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Because each human being is a wanderer in this Creation:

"You human beings have had the unquenched longing for the recognition of God bestowed upon you. It is so implanted within you that you cannot find any peace during your wanderings through Subsequent Creation, which you are permitted to undertake for the purpose of your development, so that in becoming self-conscious you learn gratefully to enjoy the blessings which the worlds hold for you and offer to you.

If during these wanderings you were to find rest within yourselves, then this rest would ultimately bring about stagnation, which holds exhaustion and decay for your spirit, and finally inevitable disintegration, because it does not thereby obey the Primordial Law of necessary Movement."

"Therefore be grateful, you men, that the longing for the recognition of God does not leave you in peace during your wanderings."  

             -  Abdruschin, "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE"

Photo of Mr. Bostridge taken from "Winterreise" by David Alden
Background painting (before alterations) by Caspar David Friedrich
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