by Maria Wagner and Gregory Pearse
June 21, 2009

We have recently come to a very painful realization that the 3-volume composite edition of "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" (which we have been referring to throughout our website and which we have been led to believe was compiled by the author himself), was in fact NOT compiled by Abd-ru-shin, but was tampered with and rearranged by others: the original order of the lectures was completely changed, some lectures were omitted, others were added from the Author's later works and some crucial sentences and paragraphs were deleted. It was claimed at the time that Abd-ru-shin Himself made these changes and that this 3-volume composite edition was the edition of the "Last Hand". However, we have become aware of a number of previously unknown or suppressed facts, which have led us to the conviction that this is NOT the case.

More facts can be learned by clicking on the "restricted access" link at the bottom of the page. 

Words cannot convey our shock and grief at the realization that the Living Word/Knowledge (which was written down by the Envoy of the Light for the first time in human history) has been tampered with after His premature departure. 

Fortunately, the entire unaltered Original 1931 Edition of Abdruschin's "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" has now been posted online in 7 languages (their site is prone to technical difficulties, though; if it is down, check back later):



After the initial reading, you may wish to purchase a beautiful hardcover English translation of the 1931 Edition of the Grail Message at for just $24.95 plus free shipping. The English translation of the two volumes of the "Resonances To the Grail Message" (which is meant only for those, who have already absorbed the content of the Grail Message) can soon be ordered online also at

We have now relinked all of our website's order pages for "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: THE GRAIL MESSAGE" to the publishers of the Original 1931 Edition. Please, be aware that the edition being sold on (a 3-volume composite edition) is NOT Abd-ru-shin's legacy to mankind, since significant passages have been deleted and the order of the lectures completely changed. On this particular, most important point of the precise sequential arrangement of the lectures, Abdruschin wrote:

    "With the composition of my Message is connected the mystery of Omniscience, which knows the human spirits and their abilities much better than people are able to. And to this All-Wisdom you must strictly subordinate yourselves, otherwise you will never achieve what you strive for!"
    "The soul of man will be carefully led in my Word. In the very structure lies the support that the soul needs. Therefore, it cannot take any jump, neither forwards nor backwards. However, it must stand firmly on every step, before it can raise the foot towards the next step. If it fulfills that, it will arrive, without falling and without being stayed at the end, at its goal."
    "Finally they will joyfully recognize that there is no mystery, no gap in the entire course of world events. And then... they will see clearly before them the road to ascent. They only need to follow it."

And also the following quote from the original, uncut lecture "The Distorted Souls" in Resonances/Echoes volume 1, lecture #45:

    "I know precisely what the human being needs for this purpose, and always establish my lectures accordingly. He must follow the discourse word for word; for there lies within them a step-ladder which carefully leads his soul upwards. A path upon which the soul can proceed if it only wills!...
    In the upbuilding of my lectures lies a Wise Guidance which he does not understand. It is also not at all necessary that he recognises It therein as long as he only follows It ...First of all they should seek with greatest effort and expenditure of energy to draw from within that which each lecture offers them!
    When something thereby does not appear completely clear to them immediately, then they should not look forward seeking, but they must look back into The Message in order to delve therein and find the clarification there....
The present and subsequent lectures are an expansion of The Message! Whoever wants to understand them must also know The Message. It is one whole, which also must be kept to in the established sequence if there is to be a proper Knowledge.
    Not one passage can be avoided thereby. And for a Knowledge of Creation, this is not too much to demand. He for whom this is too much will never be able to cope with it. Yet without such a Knowledge, there is no ascent anymore and also no sojourning any longer; for the time of being able to exist in ignorance about this is past."

Statement of Abdruschin

(letter from 19/7/1938):

"I serve notice that all subsequent and existing foreign organizations, which are built upon the Grail Teaching, must restrict any subsequent continuation of their activity to a responsible manner within the laws of their land, so that I myself have in no way anything to do with these organizations, and that every mandate given by me in this direction - whether business or of an organizational kind - is to be regarded as expired. No one is authorized to appoint a commission of any kind on my behalf:
 - All mandates issued by me of a business or private nature are terminated. Only the full power of attorney for attorney Dr. Karl Polaczek remains intact, which is to be considered authorized decree, keeping with the spirit of my intent.
- I demand that all my  former adherents discontinue every community, every collaboration and every activity that could be interpreted as a continuation of the Movement led by me.
- It is my particular wish that all former members of the Grail Settlement in Vomperberg leave that settlement or its vicinity as soon as possible.

- It is necessary to avoid even the appearance as if the Movement is continuing in any form whatsoever.

He who acts against my expressed wishes, acts against me and on his own responsibility.

Innsbruck, July 19, 1938

Oskar Bernhardt (signed by hand)"


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