Welcome, seeker!
This site will take you through some of the greatest films ever made by human beings. But it will also lead you beyond cinema, beyond art in general. In the pages of this site you will discover the opportunity of a lifetime - whether or not you will choose to investigate this opportunity depends on how seriously you take your own seeking. If seeking is merely a pleasant past-time for you, the great opportunity will pass you by. But the genuine seekers will press on and seize the chance to find out for themselves what we mean when we talk about the New Knowledge contained in the book "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" by Abd-ru-shin. It is in the light of this New Knowledge that the works and the lives of the filmmakers here are discussed. And since this Knowledge acquaints us with the natural, logical and eternal Laws of this Creation (to which all human beings are subject), it is equally indispensable to people of all creeds as well as to the atheists.
From time to time, some of our visitors have posed questions such as "Why do you feature this book so prominently on a site devoted to the art of cinema?" and "Is there a religion or a cult behind this book or this site?" Rest assured, we are not part of any cult or religion. The reason why we mention this book on most of our pages is because we ourselves have drawn from it and have applied this Knowledge to cinema and to our lives. We mention it out of grateful acknowledgment for the tremendous help we received. And if you have ever appreciated any of the ideas contained in this site, then you have already indirectly benefited from some of the treasures in the Grail Message!
So welcome! But take care not to get stuck in cinema or in any art in general. Contrary to what many artists would have you believe, perpetual seeking or perpetual creating of artworks is not the highest form of existence. Every human being is under a sacred obligation to discover the actual meaning and purpose of human existence. No one can be exempt from this and without this no truly great and lasting art can ever be created.
With our best wishes,
Gregory and Maria Pearse
"The Keeper of the Flame of the Spirit"
from our feature film RETURN TO LIGHT