality", chapter "The Equal-Armed Cross".)

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