"Creating art from chaos."


Creating art from chaos
Based in Houston, the Homeless Film Project (HFP) strives to incorporate into its projects people who are or have been homeless, as well as those who work with the homeless. The aim is ennoblement through art.
Begun in 2009 by Houston filmmaker Gregory Pearse, the HFP was established as a way of creating order out of chaos. During a difficult time, as life dealt him blow after blow, Mr. Pearse found himself living in the strange, unpredictable and dangerous world of Houston's homeless population. His long held belief of art as a support for life proved very useful in the gradual reconstruction of his existence (see Knights of the Road).
MR. CHRIS & HIS DEVIL was the first production of the Homeless Film Project. Collaborating with the indigent community, Mr. Pearse created a feature film, which captures cinematically the inner world of a homeless vet on the brink of insanity. It is a free reworking of the Faust legend, celebrated in the past by such artists as Goethe and Murneau. 
There is a serious undercurrent concerning mental illness among the homeless, particularly our veterans. 3.5 million Americans are on the street. One out of fifty are children. About two-thirds have substance problems or mental illnesses. And at least 300,000 are veterans (some estimates have it at 23% of the homeless population!) While the V.A. is still denying mental health care to many of the veterans of past wars (Korea, Vietnam, First Gulf War), there is a whole new wave of suffering veterans, who served recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, now hitting the streets. The spiritual, emotional and physical pain that these people endure from their time fighting a questionable war is unimaginable. With the further deterioration of the socio-economic fabric of the U.S., are we not are on the verge of a homeless epidemic?

MR. CHRIS & HIS DEVIL subtlely deals with these issues, while providing two performances for the ages by Chris Marshall (Chris) and Jesse Morin (the Devil), both of whom are homeless in real life. Enjoy their humor and warmth but reflect deeply on what you are really seeing: the elevation and transformation of their lives into a work of art.
Our hope is that we as a society can continue evolving ways to uplift and ennoble our fellow human beings who have fallen on hard times. What's next for the Homeless Film Project? Mr. Chris & His Devil Part 2? Well, we don't know about that...although we do have some ideas. A television reality series called "Knights of the Road" anyone?
Anyway, right now, there are future plans to form FREE screening events, where Mr. Chris & His Devil can be shown in conjunction with a panel discussion featuring the homeless participants in the film sharing their experiences.
If you would like to sponsor such an event, invest in a future project or just simply support our cause, please click here or send Mr. Pearse an e-mail. 

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