Jesse Morin (The Devil) is presently living in a Houston "bunkhouse" (a paid shelter without any religous affiliation) off N. Main, near Hollywood Cemetery where scenes from the film were shot. Every weekend he sells newspapers on the corner of Weslayan and Westpark. I see him every other week, when he rolls papers for me. He has a bone to pick with just about everything and everyone (life isn't easy on the streets), but he still has a heart of gold. And he's staying out of trouble!

For Chris Marshall (Chris), it's been a uphill battle. Shortly after filming was completed, he was kicked out of the truck, which had been his home for about a year. He moved into the same bunkhouse as Jesse, but soon afterward suffered congestive heart failure, while selling newspapers in 100+ degree heat. The hospital sent him back to the bunkhouse the next day with some pills and little hope. Somehow he managed to pull himself together and began selling newspapers out in Katy, TX after a spat with a Houston distributer over unfair wages. Recently, he was hit by a car while handing a newspaper to a customer. Once again, he recovered against all odds. He still limps out to his corner every Saturday and Sunday (he has to pay $9 a day to stay at the bunkhouse), while a lawyer works on his case.

I haven't seen Jay Hamburger for quite awhile. The last I heard he had just gotten back from a trip to Israel, where his mother lives and was starting up his food rounds again, bringing a little light into the lives of Houston's homeless every Sunday.

                                                                    Gregory Owen Pearse
                                                                    Houston, Texas  
                                                                    August 1, 2011  

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