Gregory Owen Pearse, born in New York City, first started composing music at the age of twelve, wrote his first symphony at the age of eighteen and received a full scholarship to study at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music (1981-1986), where he completed his first opera. While at Rice, he met the Russian-born organist Maria Wagner, and they were married in 1985. It was also at Rice that Gregory first became interested in filmmaking, which he studied under Prof. Brian Huberman. He wrote the novel, “The Homosovieticus” in 1988. In 1990 Gregory started creating "object art" and collages, which were similar to miniature cinema mise-en-scenes. Many of these works can be seen in his first short film made in 1991. Since then he has made eight short films, many in collaboration with his wife. In 1999 he began work with Maria on his first full-length feature film, “Return to Light: a Spiritual Odyssey” (2002), shot in Houston, Galveston, Germany and Austria. His combined experiences in classical music, art and philosophy give his films a rare lyrical transcendence and spiritual depth. "An astounding piece of filmmaking of personal vision!...In Return to Light, they have taken the cinema of personal expression to an extreme few filmmakers approach" (Louis B. Parks, Houston Chronicle.) Alexander Sokurov, the world-famous director of "Russian Ark" and "Mother and Son", has declared that RETURN TO LIGHT is "a light-bearing work, professionally bright....I am sure that such films doubtlessly have to be made." The film is dedicated to Abd-ru-shin, whose life and spiritual writings have inspired Gregory and his wife deeply.

Gregory has studied screenwriting with Hollywood veteran David Bennett Carron. He has published a newsletter on art and spirituality called the The Artful Seeker and has taught two film courses: Way Beyond Cinema and Adventures in Good Cinema. His website Cinemaseekers at has become quite popular over the years with art-film buffs and truth-seekers. In 2008, he embarked on a successful series of films exploring Native American spirituality with Apache Medicine Man William Two Feather. “One Day in the Life of the Last Indian” will be released as part of the Super 8 Citizens world project out of England. “Either-Or” and “Last Song of the Earth” were screened before ambassadors and world dignitaries at the Global Festival Of Films On Peace & Spirituality in Noida, India in 2008.

In 2009, Gregory founded the Homeless Film Project as a way of artistically engaging the talents of people living on the streets of Houston. The fruit of the project has resulted in a brand new feature film “Mr. Chris & His Devil" (2011).

Gregory is also a published poet. Two recent poems of his have been published by the journel Riverbabble:
Lunch at Tito's is a horror/fantasy short story Gregory wrote drawing from events in Chris Marshall's life.

Filmography (direction, script, cinematography , editing and scoring):                                                                                                     

(Many of these films can now be seen at

Mr. Chris & His Devil” (2011) (63 min.)

"The Shaman" (2008) (30 min.)

One Day in the Life of the Last Indian” (2008) (10 min.)

"Either-Or" (2007) (7 min.)

"Last Song of the Earth" (2007) (15 min.)

"Invocation" (2005) (4 min.)

"Answer to a Prayer" (2002) (10 min.)

"Death and Transfiguration" (2004) (12 min.)

"Beyond the Veil of Death" (2004) (30 min.)

Return to Light: A Spiritual Odyssey” (2003) (97 min.)

"Together We Searched for Beauty in the Land of the Dead" (1998) (5 min.)

“Return to Life” (1991) (23 min.)




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