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The Final Projection!

In the vast, perfect, living machinery of Creation, nothing can stand still without being crushed. Like a gigantic movie projector, Creation moves a seemingly endless strip of "film" through its great gate. This film strip contains countless numbers of separate, unique images of spiritual beings (humanity), each image struggling to advance itself.

As each human image passes through this awesome projector, we are individually exposed for a brief moment to the unbelievably intense radiation of the projector's Light Source, which resides outside of the projector. That is our moment either to shine forth as the pure and radiant spiritual image, which was willed from the very beginning, or to fade to black and vanish horribly as discarded footage into the grinding gears and levers of the projector's powerful mechanism.

For each one of us, the question is: how can film stock, which has become as sordid and defiled as we are (and as removed from its original pristine condition) pass through the intensity of the Final Projection?

In the last seconds before this Great Exposure, we are offered the Greatest Opportunity of Help, so that we can discover from whence our image was originally taken and can finally become a faithful reflection of that primordial original, shining forth in brilliant spiritual radiance for all eternity!