by Herbert Vollmann

(from the book  "A Gate Opens")


In world literature there are a considerable number of writings and books in which an attempt is made to show men the way to happiness. On picking up such promising books and trying to delve into their contents, it can be noted in the great majority of cases that by happiness is meant only a very ordinary earthly advantage in social and material respects.

Above all people strive to achieve a position which, apart from satisfying the need for prominence, brings with it earthly riches. They have thereby attained their goal on the way to happiness, which in this case leads only as far as the earthly senses and feelings are able to perceive it.

lt is understandable and commendable if a person wishes to work his way upwards, if he strives to establish a sound material foundation for his earthly existence. But in achieving this goal he still has by no means attained to happiness, that real and true happiness which has its beginning only in grasping and experiencing spiritual events, and yet at the same time permits life on earth to be fully and wholly enjoyed, indeed which alone makes it possible to savour earthly pleasures in pure joy to the full.

In Creation the development always takes place from above downwards. Hence "earthly happiness" too is only a result of the supra-earthly inner perceiving of happiness that can be consciously experienced already on earth.

But it cannot be attained either through intellectual training or by auto-suggestion.

For it is wrong to believe that the power to influence lies in man himself, that he is in a position to cure himself of illnesses by his own power, and to be himself the architect of his own happiness. True, each man is the architect of his happiness. But from whence does he draw the material to build with?

The idea of auto-suggestion is in Opposition to God, Who alone is the Power from Whose Radiation Creation came into being, and with it also man. But after it has come into being the creature "man" can actually continue to exist only through the Power coming forth from God. With this recognition nothing remains of any auto-suggestion arising from one's own power! On the contrary, man is in every respect dependent on the Spiritual Power streaming into Creation from God; he must submit to it, otherwise it will turn against him and bring about his downfall.

And this spiritual power is the material that man needs to build his happiness.

He can consciously establish connection with it at any time. The key to this is an inner perception filled with longing to let himself be completely permeated by this power, to surrender to it with wide-opened soul, unreservedly, without any selfish desires whatever. Then it flows into him in the simplest way, with no need for a great effort. Not for anything in the world would man ever again be without this conscious receiving of the power, when once he has recognised that only this being linked with it is his supreme happiness, wherever he may find himself in the measureless expanses of Creation.

Surely everyone has already met with this power, when the soul is awakened by some strong experience, whether it be a deep sorrow or great joy. Then for some moments it senses the nearness of this all-animating power, of which it is not conscious in everyday life.

Where this inner perception still lies slumbering beneath a thin covering, it can be awakened and furthered; where it has already awakened man can strengthen it and let it glow even more through regular attunement in prayer to the Power coming from God.

There are two kinds of prayer: First the prayer which instantaneously arises out of an upwelling inner perception, and only then can be clothed in words; and then the prayer in which words are first arranged and then, reacting on the spirit, release the inner perception, thereby giving the prayer that direction which is willed by the words. Hence there are, to put it briefly, prayers without words and prayers with words. The former are of greater value, for in them the spirit can unfold freely and without constraint and is not tied to words, which can be formed and received only with the help of the earthbound intellect, thereby making a certain limitation of the inner perception unavoidable.

Nevertheless, during their sojourn in the World of Matter the human spirits cannot do without the prayer that is clothed in words, because just here the spirit needs the most varied impressions for higher development, among which the prayer formed in words ranks as one of the first. It is therefore not immaterial what words are used in such prayers and how they are arranged, for words are something living and motivating in the working of Creation. As man uses them, arranges them into sentences, as he pronounces them, so does he also form with them a part of his fate for himself!

Therefore the more the words of a prayer resound in the innermost being of man, the greater also is the possibility thereby - and without undue effort or auto-suggestion, thus in a natural way - of rousing the inner perception, which as an attribute of the spirit is significant for man's fate in a very special way.

Abd-ru-shin, Author of the Work "In the Light of Truth", The Grail Message, has among other things given men two prayers which fulfil everything in this regard. In their simple and thus so effective way they speak directly to the soul. They are a strong aid in the evoking and growth of that longing which is necessary for the complete and gapless connection with the helping and furthering Rays from the Power of God.

How light it must become around a human spirit, how liberated it will feel when it surrenders completely to the words given to us as morning prayer:

"Thine am I, Lord! To Thee alone in gratitude I dedicate my life; 0 graciously accept this my volition and grant me the help of Thy Power this day! Amen."

For him who absorbs these words within, who receives them with a live spirit, the day's work will be blessed from early morning till late at night. They will constantly resound in him like a gentle exhortation or a quiet, serene happiness. There is a sacred power surging and weaving in these words, and whoever absorbs the words with his spirit also absorbs the power.

He will not always immediately succeed in obtaining connection through this prayer, because it depends on the depth of the inner perception with which it is experienced. But however weak that may be, through constant awakening it will eventually become so strong and victorious that it will open the way for the blissful experiencing of the wonderful Power from the Creator's Fountain of Life. Then even the weakest person can unfold to full strength within a short time, if he does not weaken in regular inward perception of the words of this morning prayer.

As in the morning and during the day, so also in the evening the same power is available for connection with man, if he longs for it. He is given help for this by the evening prayer:

"0 Lord, Who art enthroned above all the Worlds, I beseech Thee: let me rest in Thy Grace this night! Amen."

Sleep will have an invigorating, refreshing and calming effect on a human being who takes over the experience of this prayer with him into another world, a dream world, which however is not a dream one at all, but only appears as such because it cannot be perceived with the earthly senses. We therefore refer to it as transcendental, and every human spirit can cross its threshold when the earthly brain is put to rest through sleep, and thus remains disconnected.

The evening prayer is to help towards this. During sleep the human spirit can come in contact still much more closely and lastingly with various power-currents, and even receive spiritual warnings, or also sudden solutions to certain questions and problems. In reality the natural rest at night is like this: Only the earthly brain, the intellect, sleeps; the spirit however is awake, and blissfully yields to the strengthening influences, provided no excessive intellectual activity makes itself felt disturbingly and obstructively across and beyond the threshold of sleep. But the possibility of preventing this is given by the deep inner perceiving of the evening prayer.

Such prayers lead man to the refreshing Spring of Living Water, which need only be tapped in order to drink from it, and then to regain health in soul and body, indeed completely so. The awakening human spirit, even the poorest and weakest, can receive strength from these prayers to work its way upwards, spiritually and in an earthly sense, to a height never yet known, where it will find that for which all true seekers have already yearned for a long time: "supreme happiness" - which is equivalent to fulfilment of the vow:

"Thine am I, Lord! To Thee alone in gratitude I dedicate my life! Amen."

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